The Meanings of Wildflowers

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Wildflower Season

Spring has sprung, which means that wildflowers are in full bloom. These petaled plants are not only rich with color but deep in meaning. Some of your favorite flowers have symbolized a variety of things from love to loss in different ancient cultures, like Greece and Egypt, as well as in Edwardian and Victorian times.

Why The Meanings of Wildflowers Matter

In so many ways, flowers have been a tool to communicate feelings without words. In addition to serving as messages, flowers have often played a big role in rituals and medicine, and they continue to do so today.

If you are looking to manifest or invoke something in particular, bringing specific flowers into your space can strengthen those spiritual ties. Whether you are looking forward to new beginnings or celebrating a loved one’s memory, here are the meanings of 12 popular wildflowers.


While each different color of rose has its own meaning, these blooms often mean romance. Perhaps the favorite flower of St. Valentine, roses are given to lovers new and old at every stage of a relationship. Whether it’s given as a single rose or a whole dozen, the flower normally signals that love is in the air.


Daisies represent youthfulness and innocence. The flower most often drawn by children, daises usually have a bright yellow center and white petals. Called “the day’s eye” by some, the flower closes when the sun sets and reopens to greet the day.

Water Lilies

Just as they softly sit atop the surface, water lilies have long been a symbol of balance and transition. In Ancient Greece, the water lily was named after a Greek nymph, representing beauty with a side of danger. In Buddhism, the flower is an indication of rising up from the earthly world to the spiritual one.


With their bright yellow petals, sunflowers bring light and warmth wherever they are. Just as they turn to the sun when planted, sunflowers are a symbol of honesty and optimism. These bright flowers offer a peaceful path out of darkness.


Once a tulip is planted, it returns each year with spring. Because of this reincarnation, tulips are often associated with renewal and refreshed perspective. Tulips are also connected to divine presence and everlasting love. As they rise like a phoenix from the soil, they remind us of the many rebirths we experience during our time on Earth.


Fragrant freesia is a top choice for gifting to friends and family. This tubular flower has long been a symbol of perfect trust. Their perfume elicits feelings of calm, almost as if to remind us to trust what the Universe has in store for us.


A perfect wedding season flower, jasmine has long been a symbol of purity and love. The long and winding vines of jasmine represent two lives intertwining as one. Jasmine oils are thought to cleanse the body and are often consumed in teas.


Lupines symbolize perseverance and inner strength. Coming from the Latin word for wolf, lupines were once thought to absorb all of the nutrients from soil. Lupines are strong and come back year after year. If you see a lupine, it may symbolize that you too are tenacious and steadfast. Most often found on the coast from California to British Columbia, lupines are an optimistic and resolute barrier juxtaposed beside a crashing sea.


Dahlias have long been a symbol of a new commitment or relationship. While they may celebrate a bond between two people, dahlias can also commemorate committing to a new spiritual path or health choice. Lighter-colored dahlias are used to welcome new connections, while darker variations, such as burgundy and black, are commonly considered a warning of change.


Bashful at first, the peony opens up as a symbol of friendship and new relationships. Peonies can also represent luck and prosperity. Gifting a peony is a beautiful way to tell someone how lucky you are to have them in your life. Just be sure to choose fresh cut peonies rather than picked ones. Victorians believed that dug-up peonies would carry a fairy curse.


Named for their deep purple hue, violets are a symbol of mysticism and regality. Like the Priestess card of the Tarot, the violet indicates a strong tie to divine knowledge and intuition. Violets call to people who are focusing their energies on spiritual growth and awareness. If you would like to enhance your mental clarity and dream visions, place violets at your bedside or near your pillow.


Like the rose, different colored carnations have different meanings. Often, carnations are associated with remembrance, devotion, and celebration. Carnations are typically used in memorials and holidays, and they are also a top choice for corsages and boutonnieres given at school dances.

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