Traits of Men by Zodiac Sign

Traits of the Aries Man

traits of the aries man
Wondering what the fair and courageous Aries man in your life is all about? Understand the Aries man traits, including negative traits and love traits. read more

Traits of the Taurus Man

traits of the taurus man
If not much comes to mind when thinking of Taurus man traits save for stubborn rigidity, then read on for more characteristics of this warm, passionate bull read more

Traits of the Cancer Man

Got your heart set on a sensitive man? Read more about Cancer man traits, the zodiac’s infamous emotive crab to fulfill all your relationship needs. read more

Traits of the Leo Man

traits of the leo man
Astrology’s King of the jungle can be a little wild, but he has a heart of gold. Discover Leo man traits. Is he the ideal partner of your dreams? read more

Traits of the Virgo Man

traits of the virgo man
Learn about Virgo man traits. Astrology’s ultimate healing spirit, the Virgo man is an extremely observant and down-to-earth soul but is often misunderstood read more

Traits of the Libra Man

traits of the libra man
There are many more Libra man traits than just his judicial nature. Learn how might Astrology’s charming cosmic chameleon blend best into your life. read more

Traits of the Scorpio Man

traits of the scorpio man
Astrology’s mysterious truth seeker, the Scorpio man traits proceed him. But don’t let his cold exterior dissuade you from getting to know him. read more

Traits of the Aquarius Man

traits of the aquarius man
There’s more to Astrology’s humanitarian idealist than meets the eye. Find out how the Aquarius man traits line up with your ideal relationship needs. read more

Traits of the Pisces Man

traits of the pisces man
Is astrology’s imaginative intuitive the right man for you? See if the otherworldly traits of the Pisces man in your life are perfectly aligned with the relationship of your dreams. read more
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