Chinese Astrology: Are You Compatible?

Chinese Astrology and Relationships: Animal Magnetism

Are you dating a Rat or a Snake? Perhaps your lover is an aggressive Tiger or maybe a bit of a Boar? Are you sure that they’re your best romantic match? If they’re part of your trine or triangle, then they definitely are. If, however, they’re that one-in-twelve sign that you’re most likely to have conflict with, you may have some challenges ahead.

Yin and Yang

When it comes to the difference between compatibility and conflict, Chinese astrology makes it pretty simple to understand—it’s as black and white as a yin/yang symbol. That’s not to say that if you’re a Dragon and your sweetheart turns out to be a Dog that you should automatically kick them to the curb. If you’re making it work, then kudos to the two of you. However, if conflict with a partner is a major part of your world, you might find yourself contemplating the idea that there are just a few short inches separating a curb from a rough road.

Of course the dynamic of compatibility and conflict doesn’t just apply to lovers. Our trines are also the people (or animals) that we should surround ourselves with because they’re the ones we work best with and the ones that will help us reach our personal best.

Chinese astrology is based on the lunar year which begins around the time of the first New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. It can occur anywhere between mid-January and mid-February in a given year.

If you don’t see your year of birth below, find the closest one and count forward or backward—a sign repeats once every 12 years.


Each sign is compatible with two other sings and has one sign they are in conflict with. If paired with any other sign, the partnership can go either way. In Chinese astrology, when it comes to conflict and compatibility, opposites do not attract!

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Here are the trines of compatibility:

The Rat, Dragon and Monkey

These are the people who make things happen when they get together. They can achieve great things. The Rat conflicts with the Horse. The Dragon conflicts with the Dog and the Monkey conflicts with the Tiger.

The Ox, Snake and Rooster

These people are intelligent, highly independent and live life with purpose. They rarely have trouble finding one other. The Ox conflicts with the Sheep. The Snake conflicts with the Boar and the Rooster conflicts with the Rabbit.

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The Tiger, Horse and Dog

This group is best known for their unconventional approaches to life as well as their humanitarian ideals. Their idealistic views are what bring them together, forming an unbreakable bond. The Tiger conflicts with the Monkey. The Horse conflicts with the Rat and the Dog conflicts with the Dragon.

The Rabbit, Sheep and Boar

This is an intuitive bunch that thrives on the love and appreciation of beauty and art. Similar to Western water signs, they are fueled by their senses and emotions. The Rabbit conflicts with the Rooster. The Sheep conflicts with the Ox and the Boar conflicts with the Snake.

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43 thoughts on “Chinese Astrology: Are You Compatible?

  1. Bella

    This 4 Tammie , I think it would be HOTT really HOTT , maybe true love , just maybe ???? I hear ya , I think it would be a good – great match .. I m thinking about doing a female Capricorn sheep/ or horse (depends on which Chinese chart U go by) but a female Capricorn sheep – horse – male Scorpio horse / ram – sheep with someone almost 11 years 2 my JR. , I know lol trouble 4 me lol & that’s why I said I am still thinking about IT !!!! Maybe after I finish up with all my Drs – hospital stuff 1st, but yes I m memorized BY him he’s really interesting 2 lol !!!! 😉 .. psps what’s holding me back IS & I have NATA but love 4 both females – males ” scorpios folks, however scorpios R – can BE a lot of work or tricky folks Y bc my daughters is 1 yes she is ALOT of work , yes she is the love of my life !!! Happy holidays 2 you , 🙂

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  3. LJ

    Dear Readers: Wow – it would be almost impossible for me to answer everyone’s question short of a reading, but just let me say – first, thanks for reading my article and second, congratulate yourselves on taking an active part in deciphering your own Chinese Astrology Charts. The above combinations (trines) are people who are good for your life and the people you’re most compatible with. The one opposite sign (there’s one for each of the 12 signs) is someone who may not be compatible with you and are actually your least compatible matches overall. That’s not to say that if you’re with someone who is your opposite sign that you won’t be able to make it work, but it may have its challenges – challenges beyond the usual that any couple may experience. If you’re with a sign that is not part of your trine or your conflicting sign, then of course you know better than I if you’re compatible or not. This is a guide to Chinese astrology, but free will always prevails and you are the master of your destiny. I wish us all fruitful and fulfilling relationships that grow and flourish. If you’re still feeling unsure, I always will suggest having a reading done – each person is unique and so is each situation because there is so much more to love and life than just being compatible, but it’s a start. Thanks so much.
    xo LJ

  4. Bella

    OMG get ms Quinn 2 do you a reading 1st lol … Lol lol who my living human beings 1s lol oh they are fine … no I’m not going 2 leave my baby & angel behind why 2 feed themselves & take theirselves 2 go potty all by themselves FYI they are not allowed 2 go outside now by themselves NOW so & ah I don’t think so NO I’m not leaving my babies here … Why would I ??? lol r U kidding me I think not !!! lol ask me a silly question & YES you will get a silly . C U ASAP NYC lol !!! <3 Bella out !!!

  5. Bella

    Yes ma’ma NYC girlZS I made me a hair appt . 4 when I’m up N NYC I’m going back 2 aaaaaaaa “” A brunette from a blonde “” … I think I’ve made / proven my point 2 a certain DA’ A$$ lol … + I need = I must do it b4 my radiology / chemo pills kick N .. I know I’ve just gotten it straighten back out from the last time … lol lol with a little bit of blonde & with a whole lots of hair extensions lol .. I might lose a lot this time or go around I’m pre paring joys elf 4 it , yes it’s gonna be “” A “” doubled dosage this tine it’s what it’s looking like 2 me just keeping it real with y’all , either way I will make it work you know me so OK … So yes ma’ma I made me a hair appt. @ our regular place of business … I’m coming home … Lol ha- ha … With — BS Who knows ??? I know I sure hope he GETS it = he needs 2 be READING them by getting my cryptic messages right back @ – TO him we will see ??? Maybe or maybe not ?? I’m not getting my hopes up – holding my breath don’t have he time 2 you see & yes that is some BS 2 ??? Ok I will see y’all real soon N NYC !!! I love x-mas time N Y C there’s NATA else like it !!! love ya NYC girlZS , xoxoxo <3 Bella … HA – HA & No that's just my dark wicked Capricorn sense of humor coming out 2 play = or shining thru , if UR talking about mine & Ms Quinn weekend love forecast chit chat lol 🙂 ….. I think I made my point lol … It's kool = I'm good 2 go .. xoxoxo 🙂

  6. Bella

    NYC girlZS stop it OMG sometimes UR not right lol lol OMG lol well now I quess WE will see who’s more stubborn the sheep / RAM or the OX lol or that damn dog like”” attorney racehorse Haynes “” once said ” I ain’t got a damn dog ” !!! lol ha ha I know I’m not right sometimes .. FYI I can see NYC really hopping UP 2nite 2, see ya ASAP OMG NYC I’m not right SH!T !!! y’all ain’t right either … lol lol !!!! <3 <3 .. 🙂

  7. Bella

    Debra no comment here however lol lol no judge either way , but you do have a valid point , good 1 i didn’t see it until just now lol lol it made my nite !!!!! 🙂

  8. Bella

    lol lol I’m thinking about sending this’s 2 my EX lol with my EX we fussed about this HE thinks he is a snake yea his IS he is sneaky tricky as a snake but in reality he is a horse fire horse @ that lol lol .. You see I knew I was playing with fire .. lol with Mine I’m a horse / ram it depends I’m some of both .. I know horse / ram is compatible lol lol … Thank you 🙂

  9. Sheri

    I am a dragon and he is a tiger. I have read that our relationship will be intense and can be compatable Do you feel that we are comparable?

  10. Mika LoPiano

    Don’t forget that the Chinese calendar starts sometimes in February and the dates are different with western calendar! For instance I should be an ox but because I was born beginning January I fall under the sign of the rat.

  11. MzGemini21

    well im a Gemini~Snake, my baby who i truly am in-love with is a Libra~Rabbit, he’s 1975, and im 1965….we have an awsome connection even at times when we are apart…….somehow we are not 🙂 we are always connected in spirit. love him and wouldnt trade his friendship for nothing in thiz world!!!

  12. Jimmy Cornejo

    Be for I Register. In Chinese Astrology, I’m a Horse and my Lady partner is a Boar, Is this compatible or not. Please reply. I need to know..

  13. Geeta

    Interesting. I am sure there is much more to it as some of the people with my conflicting sign are very dear to me while a person of my trine sign acts as my enemy!

  14. Cindy Garrison

    How does a Water Dragon and a Tiger get along in a relationship. His birthday is Oct. 10. Year 1950. Mine is Jan. 23, 1953.

  15. maylor cajina

    Who may concern I will like to as you question please first question do you think I will have promotion soon. Next question I in love this woman for many year and do you think she going with or not.

  16. FREDDY A


  17. Tom Smith

    In Chinese Astrology I am a boar/pig and my new wife is an Ox. We have known each other for 7 or 8 years. You do describe us pretty close like it says. I am an inventor and she is a librarian, so we are at opposite ends of the spectrum, correct?


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