Dating a Virgo Man

Getting to Know Astrology’s Traditionalist

The Virgo man is dependable, practical and despite his “virgin” persona, he can be a very skillful lover. He may seem unapproachable on the outside, but inside he desires a deep, down-to-earth connection with someone special. And, he hopes that connection will grow deeper with time. If you’re not in a rush and you like to take things kind of slow, then you may like dating a Virgo man.

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Hello There, Mr. Virgo

Since he’s so quiet and busy observing his surroundings, you’ll have to start the conversation. But once you do, he’ll be happy to share his feelings on any particular subject. He can be a very interesting person; the more you get to know him, the more there is to know.

It’s a myth that the Virgo man is unromantic or overly cautious in love. It’s also untrue that he’s far too organized for the messy feelings of love. He’s a far more complicated person than anyone could possibly imagine. For instance, he can be elusive, endearing and sometimes absolutely confusing. But beneath his exterior lies the heart of a real human being who longs for a connection with someone who is as deep, somewhat complicated and as hard to describe as he is. That is why it’s never too hard to find two Virgos in a relationship; they each have what the other is looking for.

Dating a Virgo Man

Whether you’re already dating a Virgo man or just hoping to, you should probably know that you have an attraction for a guy who has some superhuman powers. Two of them are his x-ray vision and his X-rated mind (although he’d never admit that). But more importantly, if you like a Virgo man you should always be yourself with him and at all times. He’s got an uncanny ability to discern deception, phoniness, and insincerity better than a well-trained government agent. With the right person, however, he’s generous to a fault.

If all is well in your dating relationship, you’ll find no need to ask or wonder how he feels as he’ll give you plenty of reassurance. If you have to wonder how the relationship’s going, that could be a sign of trouble. The Virgo man can be crafty and if you’re playing games with him, he’ll continue with the pretense until someone more genuine comes along. His inaction lets you know he’s done. To the Virgo man it’s either working or it’s not. He has no time for frivolous games of the heart or any other kind, but he will put time and effort into a relationship that has promise.

What the Virgo Man Really Wants When Dating

When a Virgo man is in a relationship, it’s because he took the time to get to know the person. The Virgo man can seem a bit complicated to those who don’t understand him.

Virgo men are fine being single which only tells you that when he does start to date someone special, he’s probably pretty serious. He’s not only looking for a genuine and meaningful connection with a like-minded soul, he’s looking for a lasting connection that grows with time and has great potential for commitment.

Sex With a Virgo Man

When it comes to sex, the Virgo man is in no rush. In relationships as well as in sex, the Virgo man is looking for a connection that is intuitive, emotional and most of all meaningful. He can be quite the lover, but he can also put a lot of pressure on himself to “get it right” with you. He wants to perfect his moves with you. So, don’t be shy about giving him a little direction as to what he’s doing right or what he could do differently. Also be sure to tell him when he’s doing something that you like or that drives you crazy in a good way. He’ll take those encouraging words and proactively applies them.

Like other parts of his life, he will continually focus on improvement if needed. However, many people find the Virgo man to be an excellent, intuitive lover. After all, Virgo is the sign of the very sexual maiden of the harvest, not the virtuous and untouchable virgin people often associate this sign with. Some Virgos may seem to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards sex, but sex with the right person is something different. Once your Virgo man is sure a connection exists, he’ll be willing to enjoy some experiments in lovemaking. He may even divulge a fantasy or two. While he’s not always experimental in the lovemaking department, he does have quite an imagination. He will constantly be in a state of perfecting his technique as well as perfecting your experience together.

What He’s Looking for Long Term

The Virgo man will take as long as he needs to make sure he finds “the one.” H’s looking for someone who is a lot like him. That’s why a Virgo often seeks out other Virgos. He loves family and home and being with someone who shares his values is a plus. However, if he finds someone who isn’t exactly like him but who’s willing to let him take the lead, he’ll make it a fruitful union. He’s a traditionalist when it comes to relationships. If he’s opening himself up to you, he’s definitely got some serious long-term connection in mind. He wants someone who will make a good home for his children and a good partner for himself. He, in return, will go to the ends of the earth to make his partner happy.

With all you now know, do you think you would like dating a Virgo man?

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