Dating a Taurus Man

Getting to Know Astrology’s Sensuous Lover

When it comes to dating, a Taurus man knows what he wants—a deep connection with a like-minded soul. Still, despite his surety, he may not be as bold and confident about going after it. So if you spot a Taurus man you’d like to know better, you might have to make the first move. If you like doing that, then you’ll likely find dating a Taurus man well worth the effort.

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Hello There, Mr. Taurus

The Taurus man never falls for the fake or frivolous. He desires a down-to-earth partner whose intellect runs deep. If you’re vying for the attention of this soulful-eyed lover, then you should know that the best way to his heart is through his mind. The ditzy and/or superficial need not apply. Sure, good looks are always attractive, but if you’re thinking of dating a Taurus man, you’ll need to have brains to back up that beauty. The more interesting you are, the more into you he’ll be.

Dating a Taurus Man

When it comes to dating a Taurus man, he tends to take things rather slowly in the beginning. He’s definitely not going to rush to fill up your calendar right away, and you may even take his lack of inertia as non-interest. But, he’s really just taking his time. He doesn’t like to rush into anything, especially a dating relationship. For him, slow and steady works best, steadily increasing the closeness between you. This is not dissimilar to his slow, methodical approach to sex. He loves to savor each and every moment and make it last, working up to the moment most everyone strives for in a romantic connection. His attention to detail in this area is well worth the wait.

The Taurus man likes the finer things in life, including dates that involve good food and lots of laughter. Don’t order a salad when you’d really rather have a good steak. He’d rather see you enjoying the moment and savoring the sweetness of getting something you really want. And although he may not go for the superficial type, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress. He does appreciate the effort, and it opens up his deeply sensual side.

The Taurus man is generous in many ways—with time, attention and even little trinkets he’s sure you’ll like. Don’t hold back if you want to give him something to remember you by as well. No matter how big or small, the sentiment will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

While dating the Taurus man, you may spend quite a bit of time cuddling on the couch. It’s not as though you’ll never get your Taurus man to leave the house, but he can be a homebody. If you do get him out, he’ll likely enjoy the change. But when the evening is done he’ll look forward to getting back to the comfort of home sweet home.

What the Taurus Man Really Wants When Dating

The Taurus man wants someone who is loyal and reliable but not ultra-predictable. If you are someone who is relaxed and intelligent, but who also likes to keep things interesting, then you’re probably a good match for this cuddly guy. He needs someone who compliments, balances and vibes with his love of home, his desire for an occasional romantic getaway and who also appreciates the finer things in life, including the beauty of nature itself.

Dinner and a movie may sound very 1980s, but it works for Taurus even in the 21st century because it’s intimate. What he most wants when dating is to be with someone he can spend quality time with. He likes to be at home, perhaps barbecuing or watching movies hand-in-hand on the couch. These are the relaxed, easy-going dates he prefers.

The Taurus man is not big on surprises or spontaneity, so if you want to get away for the weekend or plan a get-together with friends, you had better let him in on your plans as soon as possible. His excitement surrounding events comes from the planning and anticipation of having a good time, not from having them sprung on him last second. If you’re traveling, he’ll make sure where you’re going provides some creature comforts that make you both feel at home, like a big, plush bed with tons of pillows and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape—the kind you might see in paintings. Those will be the biggest must-haves since you and sensual Taurus will probably spend a lot of time between the sheets.

Sex With a Taurus Man

With Venus as his ruling planet, it’s no wonder that the Taurus man is a skillful and attentive lover. He is an extremely sensual, sexual creature. His style of soft kisses and touches that increase with intensity are not dissimilar to the detail an artist puts into creating great works of art. Get ready for a triathlon of tactile titillation. He’ll want to know every inch of your body and savor every moment of it.

He rarely rushes sex. He prefers to stimulate his partner with a smoldering, scintillating approach. He’s not averse to being perverse, but generally, his approach to sex is to treat it as if it were an enigmatic journey of the mind, body, and soul. Just like everything else in his life, he likes to take his time and make every minute matter.

What He’s Looking for Long Term

Security is what the Taurus man is looking for long term. He may be slow out of the gate in getting your relationship going, but he needs to make sure your union can stand the test of time.

Ironically, for as much as he likes to lay back and relax, he can also get bored quite easily. If he can find a partner who is home-loving and who likes to have a secure, comfortable life, then he’s content. But don’t be afraid to turn up the stakes occasionally and connect in new, inventive and even exciting ways. At the same time, he doesn’t want to be with someone who is reactionary or lives to have a thrill-a-minute, because, as we already know, he’s not the spontaneous type.

With all you now know, do you think you would like dating a Taurus man?

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6 thoughts on “Dating a Taurus Man

  1. Jeanny

    When I first met my Taurus he seemed undecided in our relationship… Was very slow process.. Me we’ve been together 3 years now… Still going strong

    1. Alex

      Do you mind me asking, what motivated you to continue even though he seemed undecided? I am currently experiencing this with a Taurus

  2. Vera

    He is rather tooooooo slow and its tiring most times,taking so much time to label the relationship yet deep down he has made up his mind to be with me…sometimes, I get confused thinking he’s not interested due to his snail speed…Gosh!


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