The Meaning of a Rabbit Sighting

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Abundance

Have you ever wondered what a rabbit sighting means? The rabbit represents many things, including abundance, fertility, and overcoming fear. If a rabbit is your spirit animal, it’s telling you to think things through and look before you leap too. The rabbit reminds us to look within ourselves, to recognize our gifts, and to build upon their strengths. Do you have a strong intuition? Do you listen to it and follow through, or do you hear it and ignore it? As with all spirit animals, each rabbit sighting is also a message of change. A change in your life, a change in the way you experience life, and even a seasonal change are all possibilities. Let take a deeper look at the meaning of a rabbit sighting.

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Symbolism of the Rabbit

As a symbol of abundance, we look to the rabbit’s habit of finding food and storing it for the winter. Because they generally look healthy even during the harshest weather, a rabbit sighting symbolizes the ethic of working hard and saving for the future. This idea of abundance also touches on the rabbit as a symbol of fertility. Perhaps you will be adding to your family, carrying on the family name or having a fertile garden that will produce enough to feed you long into winter.

Your Power Animal?

Rabbits are also clever and resourceful, and if this sounds like you, then it’s likely that the rabbit is your power animal. If you have a rabbit sighting during a time when things are tough or you’re trying to figure out the solution to a difficult problem, then the rabbit is reminding you to think outside the box and find a unique solution to your predicament. As a power animal, the rabbit urges you to first sit in silence because in silence you can hear guidance from Source/God/the Universe. If you still yourself, the rabbit will guide you towards your best next move.

Rabbits are Cautious

Speaking of sitting in silence, as a symbol of fear, think about how cautious rabbits can be. They freeze in fear just waiting for that perfect moment to flee. They’re always on their guard, yet they can look so relaxed as they munch on grass or take naps. This is reminiscent of a quote by the famous writer, Steven Pressfield, who said “If you are paralyzed with fear, it is a good sign. It shows you what you have to do.”

Your Totem Animal?

If the rabbit is your totem animal (appearing when you need inspiration) then he is reminding you to get back in touch with your creative side. All work and no play makes for one wiry rabbit. No matter how “busy” you may be if this sounds like you then take time out from obligations to give your creative side some space to create. Move some furniture, paint a picture or write that short story. You’ll see that doing so will help you in every area of life and you’ll feel more balanced and happy.

The Rabbit in Culture

In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is the fourth of 12 signs. If you were born in the Year of the Rabbit, you are approachable, and act as a decent human being too. Some would say you have a noble air about you. In Chinese legend, the moon goddess, Chang’e, had a rabbit as her pet, and it was believed that only the rabbit was able to match her noble beauty.

Another association between rabbits and moon goddesses comes from Celtic lore and the Goddess Eostre (from whom Easter gets its name) too. She is a moon goddess who has a connection to fertility and a reborn Earth. Eostre becomes a rabbit at each Full Moon, and this is where the idea of the Easter bunny was born.

In Native American culture, the legend of the Great Hare shows up in many story forms. Sometimes he is the hero, but he is also (like the coyote, fox or crow) a trickster of sorts too. And like those other tricksters, the Great Hare also gets the credit for creating the world, bringing humans fire, and even teaching shamans how to carry out sacred rites. Additionally, in Native culture, there is something called the “fear call,” which is the act of bringing your fears to life by focusing on them.

From the Other Side

Do you know someone who loves rabbits? Are they on the other side? A rabbit sighting may be a reminder that they are with you and are trying to tell you one of the many things a rabbit can symbolize. Remember to sit in silence and try to hear the message that is meant for you.

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9 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Rabbit Sighting

  1. Reba Ray

    Hi I was four rabbits in front yard today at one time just sitting. I felt that it meant something special and I went to Google to find out what it means when you see rabbits. And after reading about rabbits I would like to learn more.

    1. Sarah Warden

      I had 4 rabbits just sitting in my front yard today too! Trying to figure out exactly what it means for me. They were each sitting as if they were the points on a cross. It gave me chills when I seen it.

  2. Bonny

    Today I found a baby rabbit in my living room. My dogs and cats didn’t touch it. It let me pick it up and I released it outside upon which it instantly disappeared… what’s up?

    1. Shakayla

      I know you might be older but I was at school and I saw a bunny and it circled around me and then disappeared so fast and this is when I was outside waiting to get picked up like everybody else. When I asked did anyone else see that bunny no one responded idk and also that bunny disappeared so quickly when I trying to see where it went!

  3. Brianna Olson

    Everytime I go to my friends house I see a rabbit it’s either I’m walking down the street or in his yard what does this mean

  4. Denise. Bollinget

    Hello katy, The day my beloved father passed unexpectedly 20 years ago @ age 57, a rabbit which isnt an unusual siting around my yard appeared from behind a bush very close to me & my part chow/lab dog, who was napping within feet of his food bowl. I was in awe & scared for the bunny since my Dog Burnsie loved luring & stalking small animals & leaving them beside our car doors as presents. I remember saying to myself “your a brave bunny, eating out of Burnsies bowl! It looked @ me wiggled its nose & moved on. A few hours later I received news my father had passed of heart attack while driving at the same time i was observing rabbit, I strongly belive it was a message from my father, i see them far & few between now adays, but when i do i think og my Daddy!

    1. Samsen


      I believe wild rabbit sightings are a sign of something bad to come in a person life and in a short period of time. I have had several sightings of rabbits, and after every occasion something negative has always happen to me. However, I survive them all. I am working on not seeing them any more because I truly believe they are a sign of bad luck to come for the person who sees them.


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