May Day Astrology: Sexuality and Spring Buds

May Day Astrology: Sexuality and Spring Buds

May Day or Beltane

May Day is a special astrological day. The brilliant Celtics called it Beltane. It’s actually a sexy time of year and you can envision celebrants dancing around the Maypole—celebrating love and lust. May Day respects sexuality and celebrates the birth of spring buds. This is the growing season—not only for plants but for people too.

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May Day occurs halfway between the Spring Equinox (equal parts night and day) and mid-summer, the height of the sun. It’s the excitement of spring with all its rebirth and warmer days, and we express that excitement in our lives and with our loves. In the Southern part of our planet, this is the time of year to celebrate the joys of the harvest. There is nothing more exciting than a new life with a new love, enveloping us with joy, richness, and beauty. And May Day embodies this energy.

The astrology of each May Day is unique. 2018 continues the drama of recent years, but it’s far earthier in 2018 and we have the opportunity to grow solid roots for a real foundation of love, both personal and public. Each Sun sign has its own relationship with May Day and each sign will enjoy the benefits of looking back at past choices and revealing the future. Those choices you make allow you to go forward with better strategy and power:


May Day is a karmic time for you. You’ll feel a kind of intensity and passion that you’ve never felt before, particularly when you consider your career and public image. You’ll finalize some passionate attachments and find new freedom too. There’s no shortage of passion in the world, and it’s drawn to you.


May Day is the foundation of your Sun sign. The rich and beautiful source of your being is expressed today. Your partner (or potential partner) is feeling positive, sexy, and free. Understand that they’ll find you irresistible and remember that your ties are timeless. Love is eternal.


You are full of fire and passion, but it’s hard to communicate. Therefore, you have to be clear so you haven’t confused anyone with your fresh ideas. However, that’s a little tough when you’re feeling fiery and emotional. You’re perfectly capable of this, as long as you also speak protectively of those who are vulnerable.


Your partner and your career are full of excitement, however, you need to ground their thinking in your understanding of nature’s flow. While it’s all fun, you have to remind them of where they need to land after their flight, and that you’re the safe, solid place.


You’re so overwhelmed by karmic memories with a deep caring for all those important to you. You’re highly inspired and your home life/family will be supportive. Just use the energy you’re feeling to change things for the positive. You’ll be inventive and will arise as a winner.


Your career/public life will be active and productive this month. However, take care to deal with the sensitivity of partners. You have tremendous creative energy, so use that and don’t let others take you out of the equation.


There will be nothing dull about your partner this May Day and they will be full of ideas. Maybe they want to take you to a rock concert or binge watch some TV before getting sexy at home. Feel free to enjoy your preference and be sure to have fun!


You have a positive attitude combined with an idealism about life. While you might not be at your highest energy, you are definitely enjoying partnerships, however, you’ll be more in your head than in your body. Either is fine.


The Moon is in your sign on May Day. If you’ve powerfully expressed your emotions, you’ll benefit greatly. Sharing yourself will inspire others too! You love the big picture, so share it and make a difference.


There’s nothing quiet about your May Day experience. In fact, the events are so intense that many others might not be up to it. However, Caps are tough and used to it. You climb to the heights no matter where you begin, so you’ll love May Day this year.


You are communicating in such intense ways that you have to examine your ideals and plans. You are energized by friends, social events, and media too. However, be sure to take care with those acting intensely emotional (even violently) about their personal frustrations. Listen to them, acknowledge their fear, and give them real hope.


You live the inspiration and the romance of this May Day. Use your education and spirituality to reach others, personally or publicly. Then, address the emotions at your workplace with compassion and take on the idealized love of your people at home. You do inspire them! When you realize that you’ll use it.

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