Iconic Horror Movie Villains and Their Presumed Zodiac Signs

An image depicting cartoon icons of famous horror villains: the Joker, Freddy Krueger, Godzilla, Dracula, and Pennywise the clown.

Horror Movie Villains and the Zodiac

Your favorite horror movie villains have zodiac signs, just like everyone else, but there isn’t always information on when these mysterious evildoers were born in their respective universes. However, their actions scream louder than anything else, providing evidence as to who they might be — astrologically speaking, that is.

These horror movie villains certainly represent the darkest, most extreme possible aspects of their supposed signs, whereas most folks who share that zodiac sign thankfully behave much more ethically. Even so, it might be fun to see which horror movie villains share (shudder) your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Dear reader, it’s time to enjoy some chilling thrills. Grab some popcorn, snuggle up somewhere comfy, and hold tight to a friend, partner, or another loved one as you learn about these iconic horror movie villains and their presumed zodiac signs.


The Predator is a member of an extraterrestrial species, birthday unknown, that seems to personify the god of war in alien form. They are all about winning the fight. This warrior can sustain massive injuries and experience catastrophic pain, but they keep on coming for their prey. That’s as Aries as they can possibly get, at least in regard to the darkest side of Aries. They want to dominate and are willing to risk death to become a champion.


The Joker seems to have been born during the time of Taurus — this zodiac sign loves to laugh, especially at clownish, slap-stick comedy. But the Joker is the opposite of funny, putting him firmly on the dark side of Taurus. Like many horror movie villains, he’s a creator of chaos, and there’s no reason why. He just likes to destroy lives.


One of the most iconic horror movie villains with his bladed glove, Freddy Krueger doesn’t have a stated day of birth, but he certainly has characteristics of Gemini’s dark side. This can be seen in his ability to manipulate others with his words. He believes that he can gain strength from the souls of the kids he kills, and he is malevolent, torturing his victims through their dreams — or rather, their nightmares.


Despite the fact that he is one of the most famous horror movie villains, almost everything about Dracula is quite the mystery, including his day of birth. He has the Cancerian need to have a family around him, only he achieves this by drinking people’s blood and then feeding them his own to create more of his kin. The dark side of Cancer wants love, no matter what they have to do to get it. Such extreme measures, of course, never result in real love, and Dracula’s evil ways ultimately cause his own demise.


One of the newer horror movie villains, Pennywise (also known as It) came to Earth from another universe. Whatever his zodiac sign is, that information seems to have died with him, but like most Leos, he is playful, he loves to dress up (including a full face of makeup in his case), and he apparently enjoys showing off. However, unlike most Leos, he craves the flesh of children, using their terror as a seasoning to make their meat taste better.


The Thing is a frightening creature that hails from another galaxy. Its birthday is unknown, but it could very well be a Virgo from the dark side. It is cold and practical as it plans its parasitic takeover of other beings. It wants to absorb and destroy other life so that it will have no more enemies. It thinks with logic, like most Virgos.


Michael Myers was born a Libra, but his scales fell out of balance and were never set right again. Librans tend to be loving, but he is their polar opposite. As a child, he seemingly killed people out of jealousy, neglect, and (scarily enough) morbid curiosity. As an adult, he has become pure evil, and he is a relentless killer, maybe just for the thrill of it.


As far as horror movie villains go, Godzilla is unique in that it is not evil or particularly malicious. Godzilla resembles Scorpio because — just as Scorpios are easily misunderstood — Godzilla is generally seen as a dangerous monster with evil intentions when, in truth, it is a good guy who just has some very bad days. Like any self-respecting Pluto-born, Godzilla will stand up for itself if attacked. It doesn’t tend to start fights, but it sure will finish them. It is capable of incredible destruction, which its enemies quickly learn. However, like most Scorpios, Godzilla really just wants to live in peace.


The werewolf is so old no one seems to know when it came into being, but it appears to have been born of an ancient curse. The afflicted person is forced to shapeshift into a werewolf against their will on the night of the Full Moon, or sometimes when their emotions overwhelm them, and is then compelled to devour people, only to later become human again and suffer the guilt of their actions. The darkest parts of Sagittarius can go on wild, destructive sprees that they often regret afterward.


Frankenstein (or Frankenstein’s Monster, technically speaking) has several dates listed as his birthday. The most significant one is early January 1818, which would make the infamous modern Prometheus a Capricorn. He represents the dark side of the Saturnian-ruled, for he was tender on the inside but willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goals and get his needs met, even if that meant ending the lives of others. Deeply misunderstood, he just wanted friends and love from the people around him. But those around him simply didn’t get it — it’s no wonder that Frankenstein seemed to suffer a case of the blues that many a Capricorn can empathize with.


The xenomorph came from outer space, and a fiercer creature would be a challenge to find. Since multiple are born throughout all the movies, there is no exact zodiac sign for this alien. However, like the dark side of Aquarius, it is cold, tricky, and incredibly intelligent. The Uranian-ruled can be full of unexpected surprises, and so is the xenomorph. It has acid blood, uses face-huggers that implant larvae into living hosts, and creates sheer terror with the unique and horrifying ways that it can dispatch its prey.


The shocking and frightening shark from the movie Jaws was first discovered when it glided up from the deep one night to grab a bite, an act which was the very scary end of a poor, innocent swimmer. Throughout the movie, it became terrifyingly clear this shark had a ravenous appetite for people. While its inclusion among horror movie villains may be controversial, the iconic shark from Jaws isn’t too far off from the darkest side of Pisces, which is all about mysterious, even nefarious, acts. No one seemed to know why this sea monster did what it did, let alone when or where it might strike next. This inscrutable behavior makes it a good match for the Fish of the zodiac.

An infographic of all the horror icons listed in the blog, drawn in a chibi-like style.

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