The Meaning of a Peacock Sighting

The Meaning of a Peacock Sighting

Balance and Beauty

Our spirit animals and our totems remind us that finding balance in life is the key to living in harmony. They are the key to the connection between the world we live in and the spirit world we’re part of. Rebirth and resurrection is a recurring theme connected to the peacock; therefore, when you experience a peacock sighting you can be pretty sure that you’re entering a time of rebirth in your life.

What does the peacock know that you don’t? Read with a life path psychic and find out.

What is a Peacock?

To better understand an animal spirit’s meaning, it is often a good idea to learn more about the animal itself. Peacocks, or more correctly, peafowl, are part of the Phasianidae family, which includes pheasants, turkeys, chickens, and guinea hens.

While many of these birds are considered “game,” and are frequently hunted and raised for food, peacocks are not targeted for hunting or consumption, though some people do keep domesticated peacocks as pets.

Instead, peacocks are prized for their beautiful plumage. The male peacock, in particular, is noted for its magnificent tail feathers, which he spreads during mating rituals in an attempt to attract a mate. Peahens, as the females are called, have less colorful plumage, but their feathers are still quite beautiful.

Peacocks come in a range of colors; some green, some turquoise, blue, and purple. White peacocks have a condition called leucism, which results in partial pigment loss. In addition, silver pied peacocks are also white in appearance; each stunning in their own unique way.

Encountering a Peacock

When you encounter a peacock, or an image of one, take some time to ponder what Spirit is trying to say to you. Consider the qualities of this bird and apply them to your life.

For example, are there areas in which you are reluctant to attract attention? A peacock sighting may indicate that you need to be willing to put yourself out there and let yourself shine. This may be particularly true in love; are you willing to put your best self forward when around someone who you admire?

White peacock symbolism is another matter. These birds are particularly striking in appearance. This may be a time to not only stand out, but to set yourself apart from others. Are you currently applying for a job for which there is a lot of competition? You may need to work on ways to show that you are the best choice from a pack of extremely talented people.

Another thing to consider is that the peacock is a prized bird. People love to look at them and their feathers are used as ornaments or in fashion. Are you valuing yourself as you should? The peacock should remind you of your worth.

Peacock Totem, Spirit, and Power Animal says “Individuals whose power animal is the peacock possess a firm connection between the past and present and recognize its effect on the future. They readily see the importance of integrity and honor. Confident in all they do, those with a peacock totem also recognize the need for light-heartedness and laughter.” Does this sound like you or someone you know?


As a spirit animal, the peacock offers you a message to show your true colors at all times and to live in your truth. In other words, be yourself. When you are your genuine self, you’re at ease and those around you can feel that. They see your confidence and experience your genuinity. This provides others with a level of comfort and inspiration to be who they are, too. When we try to be someone we’re not or when we display a personality that is disingenuous, we make others feel unsure and uncomfortable, and we appear untrustworthy. People want to know the real you—the good and the bad.

Still, you also have the option of pulling back your “tail feathers” when you need to. They don’t always need to be on display. Sometimes you need to keep more to yourself if it means getting things done or going about your business unnoticed.

As a totem, spirit, or power animal, a peacock sighting is a symbol of beauty and balance. However, they are not all feathers and fluff. Part of the balance symbolism comes from the appearance of their feet. They have three nails in the front, and one in the back, which not only provides balance but can also help protect them. Additionally, in deep contrast to their beauty, the peacock is not a very melodious bird. Their bird sound is like a sharp squawk. Luckily, they’re usually quiet birds who only squawk when mating, stressed, or in danger.

Peacock Symbolism in History and Spiritual Beliefs

Symbolically, in the world of spirit and totem animals, the peacock represents:

  • Balance
  • Self-Awareness
  • Confidence (without cockiness)
  • Self-Love (without vanity)
  • Resurrection

In real life, religious symbolism, or art, a peacock sighting can hold many meanings. Ancient stories connect the peacock to the Phoenix in the theme of resurrection because each time a peacock sheds his feathers, they grow back even more beautiful than before. Many paintings and mosaics of the peacock reside in churches and ancient Roman catacombs to symbolize the exchange of an individual’s earthly body for the body of eternal life. In medieval times, the peacock feather would decorate churches during Christmas and Easter.

Similarly, in Buddhism, peacocks represent purity and their feathers are part of purification ceremonies. In fact, using peacock feathers in shamanic and spiritual healing ceremonies goes back thousands of years throughout many cultures and religions. A shaman might use the feathers of a peacock to draw poisons from bites, heal wounds, and banish negativity. These feathers can heal by helping a person find harmony and achieve balance in their life.

The peacock also connects to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Lakshmi brings luck to those devoted to her and protects them from financial hardships.

Because of the eye-shaped design found on the peacock’s feathers, many view the feathers as a symbol of the all-seeing eye, such as the eye of Horus which was first seen in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. This all-seeing eye symbol in one form or another appears over and over again throughout ancient and modern symbolism. You can even find it on United States paper currency.

The Peacock in Dreams

While having a peacock sighting in your dreams is generally seen as a good omen, a peacock sighting may also be an indication that there’s something you need to pay attention to. If the peacock is squawking in your dreams, you may be trying too hard to be heard or to make someone understand your side in a certain situation. If that’s so, it may be telling you that it’s time to rethink your strategy around being heard or getting your point across. Perhaps it means that you’re wasting your time trying to have your feelings understood.

Always try to be a detective in your dreams. Try to figure out where you are, what you’re doing, and what your surroundings are telling you. See if you can determine who is with you and how their presence impacts the peacock sighting in your dreams. Dreams can be an important part of your message from spirit.

Now that you know more about the peacock, are you looking forward to your next peacock sighting?

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12 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Peacock Sighting

  1. Peacock Stalks me.

    I started coloring a rather large Peacock picture years ago (about 5 now) and never got around to finishing it. I used to use pointilism as a form of coloring. So coloring this picture was going to take a very long time to finish and frankly I just straight up gave up.
    Ever since then, I see the word Peacock or the animal, everywhere. Whether it comes up in conversation, or I’ll be scrolling through the internet and it’s randomly there, or even scrolling through Facebook videos and it comes up in a title of a video or its the animal in a video. Everywhere.
    Friends of mine in a Facebook group randomly changed our group messaging emoji to a Peacock and I was floored.
    Just this current last weekend. It was a 4 generation little getaway between myself my daughter my mom and grandma, this building we went to, had the word Peacock throughout the place. It was like a casino / event / food place. What are the actual odds?

    It’s become so bad that it’s like my mom is a messenger now because when she sees something Peacock she shows me. Not long ago she got me a Peacock eye Keychain…

    Doing research it’s clearly not a bad thing which I am thankful for. But it is just so crazy how intense it is sometimes.

  2. Barbara

    I was driving this morning just around 6:45am, I’m in a rural-farmland are of Pennsylvania so this was a 1st… anyway I stopped because 3 all white peacocks crossed the road in front of me with their feathers down! They were so pretty! It was awesome and I tried to record them but it just so happened that my phone “only “ saved the end of the video as I was pushing stop like the road part!!! No evidence but I’ll never forget it

  3. Sharon

    I saw a peacock in broad daylight in my backyard about 5 ft from my kitchen window. Since I live in SC USA this is unusual. I rushed to get my son. He was as amazed as I was. He hung around for a bit but walked into to the woods before I could get him on video. I did not pursue him just let hi go on his way. Seeing him felt like a true blessing.

  4. Nancy

    I always encounter a peacock whenever,I go on my roof.when I run in morning at roof,he always come run toward me and sometime stand in my day I was coming back home on my scooter it stand in front of me I stoped and tried to make him go away but he do not go away .If I will not go to my roof this peacock will come to window. He look straight towards me. Sometime when I try to go to outside he will stand in my way.I started to think he is trying to stalk me.

  5. Tonya Tonique Lee

    A peacock sat in the tree infront of my window for two was beautiful.a royal royal blue..I was closing my window when I spotted its royal blue stomach..very odd for it to stay so long.

  6. Alex

    I saw a peacock while in the car in the passenger seat today and it was by a sidewalk close to my school which was weird. It was bright blue and very beautiful. I then told my mom right away to look since she was driving but she said she had seen nothing. So I told her to go back quickly but then it was gone? My mom thought I was crazy since there was nothing anymore but I sware that I saw it clearly. I am not sure anymore if it actually was there or not but I knew and felt it meant something:) Thanks to this I know something good is coming my way

  7. Annette

    I saw a peacock while riding my bike in my neighborhood! No dream! I was so amazed how beautiful and big it was. I too a picture of this very massive, gorgeous bird. I know it has to mean something!

  8. Andrea Kudla

    In my dream, I set a red breasted peacock free It flew around me and soared in the air and did not leave It came back and stood in front of me almost imploring me to take some kind of journey I see this as a wake up call to take that leap of faith in my life that I have been wanting to take and to not be afraid

  9. Andrea Frazer

    I have started to see peacock every single day for about six months. It’s freaky how close this resembles what I’m going through. Thank you!

    1. Allison

      Understanding – now – with spiritual meaning, wisdom, humility, grief &, enormous compassion… That I truly had a spiritual/soul wake up call a few years back. I was driving a familiar 2 &1/2 hour drive back to the general Dallas, Texas area, which my family has called home – my entire 38 yrs life & for some years before I was even born. So, this fairly familiar 2-3hr Drive NorthEast to a town called Wichita Falls, TX was a trip most members of my family have made likely 100’s & 100’s of times. Having Grandparents, Uncles, & a small family business in Wichita Falls, made trips there part of our normal upbringing. Luckily, we had a way larger family at that time, unlike today.

      You know….It’s funny the little things that come back to you, while you remember various seemingly insignificant times or trips made back & forth. As a child, I knew exactly how much sleeping time, crafting times, coloring time, gameboy time, how many tracks or albums – or in the earlier days, how many cassette tapes of MY music my brother would tolerate – rather – “allow” to be played during various road trips. I also knew sleeping was the QUICKEST way to “tricking” time & speeding it up!

      My brother & I were pretty proficient, fairly calm , prepared, & seasoned travelers by the time I was 8-ish yrs old & my brother about 14. Yrs old. Having a parent live in Texas & the other in Colorado, fortunately & unfortunately, our bags were packed up & we were in route coming or going, often.

      My brother -M- is close to 6 years older than me, and as rough & tough as we could fight as kids, it was when sh*t really really mattered that we were close as could be. Surviving the best we could with the tools we had at the time.

      Fast forward about 20-25yrs, I was driving
      both my precious & precocious, angel like little girl & my fierce & funny momma back from my older brother’s home, which was in Wichita Falls at that time. It was What i’d Describe as a lazy Sunday afternoon in the South. This was now, Maybe 4 years ago back – sometime around late April 2016 – I believe. Before getting on the road that day, my brother asked me to take this other route back to Dallas that he had taken to driving the last year or two. He said “you’ll love it! It’s just quite & beautiful on the main country road. You’ll come in & out of tiny little towns, but you won’t have to deal with a bit of traffic!”

      So, off we went – back home, taking a new route neither my mom nor myself had ever taken before either coming or going from Wichita Falls. And my brother was right – it was beautiful & much more relaxed. Winding roads that looked out over deep green tall pastures that were newly stepping into their vibrancy with Springtime.

      About an hour into the drive, I noticed something colorful & somewhat large up on the road directly ahead of me. I had a huge pickup truck (remember – this is North North Texas) that was just barreling down on me & riding my bumper for the past mile or so. Regardless, I still couldn’t make out what that was on the road ahead of me…… when finally I saw it in it true beautiful glory. It was a Peacock !!! But what in the world was a Peacock doing in the middle of a country road deep in Texas!?!?

      There wasn’t time for any of that… I needed to slow down & get the guys attention behind me ;the one already irritated because “clearly, I wasn’t from around here.” And as I slowed down behind the Peacock which was at the time towards the right shoulder of the road, the truck behind me zoomed passed, & just in that same amount of time the peacock took a bee line straight to the center of the road. And I speed up – hoping somehow to stop the truck – only to witness a puff of exploding beautiful peacock feathers scatter across this scenic road. Not once – not one time did I see that driver even try breaking or his red tail lights light up. And a fury of emotions like disbelief, anger, and deep deep soul sadness washed over my whole body in an instant. My mom sweetly taking my hand as tears streamed down my red checks. I blamed me for seeing this beautiful creature & not doing a better job of somehow saving her. Gratefully, my daughter was sleeping in the back seat at this time & sparred any knowingness of the tragic event her momma & Noni had Witnessed.

      Now, reading this article about the symbolic nature & teacher of the peacock – I am humbled & grateful & still sad about that magnificent bird from several years back. For I was indeed heading into all new life. I didn’t yet know that I would be getting very very sick. I didn’t yet – truly – know where my current relationship stood, nor did I really believe I could still be breathing with fight in me – to live. But truth be told, any life I get to live from here until I do pass, will be unlike ANY kind of life I was living before. The illusions here (earthly plain) no longer hold any of the value they once did just s few short years ago. So, yes…. i’ve Most definitely been reborn.

      And now, I want my very first tattoo to be of peacock feathers sorta falling down the sides of my rib cage – in anticipation of those new more beautiful feathers to rise up!

  10. Cyril

    I am highly delighted to read this article.i saw peacock flying in my dream a couple of weeks ago.i had the feelings that this is a good omen. I have gotten a deeper meaning for my dream from this writer. I appreciate.


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