The Meaning of a Butterfly Tattoo

Meaning of a Butterfly Tattoo | California Psychics

Illustrated Butterflies

Fluttering about with beauty and grace, butterflies are one of the most popular tattoo symbols in Western culture. Butterfly tattoos can come in many different styles and colors, from tribal-looking butterflies to traditional or even cartoon-like butterflies. Butterfly tattoos may be realistic and lifelike or have abstract artistic interpretations.

The tattoo may be of a single butterfly, a group of butterflies, or a butterfly incorporated with other designs. The butterfly may appear in natural-themed tattoos with flowers and wildlife or in fantastical themes with sparkles and other magical imagery. Sometimes, butterfly tattoo designs incorporate a balanced paradox of masculine or dark symbols such as skulls or weapons.

The Meaning of a Butterfly Tattoo

The Butterfly tattoo is a feminine tattoo that can represent freedom and rebirth or transformation. Because the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, butterfly tattoos echo that meaning of metamorphosis.

Many cultures use butterflies as symbols for love or even the souls of loved ones, leading the butterfly to be an emblem of resurrection. A butterfly can have many different meanings and therefore it makes for a versatile tattoo symbol.

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Meaning of Butterfly Tattoo Placement

Butterfly tattoos are often placed in delicate and feminine areas, such as the small of the back, ankles, shoulders, and wrists. Some people choose to be even bolder with their butterfly tattoos, opting for large designs that cover their backs, chests, or thighs.

What Does it Mean to Want a Butterfly Tattoo?

Wanting a butterfly tattoo means that you appreciate your freedom and are somewhat of a free spirit. It means you are in touch with your feminine side and find joy in natural beauty. If you have gone through a big life change, you may want a butterfly tattoo to mark or celebrate the occasion. Perhaps you are ready for change and want the butterfly in order to motivate yourself to go through with it.

What it Means if Someone Else has it and You Notice it

If you notice someone with a butterfly tattoo, then the ink is doing its job. The butterfly is inviting and playful. The person may be outgoing and friendly. If you are noticing butterflies more than usual, perhaps it is a sign that you are ready for a great change or transformation.

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