Meet Your Spirit Guides: Connections to Inspiration

Christy from Sacramento, California writes:

I’m an aspiring author, and I’m not acquainted with my guidesyet. However, it appears that I do have a bond with my characters. I can hear them in my mind talking about anything from the plot of their story to the weather. These snippets of conversation happen without me having to think. When I hear a song, or see something that inspires me, I get severe chills.

Are my spirit guides speaking through my characters? Perhaps the guides are my characters, or is it my imagination at work? I’ve accepted the fact that I just might be crazy. Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

Dear Christy,

I’m so glad you invited me to take a peek into your trippy universe of the imagination. What a fun place!

Your right brain, the seat of your creative energies and your easiest access point into the unseen worlds, is so full of energy and action that it takes a minute to sort through what’s being suggested by the spirit guides – to see what’s your own inspiration, and which characters are spirit guides. Sometimes the boundaries between each kind of inspiration are so blurred that they’re indistinguishable. I’m not surprised that you have trouble figuring out what’s what.

Here’s the good news. The details don’t matter! You may not have been formally introduced, but you already have an amazingly congenial and stimulating relationship with your creative committee of six spirit guides. There are also several other guides who are, more or less, standing around waiting for you to assign jobs.

While your rational, linear left brain would feel much better being able to assign names and categories to your multiplicity of inspirational inputs, it’s not really necessary. The process is already working magnificently.

You’ve already learned how to sail along the converging streams of inspiration into fabulous worlds and plots peopled by wonderful characters. You’re already on your way to being a very successful, published author. Although it’s definitely time to ask your creative committee to establish a publishing committee to start working now on getting your wonderful stories out into the mainstream marketplace quickly.

Your level and clarity of clairaudience rivals that of the most gifted professional psychics, and your access to spiritual realms is remarkable. If you want some concrete parameters to work with, just ask your creative committee to provide the information. You could ask about names and exact information about things – like which of your characters are actually guides.

Trust your inspirations, intuition, and guides. Consider the creative committee members to be your primary teachers for now, and feel free to ask them anything, whether it’s about your writing or your personal life.

Oh, and, of course, you’re not crazy! You’re fun, different, inspired, out-of-the-box, and wide open to the pulses of the universe – but definitely not crazy.

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