Differences Between Specific and General Psychic Readings

When you get a psychic reading, there are typically two different ways to go about it. Some people have specific questions about their future, love life or career — specific psychic readings. Whereas other people just want to know generally what is in store for their lives and if there are any positive changes they can be making — general psychic readings. There are some major differences between these styles, and while your reading can be a mix of both, it’s important to know the results that either will provide.

Decide What Questions to Ask

Before you start your reading, you should write down your questions for the psychic. These could be anything from specifics about current situations in your life, like if you’ll stay with your current partner or if you’re going to get a promotion. If you’re aiming to get a specific reading, have these questions ready to go before your session. If you’re just looking for a general overall reading though, then you just need to be ready to tell the psychic that and they’ll know to tell you whatever it is the Spirit has to tell you.

Decide How Much Time You Have

If you only have a short session in mind with your psychic, then you may want to opt for a more specific session with them. Your psychic will get right to the point, asking the Spirit to give them the answers to your questions. Choose up to three of your most pressing questions, as some answers can be longer than others depending on how the Spirit is led.

Understand the Spirit Guides Your Reading

Each reading is essentially guided by Spirit, so you’ll always hear something that will be valuable to you, no matter if you are being specific or general. There is always information the universe is trying to communicate to you, so whether you know which questions to ask or not, your psychic will relay the messages.

Ask For Clarification

Throughout the course of your reading, you’ll be getting a lot of information (be sure to write it down) that may be coming at you fast. You also may not understand everything that is being communicated to you. If this is the case, always feel free to stop your psychic and get clarification. This can occur in both general and specific readings, because depending on the message you get, the message may not be extremely clear.

Be Patient

Since more and more questions may come up during the course of your reading, you need to be patient and be aware of how much time is in your session. You’ll hear a ding when you have one minute left, but try not to rush the Spirit that is leading your session. You need to hear what it has to say. After your session, sit with your new information, and if you have anything else you want to know, schedule another session and write down those questions you want answered. Learning about your life path doesn’t happen instantly; it takes patience.


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