Phone Psychic Reading Vs. Live Reading

psychic reading by phone

Why is a psychic reading by phone better than an psychic reading in person? Let us count the ways! It’s not uncommon for people to be skeptical about getting a psychic reading either in person or over the phone. While both are effective when you’re working with a proven psychic, some people still need convincing. If you’re one of these skeptics — or just a person who prefers a level of anonymity when asking personal questions — then readings over the phone are your best bet. Curious why? Here are three main reasons:

  • You stay anonymous
  • You choose your psychic based on specific qualifications
  • Your psychic options are the highest quality

But what do these really mean? Let’s dive into it.

Your Identity Stays Secret
When you get a psychic reading, you have to disclose some personal information, depending on the questions that you’re asking and the answers you’re seeking. However, when you do it over the phone, you still retain your overall anonymity. The psychic doesn’t see you, so your facial identity isn’t revealed, which also helps provide you with a more authentic experience.

Without reading any of your micro-expressions or seeing physical gestures, California Psychics read solely based on the information you choose to tell them. How personal you decide to get may affect how deep your reading is able to go, but that’s completely within your control. If you don’t want your information out in the ether, it won’t be.

As an added security step, some customers wonder if the information they’ve shared with one psychic is shared with others. That’s never the case. Every reading you receive over the phone is unique to you and your circumstances. Since circumstances change from reading to reading, and you may choose to work with different psychics, this means that each one will be different and unique.

You Choose Your Tools and Style
By using an over-the-phone psychic, you get to choose from a wide array of people, and choose which gifts and style best suit you. For example, you may want to know something about your past lives from a clairvoyant, or you may want your tarot read to help you find out about your career path. If you are new to the psychic process and aren’t sure what will work best for you, then a customer service representative can help guide you to your optimal psychic choice. Here are some of your choices:

Our psychics also have different styles of reading, including:

All of these options work together to allow you to taper your ideal psychic reading experience. That’s something you won’t get in person. Typically, when you walk into a psychic’s office you may have one or two options to choose from, and their tools and styles may not be available to you.

You Get High Quality and Experience
When you want to visit a psychic, the hardest part may be finding someone reliable that you can trust, especially if you’re already a skeptic. Rest assured that when you get a psychic reading by phone from one of our psychics, you’re getting life advice from the best in the business. Each psychic has unique gifts (remember what we were saying about getting to choose what you want your reading to look like?) and they must prove their abilities before they’re approved. In fact, only 2 out of 100 applicants get to be a part of the network, which means you get the highest quality readings available anywhere


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  1. Robert

    Thanks for the article. I see the telephone and the chat and text. Do you offer a reading where a question is asked and the reader has time to type the answer in full even if it takes a few hours to be delivered? Thanks for these articles they are extremely helpful.
    What happens if someone has spiritual attacks do you have psychics that give interventions to remove these things, which type of psychics are they?


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