Lyin’ with a Leo

On Saturday, the Sun moves from sensitive Cancer to scene-stealing Leo. In honor of that transition, we thought we’d add a little information to your dream date dictionary. So whether you’re single and looking, involved with a Leo (or considering that possibility) or just curious about which signs you might mesh with, here’s the low down on the lion!

Dating a Leo is not for the weak of heart. Depending on what other aspects heavily influence their charts, these generally big personalities can be demanding. They like to be the center of attention and tend to sulk if they have to relinquish the spotlight. That said, this fire sign has a voracious appetite for love and for life in general. With Leo, it’s go big or go home… and if you can stand the breakneck pace (second probably only to Aries), you may find a Leo is a fulfilling and exciting mate.

On this note, perhaps the best news (which might be a surprise to some who would see such a charmer as likely to cheat), Leos are known for being faithful. Of course they expect the utmost loyalty in return, too. So don’t even think about going out with a Leo if you’re fickle or have a wandering eye.

But if you’re ready to play with the big boys (or girls!), to give your all to a partner and go on a high-profile ride, Leo could be someone for you.

Proud… but not afraid to give praise
It’s no coincidence that lions travel in prides — Leo is proud. They place pride above most other feelings, and always want to hold their heads up high. This, of course means, that more than any other sign, Leo does not like to be embarrassed — do so and you can expect the cold shoulder. On the other hand, do something extraordinary, noteworthy or impressive and Leo will be happy to shower you with praise — not to mention strengthen your association (since of course, the lion wants to be surrounded by the best).

Betray a Leo and you will understand an entirely new definition of haughty. Try to overrule them and prepare to endure a roaring temper. On the darker side, the lion also tends to be jealous. It comes back to their need to dominate the spotlight. Never forget who’s boss (or at least let Leo think that’s how you see them) and you’ll be much less likely to endure their uglier sides.

An eye for beauty… and appetite for love
Appearances do mean a lot to the proud lion, so it should be no surprise that they like nice things and expect to be lavished with them. After all, the Lion is the ruler, the king… and why shouldn’t his (or her) subjects worship them? Lavish and luxury will always have a home with Leo, and frugal daters need not apply.

That said, Leo is equally demonstrative with his or her affections. Knowing how much they like to be spoiled, most Leos are happy to spoil their mate as well. Of course, what they choose to spoil their partners with may very well be secret gifts for themselves (considering their refined tastes, they’ll just assume you’d want such things too), but their hearts are in the right place. That’s the thing about Leos. They tend to do the right thing — or at least try to. They generally believe themselves to be on the side of good, and their approach is always motivated that way.

Sometimes it skews on the selfish side, but unless you’re dealing with all the worst possible aspects of Leo, their warmth will do a lot to make up for that. That and their nearly insatiable sex drive… If you’re the object of a Leo’s attractions, look out! You may find yourself exhausted! On the other hand, there’s no doubt you’ll be satisfied. Leo’s too proud to do anything but amaze in the bedroom!

Summing up, Leo is a born leader — and comes with all the complexities of that sort of personality. Charming and well-intentioned, commanding and often demanding, they will give back 110 percent in a relationship provided that they’re satisfied. It just takes a lot to make sure they are!

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