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Libra Yearly Horoscope: 2021

The Year Ahead
Love, romance, passion, joy, and creativity are all front and center this year as Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and Saturn, the Great Teacher, activate your fifth house. Jupiter expands everything he touches so you might see an increase in people pursuing you romantically, or your own romantic interests may expand. You might find yourself attracted to people from other cultures or backgrounds, people who you’ve never really considered before. Your creative expressions may move in new directions and your interests turn to modalities that you have never explored before. Jupiter is all about new horizons and broadening your life experience so dive in and have fun.

Saturn keeps you grounded and practical. He helps you buy the clay and set up the kiln for your new-found passion for pottery. He helps you pay for the kiln! He tells you that while that cutie-pie with the great eyes is absolutely swoon-worthy, they don’t have a job so no, they are not a contender and do not give them your number. Between them, these two powerful planets help you grow and expand but also keep you safe and moving in the right direction.

Mercury joins Saturn and Jupiter in your fifth house from January 9 – March 15, even going retrograde from January 30 – February 20. Lean into your communication skills and talents during this transit. Capture an outline for the book you want to write, start a blog, catch your journal up, or find a good editor to work with. Don’t waste this transit, it could portend great things for your future.

This year the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your connection with your partner are:
Feb 2 – Feb 25
Venus, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Romance moves into Aquarius and joins Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in your fifth house, lighting up love, romance, joy, and creative expression in your chart. Children are also highlighted by this transit and it’s entirely possible to meet someone you totally vibe with by pursuing a creative project, or even at a children’s event. Fun is the magic ingredient that works like a magnet to pull someone into your orbit. Lean into that.
Mar 22 – Apr 14
Venus enters Aries, activating your seventh house of marriage, partnership, and commitment. Chaos and change maker, Eris, is also part of this recipe, so you’d be wise to think outside the box. While you might not want to jump into polyamory, you may need more elbow room than conventional partnership allows for. Stay open to possibilities but remain true to yourself.
June 28 – Jul 19
Venus is in fiery Leo, activating your eleventh house of friendship, groups, and humanitarian affairs. Venus is opposite Jupiter and Saturn in your fifth house of romance. Don’t be surprised if you have a friend who suddenly wants to become a lover. As long as it works for both of you, go for it. You may meet someone while volunteering or participating in a rally or some other socially conscious activity. A shared common cause is a great beginning.
Aug 17 – Sept 10
Venus moves into your own sign of Libra, highlighting your self-confidence, self-esteem, and attraction. Trine the North Node in Gemini in your ninth house of adventure, and Jupiter and Saturn in your fifth house of romance and creativity, this is a powerful transit, making you practically irresistible. Choose wisely though, don’t say yes to just anyone; and if you’re partnered, stay true to your commitments.

Tender-hearted Neptune joins Ceres in your sixth house of work, increasing your desire to nurture and care for others. Venus joins them from February 26 – March 21 and Mercury is part of the party as well! This is a time when new paradigms, ideas, businesses, and income streams are being born, so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open and play with possibilities. You have so much to offer the world, and with Neptune in your sixth house you are on your way to discovering your calling and vocation. Chances are that soon you will no longer be working for just a paycheck or to pay the bills.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
Your greatest growth occurs this year from thinking of and caring about others. By getting out of your own head and beyond your own skin, your heart expands, and your Soul becomes more embodied and present. This is a game changer, and with your Soul in charge your life takes on new meaning and new direction. Previous hardships become a stepping-stone for current victories and a whole new chapter begins.

Making the Best of 2021
A reading with a Clairvoyant Psychic can help you see the path ahead and which choices lead to your highest good. That, in turn, leads to the highest good for all concerned because you are an important part of the great web of life.

A reading with a California Psychics Astrologer can give you a window into, and an overview of, your entire life and guide you through the challenges as well as the new paths and directions that are opening to you in 2021.

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