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Pisces Yearly Horoscope: 2018

The Year Ahead

Your Pisces 2018 Horoscope puts a strong emphasis on relationships—personal, professional and even the one you have with yourself. Neptune, your ruling planet, in your Sun sign since 2011, continues to intensify your psychic senses, which helps you in almost every aspect of relationships. You know who is naughty or nice and worthy of your time and friendship. Sure Neptune will tempt you into escaping situations that are uncomfortable, but then you’d be missing out on a lot of helpful Universal guidance. By facing them head-on, you learn even more about yourself and what you’re made of. Speaking of psychic senses, expansive and expressive Jupiter now lies in your ninth house of truth, self-improvement, and things you believe in. No one will be able to fool you, Pisces.

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Love and Relationships

With Jupiter in Scorpio, a fellow water sign, now through November 2018 you’re deeply connected to its intuitive intensity. And since Scorpio is not one for keeping things that are unworthy and unproductive, you’ll find it easy to part ways with any unsavory associations.

Pluto is now joined by karmic Saturn in your friend zone, making sure those you surround yourself with are like minded people you can trust.

Clearing the Debris

Your eleventh house represents not only groups, friends, and peers but also your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Pluto has been here for quite a long time and it is known for clearing away debris and what doesn’t belong. With the added energy of karmic Saturn, you’ll be even more intent on surrounding yourself with people who think, work and live like you. Anyone not fitting the bill will quickly be banished from the “zone,” and it’s unlikely that you’ll regret your decision to let them go.

Secrets Won’t Remain Secret for Long

Two of the eclipses of 2018 will occur in your twelfth house of secrets and behind the scenes actions, all done up in Aquarius—an unpredictable sign. The first will be a solar eclipse on February 15 and the second, a lunar eclipse on August 27. If you’ve been keeping something hidden or you’ve been involved in a clandestine relationship, it won’t be a secret for long. You have until February 15 to call it quits, but that doesn’t guarantee secrecy. If you still haven’t taken care of this situation after February, you’ll have another prime opportunity in August. However, when all of your other planets are helping you clear the decks and streamline your life, this little matter should not be ignored.

Someone New

If you’re single, then use the July 12th solar eclipse in Cancer, representing your fifth house of fun and playmates, to take advantage when someone offers to introduce you to “someone who would be perfect for you.”

Money and Career

Sometimes-shocking Uranus has been in the impulsive and determined sign of Aries for nearly seven years, also known as your second house of cash and possessions. Uranus is the technology planet and chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of your hard-earned money on toys, crafts, and/or gadgets during this period. Perhaps some, if not all, of these doohickeys have been tools you needed for work, but if you’ve overdone it a bit, the time for paring down would be between January and May, giving you plenty of time to sell, trade or just pass the baton to someone just getting started. When Uranus enters your third house on May 15, you’ll still be in love with your “stuff,” but you’ll probably opt for a few quality items rather than a room full. You’ll choose quality over quantity that’s for sure. Unpredictable Uranus likes change, and in this house, you may also decide to move or change jobs with little if any notice. Uranus will, at the very least make the next seven years of your life full of uplifting and spontaneous changes. As long as you go with the flow, you’ll enjoy the ride.

You and the Universe

Two of the five eclipses this year will focus on your sixth house of daily work and health. If you’ve been intent on dropping a few pounds or dropping a bad habit, then look no further than the lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31. Leo is a determined and fixed sign which means that anything you begin now is likely to have a lasting effect—even if you’re quitting something. The solar eclipse of August 11 will also fall in this house, giving you yet another chance for improving your routine and habits. If you’ve lost weight, you may go for a wardrobe upgrade, or if you’ve quit a bad habit, you may reward yourself with a trip funded by all the money you’ve saved.

Now that you have the GPS coordinates for 2018, you can use your free will to choose what roads you’ll take.

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