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Everything Lucky About Pisces | California Psychics

The Stars Can Change Your Luck

There are few people who would turn down a bit of extra good luck. No doubt, you have your own rituals and personal charms for attracting positive vibes, luck, karma, etc. But have you ever considered trying to attract luck based on your zodiac sign? Each member of the zodiac has plenty of luck to bestow on those who are born under their sign. This month let’s look at everything lucky about Pisces.

The Luck of the Fish

Pisces is the dreamer and sensitive heart of the zodiac. They’re extremely empathetic and intuitive beings who love to create lofty visions for improving the well-being of the world at large. And while Pisces will work hard to bring their hopes and dreams into reality, they’re also very in touch with the metaphysical plane, and will never turn their back on any good luck that comes their way.  So, what does Pisces need to increase their luck?

Lucky Number

3, 7

Lucky Day

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Lucky Color

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, ruler of the seas and oceans, so it’s no surprise that their luckiest colors are related to those great bodies of water. Clothing and accessories in sea green and aqua blue are sure to bring Pisces plenty of luck all year round.

Lucky Tarot Card

  • The Moon
  • The Hanged Man
  • Ace of Cups

Lucky Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is Pisces Life Stone, which gives it protective properties when worn by Pisces. Red Coral attracts both good luck and abundance. Aquamarine enhances all of Pisces’ good qualities and draws in good luck. It is ruled by Neptune and is one of Pisces’ healing stones.

Lucky Charm/Symbol

  • Fish
  • Water
  • Dreamcatcher or anything that filters dreams
  • Butterflies

Lucky Element


Things for Pisces to Stay Away from

  • Ruby
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Empty pockets

The Luckiest Thing About Pisces

Pisces is very in tune with their emotions. While they can sometimes get the best of Pisces, most of the time it means that Pisces has plenty of empathy to spare for those around them. This makes them extremely easy to like and be around, so they rarely lack friends or companionship. They also have incredible intuition that helps them get ahead of many situations in both their personal and professional lives. And being the ruler of the twelfth house of dreams and metaphysics, Pisces is often gifted with some form of psychic ability, which is always lucky.

How Pisces Can Improve Their Luck

  • Always keep something in your right pocket to ensure prosperity.
  • Wear a watch to improve your mindfulness and decision-making.
  • Work on your passion project.
  • Keep some lavender around you.

Diving In

Pisces is a delightful combination of wisdom, soft emotion, and psychic abilities. They don’t have to be sold on the concept of embracing good luck like some of their zodiac siblings because it’s in their nature to go searching for the deeper meaning of things. So, feel free to embrace the strange superstitions, put your lucky symbols on your desk, and wear your lucky colors for your next performance review.

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