A Guide to the First House in Astrology

An image of the astrology wheel; it is a dark blue, going teal at the center, and the first house is highlighted yellow.

What Is the First House?

The first house of the horoscope is where your natal chart begins, with each house of your chart containing different celestial bodies and figures that align with their placements at the time of your birth.

Significantly, the first house also holds the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. When calculating this, the exact timing of your birth is important, as this indicates the exact degree of your rising sign (also known as your ascendant sign). You can find the “cusp” or beginning of the first house of your birth chart at the nine o’clock position on the chart wheel.

The first house of your personal horoscope is incredibly significant, astrologically speaking. It can provide information on how you present yourself to the world. Furthermore, the first house can influence your physical appearance and affect other people’s first impressions of you.

Many people also even believe that someone’s first house placements can affect their face, body structure, and overall health.

What Is the Significance of the House of Self?

As mentioned above, the first house rules your appearance and your personality, the parts of you that the world sees right away. However, its significance goes far beyond this. These placements affect how people perceive you, not just in terms of how you look but the energy you exude. This house shapes the persona that you project for the rest of the world to see, as well as how you make others feel. It also rules your immediate surroundings, your home, your “body environment,” and even your taste in clothes.

In short, the first house affects both your “true self,” and the version of you that is seen by everybody else.

The First House and the Rest of Your Chart

While the first house is the house of self, every house rules something different. For instance, the second house affects money matters, while the third describes your neighbors and siblings. The seventh rules intimate partnerships; the tenth house rules your career; and the twelfth house rules how you deal with seclusion and what you do to “get away from it all” — and these are just a few examples of the various meanings associated with the 12 houses in astrology.

The placements in the rest of your chart, and the receptions and aspects they have with your first house ruler and planets, tell the whole story of how you interact with the world. While you can glean some information from your first house alone, that knowledge is always best understood alongside the context provided by the other houses in your chart.

Is the Chart Ruler in the First House?

Many people wonder whether their chart ruler can be found by looking at the first house. The answer is complicated — sometimes yes, and sometimes no. If the planet that rules the first house is strong (if it is in a sign that it rules), then yes, it will probably rule the chart itself.

But if it is in “fall” (the way that Venus is in Virgo) or in “detriment” (like Mars is when in Taurus), then it will usually give way to whichever planet in your chart is strongest based on its sign, house, and aspects.

To explain, a planet in fall is in the weakest sign for its expression — opposite to its sign of exaltation. Likewise, a planet in detriment is not feeling at home, and is in fact very uncomfortable, because it is in a position that is opposite to the sign it rules.

Understanding “dignity” in your chart is also key to learning about your chart ruler and major influences. Dignity is an astrological term that determines the strength of an individual planet in relation to the horoscope as a whole. Planets are strongest in the signs that they rule and also in their signs of exaltation. It’s also important to distinguish between which planets “rule” the first house, and which are inside it. Both are very important, but they have different effects.

Understanding the Placements of the First House

The planet that rules the first house is shown by the sign that is on its cusp. As mentioned above, this is your ascendant sign. It shows how you present yourself, your personality, and your physical appearance. Planets in the first house, by contrast, modify your activities and behavior, adding more nuance and detail to how you express your rising sign.

Let’s say, for example, that Venus is in your first house of self, but the ruler of your first house is actually Saturn. Thanks to Venus, you’ll be charming, tactful, and gracious, even with Saturn’s influence. However, Saturn will decide how and with whom you use that charm.

Meanwhile, if Saturn is in your first house but your house ruler is Jupiter, then you will be disciplined and may be more mature than most other people your age. However, thanks to Jupiter’s influence, you’ll probably be a lot more generous and jovial than most other people who have Saturn in their first house.

It’s important to remember that planets in the first house still operate within the “domain” of both the sign they tenant and that sign’s planetary ruler. Unless they’re in the house that they themselves rule, they are simply guests and won’t have their full agency.

Figuring out your chart ruler can seem tricky, especially if your first house’s placements and ruler are fairly weak. If you’re struggling to identify your chart ruler, an Astrology Psychic can provide the insight you need to figure it out and understand what it means.

Planets in the First House

Here are some key ways that the different planets can influence people when in their natal first house:

The Sun

With the sun in or ruling the first house, you seem to shine. You have a powerful personality and strong opinions. You may also be a little bit self-centered. Additionally, you’re an independent thinker who likes to maintain a degree of autonomy, though you don’t mind being in charge at all.

The Moon

With the moon in or ruling your first house, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You can be moody and emotional, and you don’t really care if anyone notices. Additionally, you usually put your most nurturing self forward. You are imaginative, emotionally responsive, and changeable.


With Venus in or ruling the first house, you will probably be charming and sociable. You possess beautiful facial features, and being well-liked is very important to you. Additionally, you tend to dress attractively and enjoy being noticed for it. Your friendships and your social life in general are important to you, and you throw the best parties in the world.


Mercury in or ruling the first house tends to indicate that someone is thoughtful and talkative. You might think, speak, or write for a living because you are so good at communicating with others. You love to learn new languages and adore messaging devices of all kinds. You may live with a phone in your hand, an iPod in the other, and earbuds in both ears.


Mars in or ruling the first house suggests that you are somewhat confrontational and direct. You have a lot of energy, and you like to use it. A love of sports, games, and all types of action is a pretty big part of your personality, especially if some form of competition is involved! You don’t back away from a challenge, and you’d make a great first responder or member of the military.


Jupiter in or ruling the first house can indicate that you’re a natural giver, teacher, and philosopher. You are generous and jovial, and you love to make people laugh. You see the big picture and hate being pinned down by issues that you consider trivial. You’re comfortable having wealth, but you also love to see others reaping the benefits of good fortune!


Saturn in or ruling the first house can make you serious, with a deep love of studiousness and hard work. You may have melancholy tendencies, and you have a reputation for being the most responsible and reliable person in any given room. You’re likely to end up at the top of your professional field because of your work ethic and willingness to take on responsibility.


Having Neptune in or ruling the first house makes you a dreamer. You can put your mystical side forward and become a brilliant psychic or medium. You could also be very creative, and you may need to work on managing your empathy and setting boundaries so that social interactions don’t become draining and uncomfortable. You have remarkable dreams in both your waking and sleep states, and you can go into deep meditation at a moment’s notice.


If Uranus is in or ruling your first house, you are exciting, unpredictable, and original. You enjoy being shocking and avant-garde. You’re genius at blasting apart old, tired structures. Sometimes, change hits you personally — and more frequently than it does other people.  You’ve learned to roll with it and pioneer the change that you’d like to see, in both yourself and the world.


Intense, mysterious, and a little scary: that’s what others might think about you if Pluto is in or ruling your first house. You love to be in a state of continual transformation. This extends to your appearance, personality, emotional life, and physical body. Nothing is too deep or too traumatic for you to face down. You’d make a great detective, surgeon, or therapist.

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