Dating a Libra Man

Getting to Know Astrology’s Socialite

The Libra man is fun, gregarious, and he can be somewhat of a social butterfly. He does not feel whole unless he’s in a relationship or at least dating someone. Libra is known as the partnership sign. With Venus as his ruling planet, the Libra man has charms that anyone might find hard to resist. If you find this intriguing then perhaps you’ll like dating a Libra man.

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Hello There, Mr. Libra

If you meet a single Libra man, (they never stay single for long) engage him in a humanitarian conversation. He’ll have plenty to say. Anything that has to do with imbalance or injustice is a hot ticket for the Libra man. What really gets him to notice you is when he feels like you really get him. Show him that you see the real him through all the words and emotions and you’ll have him hooked. He longs to be understood.

The Libra man is not only a romantic; he’s also a rock under pressure. If faced with a problem, especially in love, he’ll most likely turn on the charm instead of showing stress. He’s the kind of guy who thinks pouting is adorable.

Dating a Libra Man

If you’re planning on dating a Libra man, there are a couple of things you should know. First, he likes to get out and about. It seems like he knows at least one person where ever you go, even if you’ve never been there before. This is the most social sign, and you’ll get to know everyone you encounter. Try not to be jealous of his many friends. Secondly, whenever you do go, the evening will end with a romantic encounter that rivals any romance story. It’s easy to get swept up in his charms, even if you thought you’d take it slow. He’ll treat you like royalty on your dates. He’ll take you to beautiful places that include the finest dining he can afford.

What the Libra Man Really Wants When Dating

If you’re dating a Libra man, finding balance and beauty in your differences and similarities will be the key to a blissful existence. Just because this sign is represented by the scales of justice does not mean that the Libra man is balanced. It just means that he seeks balance in all things, but truthfully his opinions can often swing widely from one side to the other. He can always see the merit in both points of view. For instance, no matter how much the Libra man craves togetherness, the actual thought of being with someone forever can make him cringe. It’s not that he’s relationship phobic or noncommittal, he just likes to live in the present moment, taking each day as it comes.

Hopefully, if you’re dating a Libra man, you’re not someone who makes plans too far into the future. Having to think about something that might happen in 10 or 20 years just doesn’t sit well with him. If you persist, it could even be enough to make him look elsewhere for love. If you’re dating a Libra man and it’s going well, rest assured that he’s not going anywhere as long as he feels secure in the relationship. And remember he’ll always reciprocate lovingly. See, he kind of does believe in forever. He just doesn’t like to think that far in advance. He can be a contradiction within himself.

Sex With a Libra Man

If you want to make a Libra man smile, just tell him that you’re crazy about him and say it often. He can be charming, sweet, quirky, and confusing, but he’s also adorably irresistible. The Libra man is sometimes in need of a little reassurance even in the bedroom. Sure he knows he’s good in bed, but hearing it from you will make him feel better, and he’ll surely pull out all the stops to show you his appreciation.

Being an air sign, he processes everything through the mind first—even sex. He has an uncanny ability to focus on his lover’s positives, so don’t try to hide who you really are. Remember, be confident. He needs sex like other people need air or water—it’s necessary for his survival. He’s a generous and skilled lover who will give you his all. But, he will expect the same in return which shouldn’t be a problem since he’s so attractive and sincere. And while some say words are meaningless, you can tell the Libra man “I love you” as often as you want to. He never gets tired of hearing words of adoration.

You can also let loose in the boudoir with the Libra man. Role-playing, dirty talk and fun with toys—he’ll try almost anything once. He does have his limits, however. Being too freaky or kinky for his tastes is possible, but generally speaking, he loves to experiment.

What He’s Looking for Long Term

What the Libra man is looking for in a long-term relationship is someone who can first attract him and then keep him stimulated emotionally, physically and intellectually. He adores attractive women, but you don’t have to be a “10” to find and keep him. You just have to love yourself and take pride in your smarts as well as your appearance. The Libra man believes that confidence isn’t just a noun. It’s also a lifestyle.

With Venus as his ruling planet, the Libra man is a pure romantic. He wants to keep love and romance alive for as long as you’re together, so having a date night every week, even if you’re together for 50 years, is ultra-important. He’s susceptible to flattery, so don’t forget to tell him how handsome he looks while he’s gazing at you across a candlelit table.

As a lover of luxury and excitement, the Libra man would love to be with someone who is thoughtful and remembers important dates, like anniversaries. Feel free to plan surprise romantic getaways that include lots of pampering, romantic beaches to walk on and luxurious bedrooms to create new memories in.

With all you now know, do you think you would like dating a Libra man?

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2 thoughts on “Dating a Libra Man

  1. Malilah

    I started talking to this libra guy through Facebook, he sent me a message I ignored him then he sent another one that’s when I replied. I thought he was alright but when we met woah! He wasn’t that cute but he is a charmer I instantly fell for him, the sex amazing, but true he has too many friends and I was getting a lil jealous of that, since he lives 5 hours away and his job is not always the same I just decided to drop him 🙁

  2. vonda

    Libra men are very social. When dating one, I believe it’s important to set boundaries on what you will and will not find acceptable when it comes to other women flirting with him. I have found the Libra man loves attention from other women and isn’t afraid to hug, kiss, and flirt with another woman right in front of you. He doesn’t see the harm.


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