The Meaning of a Camel Sighting

Meaning of a Camel Sighting | California Psychics

Life is a Journey, Not a Race

For many people around the world, a camel encounter is an unusual event. Still, seeing a camel in person, during a dream, or even in artwork, can be a transformative experience. This is because Spirit often uses animals to let us know that it is time to dig deep and reflect on our lives.

Pace Yourself

In our fast-paced, goal-driven world, the camel serves as a reminder that life is a journey, not a race. Although camels can run (and even race at up to 40 miles per hour), they usually pace themselves, reserving energy and reaching their destinations with the same stamina they started with. Therefore, a camel sighting represents travel and journeys, as well as strength, longevity, and reliability.

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What are Camels?

Camels are hooved, desert-dwelling animals that have long been domesticated. The camel has been bred as a food animal, providing milk and meat, as well as a provider of hair for textile work. In addition, camels are working animals, often used as a means of transport during long trips over desert terrain. This quality has made them ideal military animals and they have been noted for their service throughout many battles and campaigns.

There are two distinct types of camel—one hump or two. The hump of a camel is used to store fat, not water. They use that fat as reserve energy to sustain themselves during long hauls. They are the ultimate travelers who have been used as a means of transporting goods and groups of people for over 5,000 years. A camel will sometimes travel where no man or animal would survive without enough food or water. One of the more interesting things about camels is that they have very long legs. This keeps their bodies high off the hot desert sands.

The camel comes prepared for the journey and helps others make that journey as well. A camel can weigh hundreds of pounds yet they are plant-eaters whose bodies adapt to various environments such as Africa, Asia, and the deserts of the Middle East. They do well in extremely hot and cold environments.

Camel Symbolism

You may be lucky enough to see a camel in person, but it’s not necessary to have a camel sighting in order for it to be your totem animal or spirit animal, you need only identify with the camel to know it is a spirit animal. Some concepts that are symbolic of camels are travel and journeys, wisdom, endurance, survival, service, self-sufficiency, conservation, and, of course, stamina.

Camels are also very sassy and sometimes crude in odor and behavior, but their value far outweighs their lack of etiquette. In fact, according to “ the Bedouin people of Africa and the Khalka people of Mongolia hold these creatures very dear. Camels are vital to these mostly nomadic people’s existence. They are considered members of the family and treated with great respect.”

If a camel has entered your thoughts, your dreams, or even if you’ve had a camel sighting, it may be an acknowledgment from Spirit that you are preparing to take a journey in your life. This could mean an actual trip, but it can also mean that you are on a spiritual journey. The camel is there to aid you and protect you while also giving you courage and strength. As totem animals, camels remind us that we are well-equipped for journeys, even if the trip will be a challenging one.

As a power animal, you can summon the strength of the camel to get you through tough times, relying solely on your spiritual strength and wisdom. Also, if the camel is your power animal and they see that you’re taking shortcuts on your spiritual path, they’ll put you in circumstances that require ingenuity and inner strength. They’ll show you just how tough and resilient you can be.

Camel Dream Meaning

While there are many scenarios in which a spirit animal may appear in your dreams, a camel sighting in your dreams is symbolic of a spiritual journey. If you’re riding the camel, you’re already on your journey, supported by Spirit with a good view of your future ahead. If you’re viewing a camel off in the distance, you may be spiritually off course, symbolizing a need to get back on track; however, if you are among a caravan of camels carrying goods, it’s a symbol of wealth and abundance, both spiritually and figuratively.

Holistic Nature

Do you practice yoga? If you do, you may be familiar with camel pose. In Sanskrit, “ustra” means camel and “asana” means pose. Hence, the camel pose in yoga is “Ustrasana.” This is an excellent pose that opens you up, head to toe. It stretches your entire body and even massages internal organs which are believed to help digestion, among other things. Some of the benefits of the camel pose are:

  • Opening up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors.
  • Stretching and strengthening the shoulders and back.
  • Expanding the abdominal region, improving digestion and elimination.
  • Improving posture.
  • Opening the chest and improving respiration.
  • Loosening up the vertebrae.
  • Relieving lower back pain, and more.

The camel pose also heals and balances all of the chakras. They’re the energy centers within the body. This camel pose is believed to hold many benefits, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But before trying any stretch or exercise for the first time, speak to an expert to avoid injury. Like any pose or mastery of any bodywork, you’ll need to practice patience and persistence—the very message of the camel spirit.

Now that you know more about the camel, are you looking forward to your next camel sighting?

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