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2022 Numerology Report | California Psychics

Numerology and the Year of 6

2022 is a 6 year (2+2+2 = 6), and it promises love, healing, and the restoration of balance from the chaos of the past two years. We need the gentle beauty and loving harmony 2022 will so generously give us. In Numerology, 6 is the essence of love, so look for the energy of love as it flows into every area of your life now.

The Number of Love

Those born under the 6-vibration tend to be magnetic, attractive, loved, and often looked up to by others. They can be extremely creative, and excellent in all forms of communication, especially writing. They are natural-born healers. They are sensitive, perceptive, and highly intuitive.

6’s are nurturing, warm, kind, caring, and they love to give. They are protectors when needed and make wonderful parents, be it to their own children or others, for they believe in family. Hearth and home mean everything to them. They love animals and treat them with lovingkindness. Peacemakers by nature, they don’t like conflict, but when they know they are right, they will stand up for what they believe. 6’s must remember to be kind to themselves. They are loyal, faithful, and true to those they love, and deserve the same in return.

When a 6 is emotionally wounded, they can be afraid to let love in, but this is something they can overcome through the power love gives them. If a 6 is damaged or living in spiritual darkness, they may suffer from twisted energies and be critical, cruel, suspicious, and destructive. But these painful things can also be transformed with love.

Famous 6’s

You may recognize the names of famous folks who were born under the 6-vibration:

  • Joan of Arc
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Albert Einstein
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • John Lennon
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Bruce Willis
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Michael Jackson
  • Howard Hughes
  • Robert De Niro

The Tarot, Tree of Life, and Astrology Connection

In Tarot, the 6 is represented in the Major Arcana card of The Lovers, and it signifies love, union, partnerships, relationships, and choices. It is also found in the Minor Arcana cards:

  • 6 of Vessels: Beneficent giving, healing, childlike joy.
  • 6 of Staffs: Victory, can mean a ring of engagement or marriage, good news, success.
  • 6 of Swords: Gone, moving on, may return later.
  • 6 of Coins: Good Samaritan, generous financial/material giving, receiving what you asked for.

On the Kabbalah Tree of Life, 6 is Tiphareth, the sixth sephiroth. It is the Heart of the Tree of Life and represents truth, beauty, splendor, balance, and harmony. The Archangel of Tiphareth is Raphael, whose name means “God Heals” and he is here to bring Divine healing to everyone on Earth.

In Astrology, 6 is associated with different planets, signs, and elements. It is connected to Gemini which has the element of Air, and Virgo, which has the element of Earth. Mercury rules both signs, giving those born under the 6-vibration tremendous ability to think with clear practicality as well as the gift of effective communication.

Venus is all about love and rules the number 6. Venus also rules Libra with the element of Air, and Taurus, with the element of Earth, two of the most loving zodiac signs.

The Numerology of 6

In Numerology, adding up the letters of your names and/or your birth numbers reveals your life path and energy. For example, if you were born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th day of the month, you carry the energy of 6. To find your Life Path number, add your month and day of birth to the year you were born. Say you were born on January 2, 1983. You would add 1+2+1+9+8+3 = 24. 2+4 = 6. If your Life Path number adds up to 11, 22, or 33, then you were born under a Master Number, and this should not be reduced.

Predictions for Life Path Numbers in 2022

Life Path 1

Be prepared for a much better year now. You’re truly ready for new beginnings in your social life, finances, and health, and 2022 will bring them to you to nurture, grow, and harvest with bountiful blessings.

Life Path 2

You will overcome challenges more quickly and easily now. You’re climbing some high mountains and you will attain well-deserved rewards for your efforts, especially in relationships.

Life Path 3

Your cup will overflow with happiness this year as you take on more adventures, for you will have exciting work to do that is fulfilling. You may find yourself learning a lot about life that changes your views on some matters.

Life Path 4

You will reach some cherished goals this year in your career and health, so keep going. You will reach the top and relish the rewards that come your way now. Remember to nurture and be kind to yourself.

Life Path 5

This year you fly like an eagle and soar away from things that held you back recently. Remain patient, for this year you will see positive transformations that you’ve worked for come to pass in your career and in yourself.

Life Path 6

This is a year you will long remember because love blossoms to greater heights now. You’ll have the opportunity to grow closer to the people in your life, and the new people you meet this year will change your life for the better.

Life Path 7

Meditation is your happy place, which is a blessing, for this year brings you inner growth and deeper spiritual connection. By allowing 2022 to be a kind of sabbatical for you, you will find the rest and relaxation you crave.

Life Path 8

Step into your power this year and watch how you abundantly manifest your good. This is your year to take the reins and show the world what a wonderful boss you can be. Watch as success and money come rolling in for you and those you work with.

Life Path 9

You appear to be cleaning house this year, and this includes relationships and even jobs that no longer feel right to you. You are clearing the way for more of your highest good to come in, and you will feel overjoyed when it does.

Life Path 11

This is a year of magical transformations. You will inspire and uplift those around you. This can be the year you get your novel published. Your psychic abilities are opening more now, and you will receive abundant Divine guidance to help you live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Life Path 22

You will lead others as you build greater foundations. Many people will look to you for direction now. You will be ready, able, and willing to do everything in your considerable power to help heal the world, for you are the Master Builder.

Life Path 33

You are the essence of love, and you carry a vibration of Higher Power in your kind nature. You will have an abundance of opportunities to share your lovingkindness and healing heart energy with everyone you connect with now and feel it flowing back to you.

A Blessing for the New Year

May 2022 bring you every blissful blessing there is in every area of your life, including love, health, and financial abundance.

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  1. Sandra

    Thank you for this wonderful report! I am overjoyed with gratitude this will be my year as a Taurean !! I am so ready to embark on new beginnings in love, health and career !

  2. Lydia Jacobs

    This has truly struck a cord with me on many levels. It is the first time I have felt hope and promise for my future. Thank you!

  3. Elmano Soares

    Hi there
    Just perfect, for the first time in my life someone described who I’m has soul and body, beautiful.
    Thanks, have a Prosperous New Year
    Elmano Soares

  4. Barbara Washington

    That’s was absolutely detailed and it hit certain areas on point that I dreamed and urge to change


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