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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope: 2019

Creativity, Action, and Authenticity—Embracing Change

You’re hosting several unique and rare astrological events in 2019, and this is bound to be a year that changes your world. This is going to be a year of challenge, personal growth, and setting your dreams in motion, and by the time expansive Jupiter arrives in your Sun sign at the end of the year, you’ll be well on your way to a whole new and exciting chapter in life.

You currently have game-changer Pluto and the very structured Saturn (your ruling planet) in your first house. Pluto and Saturn together is a rarity. Both are very different in character, however, both are also very karmic. Another rare event happens with your year’s beginning, middle, and end being decorated with three of this year’s five eclipses in your sign. Eclipses can be uncomfortable and bring unexpected events, but they are also life-changing. They bring us to the next best place. Embracing the changes and challenges you may face this year will help deliver you to the life you want to create. Let’s take a deeper look at your 2019 horoscope.


In March this year, Uranus will move into your fifth house of passion, romance, and creativity. Uranus briefly visited this sector in May of 2018, for a six-month period that may have provided a glimpse of what feeds your self-expression. Like an eclipse, Uranus can also bring unexpected events, and if you’re single you may meet “the one” in 2019.  And speaking of eclipses, circle July 2 on your calendar as a new moon solar eclipse lands in your relationship house. Changes in your love life and creative expression may not follow your plan, but remember that this year is all about embracing changes, not fighting them.

If you’re in an established relationship, remember that the changes you’re going through are felt by your partner as well. Hopefully it’s all going smoothly, however, if there’s any resistance from your partner, the serious Mars/Uranus square in July could stir up some trouble. July’s eclipse will already be a factor, so make decisions wisely as they will have lasting effects. Meanwhile, Venus will be in your relationship house and Mercury will retrograde in your marriage house. July is certainly an intense month for love, with a lot of conflicting energy, but you’re strong enough to handle it. Your 2019 horoscope reminds you to just go with the flow. With an open heart and an open mind, you and your significant other can make this a year of magical transformation for you both.


The February new moon in Aquarius could spark some ideas for new avenues of income, preferably using all the creative energy you’re building within. Two full moons in March and April, both in Libra, is another rare and auspicious astrological event. These both land in your tenth house of careers. Full moons mark the culmination of something and you may experience some conflicts in obligations. All you can really do is keep following the path you set for yourself. This too shall pass, as they say.

Speaking of full moon culminations, the July 16 lunar eclipse in your sign looks to be your time to shine. This is the middle of those beginning, middle, and year-end eclipses in your sign mentioned earlier in your 2019 horoscope. Whatever you’re showing the world is infused with your creativity and enthusiasm.

By the end of September, you’re fully embracing the new moon energy in your career house. This could signal a new job, a new career, and even the debut of your latest entrepreneurial endeavor.

Money & Finances

As a sign that is results-driven and likes the best of everything, you may find that 2019 causes you to question everything. For instance, you may consider whether you’re being paid well enough for all of the amazing talents you bring to the table, as well as results. However, it’s that very mindset that Jupiter in your twelfth house is asking you to put aside. Yes, your reward will come, but this year the universe is in charge.

If you follow your dreams while maintaining a sense of responsibility, the bills will always be paid. Your financial questions this year will lean more towards, “Will the changes I want to make sustain or enhance my lifestyle?” Your mission, as the famous saying goes, is to trust, believe, and receive.

Best Dates

Your best dates, according to your 2019 horoscope, are January 22 and November 24. Look to the Venus/Jupiter conjunctions, both occurring in the sign of Sagittarius, your twelfth house. Like the eclipses, this marks the beginning and end of your journey inward and leads to the next chapter in your life. And that next wonderful chapter gets its fabulous start in December when bountiful Jupiter joins the karmic planets, Saturn and Pluto, in your first house of self. Let’s hope you’ve been nice (and only naughty where it counts) because Jupiter is going to be your cosmic Santa in 2020.

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