The Meaning of a Snake Sighting

Snake eye over green background.

Powerful, Yet Misunderstood

Few non-human animals provoke strong feelings the way that snakes do. For millennia, world cultures and religions have developed elaborate symbolism, myths, and stories revolving around the snake. While it is true that snakes generally do not prey on humans, many people remain fearful and seek to actively avoid serpents. Still, if you encounter a snake, you may wish to keep in mind the power of these creatures, understanding that a message from Spirit may well be embodied in this legless reptile.

Shedding the Past To Allow For Growth

If you have a snake sighting, it’s a sign of transformation in your spiritual growth. Prepare to awaken all of your senses, and allow your spiritual knowing to expand. It’s also time to shed old beliefs, habits, and, in some cases, possessions that are getting in the way of your progress.

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Animals as symbols always come to us in times of change, however, it’s up to us to decipher the message that each particular animal carries with it—the type of change on the horizon or change that is already present. The meaning of a snake sighting is about the expansion of the mind and spirit. It’s a transformation or awakening of sorts. However, it can be a reminder to remain grounded and in touch with the magic held in nature—the earth, the water, the air and even the fire in the earth’s core. Respect the snake, respect the earth, and respect the gifts of all spiritual journeys.

Physical Attributes and Spiritual Messages of the Snake

An animal spirit’s meaning is often tied to its physical attributes. As we examine the meaning of snake sightings, it’s a good idea to consider the snake itself, with its abilities, shortcomings, and way of living. 

Snakes are, of course, reptiles. They do not have legs, and have several means of locomotion, which typically require the snake to adapt its body movements to the surfaces on which it wishes to move. Snakes are also cold-blooded, which means that they have to rely on outside sources to maintain their body heat.

When the snake outgrows its skin, it sheds it. The process of shedding is a short window of vulnerable time where the snake’s skin experiences exposure to outer elements. Expansion of our spiritual bodies feels just as comfortable and invigorating as a snake living in his new skin. The snake is aware. He relies on sight, smell, and even vibrations in order to navigate his path ahead. As we increase our own awareness, it is important not to lose the basic skills we, as humans, were born with—including our sixth sense.

The snake strikes at opportunities with precision. When we choose a path to follow, it’s important to choose the precise path that is right for each of us. And when we have an opportunity to further our awareness or expand our path, we should do so with explicit intention. Our beliefs are powerful, and it’s important to understand that everything has a positive and negative side. Therefore, we should always focus on the positive while being aware of the negative—giving each a healthy respect.

Snake or Serpent as Your Spirit Animal

If you feel that you identify with the snake or you consider it your totem or spirit animal, it’s very likely that you have dealt with many changes and chapters in your life already, and you somehow adapt yourself to these changes more easily than others might. Like the snake, you are able to shed your skin and be reborn in this way. It’s also likely that you have some healing abilities with a particular talent to balance opposing energies.

As a person, you possess a charm and self-confidence that people can find appealing and comforting. As a healer, you will likely spend your life continually expanding and growing your abilities and your levels of awareness.

What Does a Snake Symbolize?

As we’ve already noted, the snake is a powerful symbol in many diverse cultures. Curiously, this symbolism widely varies. Some lore posits a serpent as a truth teller, a healer, or even a source of wisdom. In other cases, serpents indicate deceit, danger, and possible ruin.

Symbolism of the Snake in Medicine

Two snake symbols are the Staff of Hermes, also known as the caduceus, and the Rod of Asclepius (the Greek god of Healing). Both appear in logos and symbols of the medical and metaphysical healing arts. Some have even suggested the snake symbolizes our own DNA.

Snakes in Tarot

In the Tarot, the Two of Cups depicts a couple exchanging golden cups, as if to imply a ceremony of marriage. Between them is the Caduceus, a representation of balance, the joining of energies, and a healing connection.

Snakes and Chakras

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “awakening your kundalini.” According to, “One of the aims of Hatha yoga is to awaken the dormant kundalini energy (which is said to lie curled up sleeping at the base of the spine like a snake) and to raise it up through the chakras. As it goes higher and higher, various abilities are awakened, evolution is accelerated, and finally, enlightenment is achieved when the kundalini goes up through the crown chakra.” Many say that this is also the path to the ultimate orgasm.

The Celts

As a shamanic culture, the Celts revered the snake. One of the most interesting Celtic beliefs is that when the snake sheds his skin, and his eyes begin to glaze over, he has access to all the knowledge of the Universe—past, present, and future.

Snakes in Native American Culture

Native American cultures hold wildly differing beliefs about the snake. Some connect him with birth and fertility, some with thunder and rain, however, others see him as a lethal serpent. In Cherokee legend, snakes are “supernaturals” that require fear, reverence, and respect. That seems to be the overall nature of the snake throughout most cultures, which makes sense since so many ancient cultures point to the snake’s ability to balance energies—both good and bad.

Meaning of a Snake Sighting

Have you recently had a snake sighting? If so, have you felt an awakening inside of you or the need to connect with your spiritual side? When faced with choices, do you weigh the good and the bad with equal respect? This is the meaning of a snake sighting, and these are the questions you should consider. A snake sighting is a sign of your spiritual growth and a reminder to stay grounded in the process.

Snakes in Dreams

If you dream about a serpent or snake, take heed: Snake dreams aren’t always negative, but should be interpreted in context. What is the snake doing in your dream? Is it coiled and hissing, about to strike? This could indicate danger. On the other hand, if the serpent is peacefully going about its business, perhaps this is a time for stealthy, quiet action on your part. A serpent who is shedding its skin may be indicating that it is time for you to make a change.

Some people wonder about the Biblical meaning of snakes in dreams. While it is true that the Biblical symbolism of the snake is often negative (think of the serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden) the snake can also be a symbol of healing. When fiery serpents bit the ancient Israelites, they looked to a pole with a brass serpent for healing. 

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23 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Snake Sighting

  1. Candace dantzler

    I was on break one day so I was sitting under a tree smoking a cigarette wasn’t really paying attention so I just looked over there was a snake it like lifted its head up n turn aroun and left I really want to kno what that means

  2. Jade

    I’m trying to figure out what this all means to me about a month ago, I had a dream about a snake I saw on my best friends front yard. It was going to but its business until it saw me noticing that I saw it. It popped it’s head out and started chasing me and bit me hard. I woke up and then fast forward to now I was hanging out with this guy I’m seeing. we were hiking and I fell as I was running down the hill I fell on a flat dirt surface, and a baby snake come out. but it was slithering away. No one got hurt I just don’t know with all this means.( I might’ve fell on the baby snake on accident, but it die, was just slithering away.)

  3. Marsha Chandler

    Ok I have some encounters with snakes that I would very much like some insight on the meanings behind these many different encounters I have please. My first encounter was when my first husband killed his self. He went away from our home to a boat ramp where he like to park an watch the sun set. Well he had his reasons an no we were very happily married. But he had been telling people he was going to do it. So on this morning he left like he was going to work. But he took his personal truck an not his work truck, trailer or equipment. An I was very uneasy an unsure what to do or how to know. So when he was leaving I noticed he went to the shed before he left. An that’s where he kept his sawed off double barrel 12 gauge. So I decided to go check to see if it was there because he wasn’t answering my phone calls an he never not once ever just didn’t answer or call me rite back. So I went out to the shed an I started looking for it I was going through every box picking everything up getting frantic. An finally I just put my hands down in front of me an graves on to the rafter in front of me an put my head down an closed my eyes an shook my head an told myself it’s not here, it’s not here. Then I opened my eyes to the biggest black snake rite there in front of my face rite where I was frantically digging through boxes throwing them looking under everything he was rite there the whole time wrapped around the rafter. An just moments after I came out of there the game wardens pulled up in my drive to give me the news that they had found my husband in his truck at the boat ramp. An a man that was out there fishing that was a witness was very strongly related to the reason that he killed his self. But no this man was an highly respected authority member that was not involved with his suicide in any way at all. Now snakes have always been my worse fear in my whole life. Now I fear them even more after that. Then after that every time I encounter a snake with in a day or two I find out some one I know has passed away. Same thing happened with a very mean abusive ex husband of mine after that. The night before he rolled his truck end over end six times an was ejected an decapitated. Now this man was very abusive to the point that there was only three ways I was getting out of that relationship either he was gonna kill me I was gonna kill him or he was going to go to the pen that’s just how bad it got that was the Only way I was getting away from him. So he went to jail an said he would burn my house down that he moved into with me that I owned with me and my kids in it. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he would so I sold my house to my sister and me and my kids moved away so he couldn’t find us when he got out. Well three years went by before I had any encounter with him the first encounter we were both pallbearers at a very good friends funeral. The second encounter he came and spend some time with me one night. The third encounter I was riding back with him to where he was staying at a couple hundred miles away and he swerved and I don’t scare very easily but it scared me so I grab my seatbelt. And he started laughing at me and asked why I was grabbing my seatbelt and that he couldn’t believe he didn’t notice that I didn’t have my seatbelt on because he always wears his seatbelt always always he said and then he was on me for the rest of the day and a half that I was with him about getting my seatbelt on every time I got in the truck well after I grab my seatbelt and he asked me why I grabbed it for some reason I asked him during that conversation did he ever do the deal on Facebook that tells you how you’re going to die he started laughing and said yes mine said I was going to die in a car wreck . And I said well it’s crazy because mine told me I was going to die from a violent act. Anyways we laughed it off when he brought me back home and dropped me off a few days later we talked on the phone and I told him that we couldn’t see each other or talk to more each other anymore it wasn’t gonna work out that we just needed to end it. So he hung up and blocked me on everything and within four days I think it was is when he hit a guard rail going 90 miles an hour flipped his truck six times end over end and and was ejected because he was not wearing his seatbelt and decapitated during the wreck. OK so several times the snake sighting and somebody dying within the same timeframe I encountered a snake so I’m getting really scared really really scared of snakes I don’t know what the meaning is behind all of this and just scared to death for my grandbabies to play outside and everything just petrified of the thought of even seeing a snake because of me finding out somebody I know has died like right afterwards. So now I have a dream I’m in a park with my three grandbabies two of them is holding my hand and I glance up in my dream and I see a snake huge laying right there beside me and my grandbabies I mean the snake is bigger than me three of me longer than me huge he’s laying here right beside me and my grandbabies and as I snatched my granddaughter I realize the snake was dead in my dream and I’m like even more scared now because my grandbabies was in that dream and the snake was dead I couldn’t understand at all why these things was happening . So then I get in a truck of mine that had been parked out in the field with the back window busted out because it caught fire but it was still drivable but had been parked in the field for a couple months during the summer. So I had to jump it off to drive it to town and my dog went with me well I broke down when I got to town and it was hot. So I decided I was gonna let my dog out because it was so hot when I open the door to my truck a snake fell out at my feet so I shut the door back as fast as I could to keep my dog from jumping out and the snake is on his back trying to turn over it gets turned over and it takes off. So my truck won’t jump off so I get a friend to come with his truck he hooks a chain to mine I get back in mine with flip-flops and shorts and my dog and he pulls me about 10 miles out to my house in the country after he leaves I start pulling everything out of my truck for some reason I don’t know why but I’m just doing it when I get to the backseat there’s another snake under my backseat two snakes in my truck with me got pulled back home with one still in it with me. And just yesterday when I got off work I was pulling through the motel parking lot because I travel for work and as I’m pulling through a big rattlesnake is crossing the parking lot headed to the motel right in front of me and then later that evening my mom tells me my aunt died my favorite aunt. I’ve come to the conclusion the dream with my grandbabies in it was gods way of showing me look the snake is dead you don’t have to worry your grandbabies are fine the snake is dead in your dream every snake I have ever encountered in real life and then found out somebody was dead was alive OK and also I’m taking from the two snakes in my truck and convinced myself that it’s God‘s way of showing me look there’s nothing to be scared if you had two of them in the truck with you and got pulled back home with one in the truck with you and they did not hurt you stop being scared there’s nothing to be scared of . Well I know this is long people probably won’t take time to read it but if you do I would really love some insights and opinions of why this encounters in dreams and have happens are happening and what was the meetings are.

  4. Deb

    Insaw a snake that i never had seen so looked up info on it …it is rare to see them in daylight ,humans rarely witness them .. it is a nocturnal snake …i knew i needed to look into the symbolism as i had seen it for a reason ..thanks for the insight

  5. Terry smith

    Iv almost stepped on a rattlesnake twice with in 2 3 week spand at night in the woods is there a meaning for this

  6. Robinah ayesiga

    Am so glad that I have this article. It has taught me alot,just this very month I have see two brown snakes,in my whole I had never seen a snake live.on 9th of this very month I saw a brown snake very big and it was very calm ,and it stayed in one place .Then today I saw a young snake a gain I was so scared,so I have been wondering why these snakes are soo calm.but am glad to read this article.

  7. Job seeker

    As one of the oldest and richest mythological symbols across cultures, snakes can seem to represent, well, a lot. Because serpents regularly shed their skin, many traditions associate the reptiles with upward growth, such as transformation or rebirth. But in other cultures, snakes can be a more menacing symbol, representing evil or even death. So what does it mean when a snake appears in a dream? Should you start considering what intentions you want to manifest, or brace yourself for your untimely demise?

  8. Vanesa

    I am so thankful for finding this article bless me so deeply. Whoever wrote this, is truly enlighten and vibrational. You touch my spirit and I connected with your spirit. This article help me to connected with my own spirits for the every first time. I did not know what was happening until it happened. It has opened a new door for me and for that am grateful. Grateful that spirit heard me, grateful that spirit choose me. This will be the “New Beginning” of my new life. The article is about The Snake, I understand now , I see it with my new eyes and I read it with understanding. The calling is now for me. I will walk and talk with the spirits. Thanks for The Awareness, The Awakening and The Accuracy of the article. BLESS YOU

    1. Dawn Rae

      Wow! that was a beautiful comment. Best wishes on your journey! I too am enjoying the Awakening process of Gaia’s Ascension into the 5th dimension. I encountered a beautiful slender Garter snake today. No fear, no dread only excited curiosity on my part! When I went to get my camera this beautiful symbol of the spirit world disappeared. LOL. I know that nothing is a coincidence and this being came into my experience showing itself to me for a reason. I’m grateful for this article and and I am called to meditate as I believe the sighting indicates spiritual expansion on my part. And then I found your comment. I Wanted you to know that I relate to what you said and wanted to reach out and tell you that you are not alone, and to keep going no matter what. Times are a changin … And I think that the best is yet to come! Thank you again for your comment and time reading this take care and God bless you and yours!

  9. Erica Hertel

    About a week ago there was a snake on my porch…it wouldnt leave, and I wouldn’t go outside, snakes freak me out.. well it finally went away the next day, and now I go outside to smoke and its either the same one returned,or its another snake, right on my front porch “again”…I’m freaking out,now I feel trapped in my home.. I’m not walking past that, I’m too scared and I know it will since that….what in the Hell do I do??? What can I do to repel them away?? Or does it mean something to see 2 snakes or the possibly the same one twice, on ur front porch??

    1. monica

      Cut up some onions and garlic, and scatter them on your porch to send them packing. They hate the smell of them.

    2. Dawn Rae

      The spirit realm is telling you that positive changes are coming your way. Also, to let you know that those changes while they may be scary are only for your highest good. Go with the flow. But do not hide yourself away from the change because of fear. No worries though because the universe will find you right where you are and has only your best interest at heart. If you do not want this snake to visit simply pray, or meditate your intention. Something like thank you for visiting. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful planet and doing your bit. I would like for you to move on it makes me nervous to have you close. You may not ever see that snake again.

  10. Charmaine

    I recently seperated and currently moving into my new house with my children. Upon doing some minor renovations we saw a brown snake under the workmans car tyre right infront of my driveway. I do believe it means new beginnings and possibly spiritual awakening but I still feel sick at the thought if me or my kids get bitten by one of these deadly snakes. We only have a few houses around us. I’m aware but dont want to feel frightened to go outside.

  11. PM

    Thank you so much for this article because in all my life the most wild animal or serpent I always encounter is snakes, I have come across lots of snakes and sometimes I Just get a feeling that Iam going to see a snake while am on my outdoors running (working out) or walking and then boom my eyes will be on snake of any kind. so after reading this article I’ve realised that snakes are my simble and may be I also have some healing power, who knows

    1. Angela Conigliaro

      Yea same here I literally almost stepped on one today in the park this is the second time this is happened to me only the first time was a black snake this time it was like a beige yellowish brown but I freaked out for a second

  12. Damian

    I LOVE this! Thank you for these amazing and super insightful articles! They consistently make me think deeper and appreciate my encounters in nature even more! Please keep them coming:)

  13. Angel

    I saw about 3 Dragonflies last week while I was at the park I didn’t know about the information I finish reading cool imfo just Like the Dragonflies.


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