Each Zodiac Sign’s Sleeping Position

A graphic depicting the best sleeping position for one individual, showing a purple-colored drawing of a woman sleeping with one arm under her head on an orange-colored bed.

The Best Sleeping Position for You

Ah, glorious sleep! Can you ever get enough? After a stressful day, slipping into a warm, cozy bed and getting comfortable is another definition of bliss.

Considering how much the quality of our sleep can impact our waking life, it is extremely important to have a good spot and sleeping position in bed. After all, you do spend quite a bit of your life there. The best sleeping position for you can be determined by a variety of things, from whether you have a partner to whether you have back problems. However, did you know that the different astrological signs often have their own preferred positions?

Looking at your sun, moon, and rising signs may be able to give you insight into the best sleeping position for you, as well as for your loved ones. The positions listed under your signs may already be familiar to you, but they could also give you an idea of things to try later!


Every Ram was once a sweet little lamb. As such, the Ram loves to curl up into the fetal position when they sleep, just like they did as babies. When they pull themselves up into a ball, holding their knees to their chest, they feel safe and secure. They adore giving themselves hugs.


The Bull always finds the coziest area of the bed and makes it theirs forever. They’re likely to turn on their side, placing their hands together under their head and drawing up one leg. Once they do, they’ll begin slumbering their way through dreams of flower-filled pastures. They also love big, soft pillows and comforters.


The Twins need their bed space, and they obtain it by sprawling their limbs in all directions. It can almost seem like their body needs to mirror their far-reaching mind, à la Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.” They can also flip-flop restlessly.


The Moon Child is on a constant quest for comfort, even when unconscious! When they’re asleep, they manage to move into all kinds of positions, and they’ll end up in every corner of the bed, even that of a partner or sleeping companion. Other times, they’ll lie on their back, wrapped in a comfy blanket like they’re a burrito. If it’s a weighted blanket, all the better!


The Big Cat feels most comfortable sleeping on their stomach, head nestled into a soft pillow, which can make their soft snoring sound more like purring. The Lion can sleep anywhere, and they are especially fond of naps in the sun. Of course, make sure you or your sun-ruled love has sunscreen on first!


The Virgin often turns on their side, keeping their arms straight down along their body and their legs together in what is sometimes known as military position. Virgos feel comforted when they have everything aligned and neatly in place, including their body when they sleep.


The Venusian-born adores any position that lets them cuddle up to their partner. If they’re by themselves, a pillow will do nicely. Cuddling is their favorite thing to do, both in and out of bed. These snuggle-bunnies also love a warm, soft featherbed where they can sleep for as long as possible — days, even.


The Scorpion always wants to be ready to jump out of bed, just in case there’s ever an emergency. As such, they frequently sleep flat on their back, limbs close to their body, ready to spring up should the need arise. However, since some Scorpios like to sleep undressed or with minimal clothing, it may help to have a robe nearby.


The Archer likes to snooze with one arm above their head, the other across their belly, and their legs straight as arrows. Some also enjoy sleeping like a yogi, on their back with their hands resting in the prayer position on their chest, wide open legs drawn up and the soles of their feet touching together.


The Sea Goat finds comfort in lying on their stomach with one arm up on their pillow, the other arm bent down beside them, and one leg pulled up like they’re a climber. Capricorns always seem like they’re trying to reach the top, even in their sleep.


The Water Bearer can be the most unpredictable when it comes to what position they want each night. However, these rebels usually end up in a freefall position (think faceplant), with their limbs askew as they lie stomach down at an angle across the bed.


The Fish tend to resemble starfish when they sleep. They usually lie on their back with both arms resting on the pillow above their head and their legs splayed out. It’s as if the Neptune-ruled want to remain open to mystic dreams as they sleep, and they usually do.

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