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Priti in New Jersey writes:

Oh my, my, you have shown me a way. In my last call you suggested I meditate a certain way and I was blown away by the results. Not only did I get a positive response but also an affirmative to being together in a committed relationship. The question I have is when and how does the communication in the spiritual/higher self communication translate into reality in the physical realm? Do we have to constantly keep having this higher self communication going on for it to manifest in reality? Please shed some light as to what I can do next to strengthen the connection in physical world.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Priti,

I am so glad to hear that the soul-to-soul communication technique has worked well for you, and thanks for your wonderful question about Spirit worlds, the timing of manifestation, and the workings of the Law of Attraction.

Ideally, if you’re aligned with the forces of the Universe and your soul’s intent, your communications with Higher Self, Angels, and Spirit Guides should produce instant manifestations. In the real world, however, we have to contend with things like free will (ours and others’), fears, doubts, distractions, complications and hidden human agendas, to name a few.

And even when you do a direct soul-to-soul communication, it’s still all about human relationships. In this case you have created a complex equation of forces — your personality, your Higher Self, the other person’s Higher Self, and their personality. Each element of the equation has differing perspectives on the future, time, needs, karma and necessity, and differing free will agendas, and each of these has an affect on timing and actual manifestation. (In other words … “it’s complicated!”)

This is one of the most mysterious aspects of the Law of Attraction. As the Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks) books and the film What the Bleep Do We Know? teach, your desire or intent becomes a kind of “pre-reality” the instant it is formed. However, it still has to slog its way through fears, doubts, distractions, free will, and so on in order to manifest in the physical world.

That’s why it’s so important to “let go” once you’ve formulated and communicated a particular desire. When you revisit an issue again and again, it is doubt or fear which brings you there. But when you place your request and then trustingly release it into the hands of Spirit you’re creating fewer obstacles, and allowing the Universe to work its extraordinary magic on your behalf.

As for your particular project, continue the soul-to-soul communication as often as you like, but instead of focusing on issues, just have a friendly and loving chat to keep the connection warm and alive without creating pressures for the other person.

24 thoughts on “Ask Your Spirit Guides: Higher Self Communication

  1. pooja tarun singh

    Hi … dis is pooja…. my husband tarun expired 15 days back….I hv two daughters….5 years nd 2 years old….my life has become hell…. feel like killing my daughters nd myself nd go to my husband so dat atleast in dat world we can live together……… but luking at my parents I feel it will be a big injustice to dem at dis age….. can u please help me in talking to my husband… is it possible dat his soul stays wid me…talk to on me…nd can I see him wid open eyes

  2. mhy

    My fiancee died 42days ago.How I wish I can communicate with him.I just don’t know how.I felt so empty with all the questions in mind and my desire to live my life gone since his death.I do hope I can learn things to talk to him.I always wish and talk to him at night to take me with him.I dreamt few days ago thst he is looking at me while am asleep worrying.
    thank u

  3. becky scoggin

    Are wind chimes got evil spirts in them ? My husband pass aeay august 1st 2013 my wind chimes move sometimes by there self plus today i went tp his grave and there’s a plastic hanging on standing rod. well the chime had spider web standing out in air without being hook on both sides just floating in air should i be weiry of bad spirt from my husband what do i do b scared or happy ?

  4. becky scoggin

    When things happen that can’t be explain makes u feel sorta scary my husband pass away august 1st 2013 and things are appearing that i feel its his spirt how should i feel toward this scared or happy could it be his spirt doing these things appearing that u don’t know how they happen when done by there self ? How should i act when things happen right in front of you strong vibes ??

  5. Daisy

    I lost my god father four years ago of a heart attack in his sleep. I miss him dearly and what gets me is I wasn’t able to tell him good, and that I love him so much for being their for me as a child, because my father wasn’t. All I want to know if he hears me talking to him, And telling him thank you for always being their for me? I miss my love ones who all passed.

  6. Brittany

    My father and my poppy died 6days ago.. My grandfather died around 6:00 pm in the hospital.. b4 he died he was on life support so the family could say goodbye.. At the time all this was going on with my grandfather my father was in his home laying in bed when we got the call that my poppy “coded” and we needed to get there fast to say our goodbyes. We rushed to the hospital to say goodbye to my grandfather and moments before he died my mother asked him to please take care of my father. Once we all said our goodbyes they pulled the plug and he passed. After that we rushed back home to my dad who lived an hour away from us. My father died 3hours later after my poppy. He died originally at 9:12 pm but by the time hospice got there it was 9 minutes after 10 so they made that the time of death. But i truly believe my poppy came for my father. He knew my father was suffering because he saw my father 1week before he died and my father was originally a big muscular man and b4 he died u could see all his bones. My father was lay to rest around 11pm and my grandfather 9am yesterday. I want 2 see them desperately i was wondering how to do so and if its to soon to contact them. Please tell me how. I need to know my fathers at peace and he’s happy where he is. I also forgot to mention the day hospice told my father he had 2weeks to live my daughter woke up that morning (shes 2yrs old) (while the meeting was going on at my dads home) and didn’t even say mommy wake up or anything like she normally does.. she said “mommy i am never going to see papa again” and he died 1week later. Is it possible he came to her in a dream or how did she know that? I need some answers please.. I am desperate.

  7. beth

    I lost the love of my life, my best friend.. my daughters father. November 29th 2012. I need so badly to hear from him… to talk to him. We miss him very much. How? Why hasnt he spoken to us? Where is he? Please help

  8. carol susanne

    The love of my life committed sucide because of us I ve always felt him near how can I communicate with him?

  9. Vanessa

    My brother was murdered in April 2009….he was 27….We were not in the best of terms and I had not seen him for weeks before the incident….I feel so much guilt because I was not around he was going through some tough times and I did not know…..I feel broken , empty, guilty, and angry…..I wish he would contact me …..please guide me to get in touch with him…please…I need to be sure he is ok…..

  10. Mariah

    The love of my life shot himself in the heart, and the day after he died a young cat showed up at my door. He won’t go away and absolutely adores me, he purrs when I pet him and constantly wants my attention…my 2 year old niece pointed to wear my finance used to sit and play his video games and said his name like he was right there. .. When he was alive he would be off work and in the door by twelve after twelve and I’d always hear the beats of his system in his car outside the window…and at twelve twelve i heard those beats outdside my window but there were no cars…I think he may be trying to communicate, but I’m not sure if I’m imagining it….

  11. samantha mockabee

    my son hung himself in the back yard , i want to talk to him so much . i feel him every were, i feel more connected to him now than when he was can i talk to him?

  12. berneece

    My dad passed when I was 13 the day we buried dad that night I was in the back room fire was going at the back of the house I got up to have a look out the window and dad was sitting there ALL by himself when dad was alive he would always sing to ME I miss my dad very much I am 47 now . much LOVE and THANK YOU …

  13. patty

    I lost my son in 2006. I use to get signs that he was around me. I haven’t for a awhile. I was told that he will be re-incarnated to a baby and i would lose his presence. Is this true?

  14. Vicki futrell

    I would like to know that if my son is really ok and that he is happy. Theirwas so much sorrow in his life this is regarding the death of my son that died in Afghanistan.

  15. Vicki futrell

    My son died in Afghanistan in 2009, he was 26 yrs old very tragically. He called me 2 days before he died and told me he loved me.left a message.I think of him everyday, it has gotten better but it really tore me up, people don’t understand.when he died, we received the most out pour of love for him and still is he left something in everyone’s life.he came to me in one of those life like dreams and gave me a big hug and said everything would be alright,I didn’t see his face but that was ok. Things are a little better.

  16. Liza

    If I want to know if my dad who passed away almost three years ago is at peace how can i do this? He was already dead when we got to the hospital, and through their negligence we never knew he went into a coma and died. I am so lost regarding this!

  17. Crystal

    A friend lost her 19 yr old brother a year and 10 months ago. He commited suicide.
    She feels guilty and is still very much affected. Can she try at this point to communicate with him? She said she has tried many things to overcome
    and she had a talk with me seeking support maybe? Thank you.

  18. Delores

    I’ve lost 2 good friends in the last 2 weeks.One committed suicide( John) if only i sent my ecard and msg sooner.He had a rough life and gave up.And Dennis was sick with cancer for a couple yrs.I wonder if they made it alright and if I was really visited by john already.I miss them both comfy hugs sent

  19. Terry falco

    I need to know that my loved ones who have passed over if they are alright? My son committed sucided on 8/24/2010 I Ned to know if he’s alright

  20. Terry falco

    I need to know if my love ones who have passed over if they are alright? My son committed sucide. Please let me know if he’s alright

  21. Ramona

    I lost my dad in 2002 and my dad came to me & my son the night he passed. I feel him all the time he comes to me in many ways. My sister who was also my best friend passed july 2010 and that was the hardest thing i ever had to face in all my life and I never see or feel her at all why is that. why dosnt she come to me like our dad.

  22. Pamela

    I lost my fiance 6 years ago, in November, 3 days before both our Birthdays. I haven’t been able to find a true love since. I’m wondering if he is weeding out the “bad” men from the “good” for me, and can’t seem to keep a relationship since. I do feel like he is still taking care of me, and truely miss him.

  23. Terrie

    I lost my son on 7-2-2011 and I dont know why? Joshua was only 19years 3months and 3 weeks old he was in the national guard he was waiting to go to boot camp. He pasted riding a dirt bike. I believe we go to god when we pass so how do we talk to our family? Thank You


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