Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and Full Moon Rituals

Rituals for the First Full Moon of the Year

Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

This year’s first Full Moon kicks off the month of January as powerfully as it does the entire year. The first full moon of 2019 not only signifies change, but is also a very rare occurrence. Beginning on January 20 at 11:41 pm through 12:12 am January 21, skywatchers will be treated to the Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. With the combination of the following rituals and Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, you have the ability to create your best year yet!

Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and Full Moon Rituals

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Now the Full Moon rituals I present here are not intended to overshadow any particular belief system. Rather, I offer these rituals in the hopes of helping you bond with your natural environment. Each step is intended to blend your energy with that of the Ancient. Let’s begin with a nice, long bath!

The Bath Ritual

Fill a small, porous bag (cheesecloth, etc.) with rose petals, lavender, a small bit of lemon peel, and anise (if possible), and allow it to steep in the bath waters. This will calm the mind and also begin to open your spiritual awareness. As you soak in the bath, release the thoughts of the day. Feel the waters as they cover your body too. Breathe deeply. Focus on your desired outcome. Do you want to meet your true love this year? Do you want to find a better job? Are you on the right path? These are only a few questions to ponder. You know what has been troubling you and this ritual bath during the Full Moon is your moment to transcend your daily life and touch other dimensions!

The Salt Circle

After your bath, dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Turn off the phone, television, etc. Be aware of the ambient sounds around you. If possible, go outside and cast a circle of salt around the area you will soon inhabit. Sea salt is always best. If it is not reasonable for you to go outside, the same results are possible in any area of your house that isn’t surrounded by many electrical outlets. Electrical outlets can pull energy away, and even though it’s a subtle change, this is a night that requires real focus.

Before you complete the entire salt circle, step into the circle. Then finish closing the circle with the salt. Settle into the circle and feel your spirit begin to bond with the illuminating orb known as the Full Moon. Speak your desires in a whisper. The Full Moon can easily hear what you speak. This is more for you than for the benefit of the ancestors who exist in other dimensions.

Sing Your Goals

As you speak your goals, try to sing your statements. It’s a very primal thing to chant or sing when connecting with the Old Ones. Remember, energy is never local—it transcends all that we believe to be time or space. You are entering a multiverse. Feel the moonlight wash over you and bring you the force that was in place before the oceans rose from the oblivion.

The Ancient Ones Show You Your Path

Let the Ancient Ones speak to you and show you the path best suited for your dreams. They are always near and they hear you best in the moonlight. After you have clarified your dreams and aspirations, thank the Old Ones and thank the elements for providing you with such a powerful revelation into 2019. Rise from the circle and sweep away the salt. You are certainly ready for a very bright future.

Make a Dream Pillow

Another ceremony for the first Full Moon of the year is to make a dream pillow. This simple addition to your sleep can bring about a restful slumber with great lucidity. Gather together a small cloth bag, such as you would use for tea. Add the following ingredients:

1/3 mugwort

1/3 lavender

1/6 rose petals

1/6 lobelia

(Cats frequently find this sachet more intriguing than catnip and often enjoy its complete destruction and a subsequent roll all over the bag!) Pin the sachet to the inside of your pillowcase and keep a dream journal handy. Chances are you will enjoy dreams that will have great significance for your life path too.

Keep Your Eyes on the Full Moon

If you can be in visual contact with the Full Moon during any of these rituals, it will be beneficial to your bonding. Even if you have to use a small mirror to reflect the moonlight, you should try to touch the moonlight in some way. If you embrace the lunar light of the first Full Moon of the year, she will certainly illuminate your path and help guide you towards a prosperous and joyful New Year!

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