How Astrology Can Help You Chart the Ideal Career Path

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Letting Astrology Guide You

Just about everyone wants to know what their purpose in life is, and for many people, this includes trying to find the right career path. After all, most people spend a large chunk of their lives working. A fulfilling job can make life more enjoyable. Luckily, astrology may be able to provide some guidance when you’re trying to chart your ideal career path. To do this, you will need access to your natal chart.

Your natal chart shows you where the stars were when you were born. Most people know their sun sign, but if you don’t — or if you’re unsure of your other placements — you can find them here. It may also be worth reaching out to a professional Astrology Psychic for an in-depth interpretation of your chart.

Where To Look in Your Natal Chart

Pay attention to your sun, moon, and rising (ascendant) signs, as they are key to most astrological readings. That said, when using astrology to learn more about a potential career path, it’s also important to examine your North Node, Midheaven, Tenth House, Second House, and Saturn sign to get the most detail. Combined, these different parts of your chart can help you understand what the stars say about your career path.

While the sun, moon, and rising signs are generally well-known, here are what these lesser-known elements from your chart can tell you about your ideal career path.

North Node

The North Node is your North Star, so to speak. It shows you your karmic destiny. It also reveals the essence of the work and career path that may be best suited to your highest self.


The Midheaven shows you your mission, or your end goal, in life. It’s also an important indicator of how far up you may rise in your career path and what your reputation might be once you’re there. It reveals your legacy, giving you a sense of what you’ll be remembered for.

Tenth House

The Tenth House is the house of career, and it gives you a sense of what your career path and long-term goals might be, as well as the skills you were given to achieve them. It can also hint at any potential fame in your future.

Second House

The Second House shows you what your personal values are, and it hints at how you make money. Since personal values can strongly affect a person’s career path, this can be used in conjunction with the knowledge granted by your Tenth House to give you a more complete picture.

Saturn Sign

Saturn is the great taskmaster, which gives it a tremendous effect on your life — especially when it comes to your career path. Working with Saturn can help you see what obstacles you may encounter and how you can overcome them. Saturn helps you learn some much-needed lessons, and if you apply that knowledge diligently, you are sure to be rewarded.

What the Stars Say About Your Career Path

Now that you know which parts of your chart to look at, here are the associations that each sign has to a person’s career path. Examine them in the context of the categories above; you can either interpret their meanings yourself or you can seek professional help from an astrologer for maximum accuracy.


The Ram likes to win. They excel at being the boss, and they are natural leaders. With their entrepreneurial spirit, they’re often very good at running their own businesses. They also love to compete, and they take naturally to sports. People born under Aries also tend to do well on any career path that requires courage.


The Bull is tactile and does well with hands-on labor like carpentry or leatherworking. They are determined to create a stable and rewarding career path, and they will work hard to achieve it. They often make wonderful singers, romance novel writers, bankers, and cooks. They can be hilarious and make great comedians.


The Twins love making money with the help of their amazing imaginations. They love writing, for they are very good storytellers. They delight in traveling the world and reporting back about their exciting adventures. They are gifted communicators and do well in media.


Moon Children excel in the healing arts, particularly as doctors and massage therapists. They also do well in teaching, counseling, and coaching. They have a natural knack for guiding others with empathy and compassion, and many shine as psychotherapists. They love to work from home, for that is their paradise.


The Big Cat is well-suited to the limelight. They know they belong on the center stage, and they usually find it — if it doesn’t find them first. Their warm, generous natures light up any room they’re in. They love the camera, and it loves them right back. They glow in show business, politics, sports, and journalism. In truth, most of them do just fine in any job that lets them shine.


The Virgin adores being clean, but Virgos also delight in complex, detailed dirty work that other people shun. They love the challenge of a hard job. They often work well as pharmacists, accountants, forensic technicians, and dentists. They can do difficult things quickly, and the impossible just takes them a little longer.


The Libran love of fair play, balance, and harmony makes Libras great lawyers, judges, and social workers. They are fine negotiators, for they can be both gentle and strong. They’re amazing in the beauty industry, whether it be as a make-up artist, fashion designer, or wardrobe stylist/set costumer. They can also be fantastic interior decorators.


Scorpions delve deep into everything they do. It’s as natural as breathing to them. They make brilliant actors, film directors, and mystery writers. They also excel as psychiatrists, researchers, and detectives, and they frequently do well on career paths in big business and finance. They are born psychics and can use their spiritual gifts to help others.


People born under the Archer may find joy in jobs such as outdoor tour guide, park ranger, horse rancher, professor, or pilot. They also make fine philosophers and philanthropists. They like taking risks and may enjoy investment banking. They do very well with any career path that takes them all around the world.


The Sea Goat revels in hard work, thrives on a challenge, and will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of their chosen profession. They are natural business tycoons, CEOs, financial advisors, and property investors, and they have a knack for making businesses more profitable.


The Water Bearer loves working with animals in any capacity, including as a veterinarian. They also thrive as astronauts, AI engineers, and in any job that involves working with electricity. These revolutionaries think outside the proverbial box and strive to make the world a better place for everyone


The Fish are usually drawn to the mystic arts. They can use their intuition and tender compassion to be marvelous counselors, life coaches, cinematographers, poets, and dancers. They see that which is lovely and can invoke that energy in their work. They do beautifully with anything related to movies and theatre.

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