The Meaning of a Bee Sighting

The Meaning of a Bee Sighting

Spirit’s Remarkable Messenger

It’s no secret that Spirit often uses the world’s winged creatures as messengers. Whether you have a connection to a particular bird or bug, or one just arrives and insists on you noticing them, pay attention. The meaning of a bee sighting may just be a direct message for you.

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Bee Symbolism

While bee symbolism can hold many meanings, its main message is one of balance in productivity. Are you working too hard, or perhaps not enough to reach your goals? Are you taking on too much responsibility because you don’t have a tribe or community to help you? That’s another message the bee brings: the value of community. So often we feel the need to do things ourselves. We resist letting others help us, and as a result, sometimes we drive ourselves to exhaustion. But what’s the use in pollinating flowers if you can’t take the time to enjoy their beauty?

Bees work as a community because no bee (and no man) is an island. While we could exist without the company or help of others, it’s not the most productive use of our energy. We need time to rest and relax as well, and that’s another bee message: balance.

Of course, when it comes to Spirit, which never misses an opportunity to give us signs and messages of wisdom from above, a bee sighting has many other messages. However, it’s up to you to figure out which messages are meant for you. Here are other messages the bee carries on its wings:

  • Networking
  • Action
  • Opportunity
  • Abundance
  • Sweetness of Life

In the Hindu traditions, a bee sighting is a symbol of rebirth. In China, the bee is a symbol of vocational advancement. And if the Celts had a protected species list, the bee was most certainly at the top. Honey bees make honey. Mead, the alcoholic beverage is made with honey. And while the gods may have eaten ambrosia, it’s said that their beverage of choice, aka the nectar of the gods, was mead. Also, according to, since bees are spiritual messengers, farmers would inform them of someone’s death, believing the bees would fly off and inform far-away family members.

Bee Sightings in Shamanism

The belief that bees (and other winged messengers) symbolize our closest connection between here and the spirit world goes back centuries across many cultures. Shamans of the ancient, far eastern worlds have stories that tie the bee’s stinger to the healing practice of acupuncture. Bees are well known in the shamanic world as symbols for healing the mind, body, and spirit. A shaman is a healer, after all, and keeps the hive (the tribe) healthy and strong using the ancient wisdom of the shamans who came before him. Among the many connections between bees and ancient shamanistic practices is the European shamans’ belief that bees, boars, and bears were the animal spirits that ushered our souls between here and the spirit world.

The Heart Chakra Healing

Got an aching heart? A little heart chakra healing may be the missing piece of your overall healing. Bee honeycombs are hexagonal in shape, similar to the shape of a heart. Therefore, a bee sighting is often associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the middle chakra of the seven main chakras and therefore it holds the responsibility of balancing us between our bodies and minds. You can find chakra healing and/or balancing all over the Internet, but you can also help heal your heart chakra by wearing something green, painting something green, or working with plants.

In yoga, pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath. One type of pranayama is called Bhramari pranayama, and according to, not only is this breathing technique good for healing the heart chakra but  “the word Bhramari means bee and true to its name, the pranayama sounds just like the humming of bees.”

A Bee Sighting in Your Dreams

Generally, seeing a bee in your dreams means good things. If you have a bee sighting in your dreams it could mean increased luck, abundance or healing. It could also symbolize a happy community or group of people in your life. However, an aggressive bee may a reminder that you’ve got some unfinished business you need to take care of. Of course, each dream is different and each meaning individual to the dreamer. However, consulting a dream analysis psychic might bring a little clarity to your unique dream of a bee sighting.

The bee is also a timeless symbol and reminder of the fact that every person, place or thing on Earth connects to each another, just as we all have a connection to the universe. So, when you see a bee, don’t wish it away (unless of course, you’re allergic). Instead, try to tune into his message.

Now that you know more about the bee, are you looking forward to your next bee sighting?

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8 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Bee Sighting

  1. Doctor

    I saw a bee in my room at 10pm night flying around and next day I saw the same kind of bee flying around me spots bet gambling what’s that mean?

  2. Heidi Santa Cruz

    I have been gently stung by a bee. I put it outside
    An hour later ANOTHER BEE stung me in the arm. I put it outside too.
    What does it mean? I’m all spooked ! HELP! is it a good omen?

    1. Jamie

      Me too! If I go outside 15 times he shows up every 15 times. Doesn’t sting me or anything just fly’s around me.

  3. Hebrew widow

    A bee landed on a chair right next to me. It stayed when i went inside like it was waiting for mr weird.

  4. Colleen

    What if you find a dead bee? It is Autumn here so that is to be expected but, it was the first thing I saw when I went on my patio this morning. Heart is feeling heavy.

    1. Trisha

      I also stepped on a dead bee when the stinger still pierced my foot. Wonder what that’s about? Most internet info omits bee sting symbolism

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