All About Aquarius

Arguably, no other sign delights, fascinates and frustrates the other signs in the zodiac as the freedom-loving, rebellious, unconventional, charming Water Bearer.

Your dynamic energy and unusual qualities captivate your admirers. Born with a gift for innovative and exciting creative ideas, this makes you a leader for change. Yet, if you land yourself in a situation where a radical approach isn’t welcome, your native talent will just cause you trouble and heartache. Fortunately, you’re the zodiac’s most likely to follow the urgings of your heart so you won’t linger long if the situation’s not congenial.

A Flair for Life
Life, in your hands, has brilliant flair; you chart your own course into places no one imagined existed; you fling yourself against the status quo, and you are a spirited and principled devotee for social change. Yet, you expect those who love you to make room for your social ideals, even when it means they don’t get their needs met. Social progress and change is far more important to you than anyone’s personal feelings; even the feelings of your own small child. When someone explodes with emotion you just swan away. You can seem detached from the ordinary concerns that keep the rest of us earthbound, worried and affected by other’s emotions.

Rebellious Thinker
This detachment is your greatest gift, and perhaps curse; you can be unswayed even by the most piteous pleas and can move towards your goals as efficiently as an android. Yet, deep down you have as much human feeling as anyone else, and are generally appreciated for your even temperament, good cheer and loyalty. While your heart is as kind as any other, your insistence on having your way, of being unimpeded and free can seem, and feel, very selfish to others.

You often have a large circle of friends and admirers for you are a deeply interesting thinker, come to unusual and creative decisions and never stand on ceremony. You’re friendly and tolerant but can be more interested in saving the human race than in sparing a broken heart of someone near and dear to you.

As the Age of Aquarius comes to the fore, Aquarians represent the social consciousness needed to carry the human race to its next development: justice, equality, and environmental stewardship. You spin a vision of the future with these ideals realized. This vision is strong and compelling enough to draw others to you and work towards these progressive goals.

Unconventional Charm
Aquarians act from the ideals of love and loyalty, not only to their friends and loved ones but also to the human race. It is this essential goodness that makes their many, many friends give into their charm, accept their stubbornness and accommodate their eccentricities. They are devoted to giving on a larger, more abstract level and it is Aquarian energy in the new age that will light the path for the human race to reach for its highest fulfillment.

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