Dating a Capricorn Man

Dating a Capricorn Man | California Psychics

Capricorn Man Traits

Yes, the Capricorn man is in fact, quite stubborn. In that way, he certainly lives up to his reputation as the tenth member of the zodiac. However, that’s hardly the full story behind the Goat. Thanks to a very strong influence from his ruling planet, Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure, the Capricorn man can hardly help being a bit stuck in his ways. It may make him a little difficult to work with at times, but he more than makes up it for with his amazing work ethic and meticulous nature. The Capricorn man is one of the most hardworking people you will ever meet. He values quality above speed and quantity and will persevere till he gets the job done. He’s rather ambitious, but it’s fueled by a desire for security that all Earth signs share. It prevents him from taking a lot of risks in all aspects of his life, but especially with his heart. He keeps his heart and his secrets closely guarded, and doesn’t open up easily, but once you work your way past that rough exterior, you will find a patient, loving, and sincere soul who will do anything for the people he loves. Once the Capricorn man has chosen to care about you, he will spend the rest of his life making sure that you feel safe and cared for.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man’s walls are pretty high at all times. To be honest, he’s not terribly in touch with his emotions, so you’re going to have to work very hard to attract any Capricorn man who catches your eye. They can come off cold and dispassionate at times, but don’t let that discourage you, because there is a heart worth winning behind that gruff exterior. A soft, dependable heart that needs to know that it will be protected as much as he wants to take care of his partner. Pour on the compliments when you’re with a Capricorn man; he’s brilliant, and he appreciates it when it’s acknowledged, but don’t sell yourself short either. He needs to know that anyone he’s connected with will be able to help him build a strong foundation for a life together, so the smarter and more successful you are, the better chance you have of attracting him. Don’t try to overpower him either, as he needs to feel in control as much as possible at all times, though that’s never an invitation to let him walk all over you. Above all else, be absolutely sincere with your feelings around him, let him see the real you as often as possible, and the Capricorn man will open up to you eventually.

How to Date a Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is pretty traditional in his tastes, and he is not one to make bold moves very often. When it comes to dating a Capricorn man, expect the expected. Dinner and a movie, or a splurge at a nice restaurant. He may even make you dinner with flowers and candles from time to time. He’s an old fashioned romantic, and he revels in being the perfect gentleman with his partners. He won’t mind if you take over the planning from time to time but bear in mind that he probably won’t be interested in anything impulsive or adrenaline-fueled. Stick to more romantic or domestic activities, like a cooking class or a walk in the park. He will feel far more at ease with you in those types of settings. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun at all with a Capricorn man. The older they get, the more in touch with their child-like wonder they get, so don’t discard that paintball date, just discuss it with him first. He may surprise you.

How to Communicate with a Capricorn Man

For all that he doesn’t like crazy activity, the Capricorn man is a man of action, not words. His love language is action, doing things for the people he cares about, ensuring that they’re happy, healthy, and safe, and that takes up a lot of his concentration. He’ll happily have a conversation with you about work, finances, or even your hobbies, but don’t try and talk to him about his emotions. He doesn’t like discussing them and talking about other’s emotions makes him entirely uncomfortable. The best way to get a Capricorn man to talk to you about anything is to go to him for advice. Capricorns have the uncanny trait of sounding like old souls from very young ages, seeming to possess wisdom beyond their years. They’re great people to go to when you need help, and then you can easily transition the conversation into other subjects. He won’t mind talking to you for a while longer.

Turn Ons of a Capricorn Man

Unsurprisingly, the Capricorn man, the most traditional sign in the zodiac, is attracted to other people who are more traditional, and conservative like him. Another thing he finds ridiculously sexy however, is someone who isn’t afraid to shake up the status quo when it needs to be changed. This may seem like a contradiction, but the most important thing you should remember about Capricorns, and about Earth signs in general, is that they are ruthlessly practical. If shaking up the status quo because it’s not working is the best move, he will be right there helping make that change happen. The only thing he finds more attractive is reliability. Security is just as important to the Capricorn man as practicality is and knowing that someone can be depended on to follow through and keep their word is one of the greatest gifts that he could receive in a relationship.

Turn Offs of a Capricorn Man

It’s hard to get under a Capricorn man’s skin, but a disorganized lifestyle is one of the things that absolutely will. He doesn’t understand how another person could live that way, and he certainly doesn’t want it anywhere near his own life. Being wasteful is another pet peeve of his, as it’s so impractical and could, in the long run, chip away at any financial security that he would be able to build up over time. If he notices either of those traits in you, you’ll never hear from him again, and it’s not because he lost your number. The Capricorn man also doesn’t have time for emotional people. He doesn’t let his own emotions show very often, so he doesn’t know what to do when someone else throws theirs all over the place. It just serves to make him uncomfortable, and rather than try to adjust, he’ll just shut down and move on. Being emotional is too much of a risk for a Capricorn man, and he is not a risk taker for many.

Capricorn Man Compatibility

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