Mercury Direct

Have you been feeling a rising urgency, a quickening, and a desire to start afresh? This means you’re in tune with the heavens, which are moving from the cycle of renewal into action, from Mercury Retrograde into Mercury Direct.

The Mercury Retrograde period is the spiral cycle turning inwards, it is nature’s way of inducing reflection, review and planning. While most interpretations of Mercury Retrograde focus on communication problems, from a spiritual perspective it is the time to reflect on your life, how you communicate, and to see problem areas from a new perspective.

Mercury Retrograde is also the time for us to tie up and cut loose ends, and to organize and plan for the future.

After this retrograde, Mercury will go Direct in the sign of Aquarius. You should suddenly feel your energies shift into a higher gear, as things begin to move smoothly and efficiently again. You should also feel armed by a deeper, clearer vision of troublesome areas in your life, and have an inkling of how to change things for the good of everyone concerned.

On March 7th, Mercury begins spinning outwards into direct motion, signaling that it is your time to focus energy on the external world, and to begin to enact new plans. Act now, and your plans for renewal will begin in dazzling harmony with the seasonal and heavenly energies.

If you’re sensitive, you’ve probably been feelings an urge to begin anew with certain necessary communications in personal and work relationships. Now through the month of June is a heavenly opportunity to see your current situation from new angles, to create new approaches to your communications, and perhaps most importantly, to communicate with your most spiritual self.

If the demands of your life have been intense lately, this may have drowned out Mercury’s quiet but urgent messages advocating change. If you feel like you need to jump-start the process of renewal, it is relatively simple, just clean out a drawer or a closet. That simple change will help you clear out the old to make way for the new; it will start ‘stuck’ energies moving again.

Then, once you’ve tapped into the flowing feeling of change, take a moment to reflect on one of the problem areas you’d like to address. Right now, you’ve got the power to creatively view the problem from a number of angles.

First, detail how you’d like to respond to this problem.

Then, envision how someone involved or affected would like to respond to this problem.

Next, imagine how a higher spiritual power would view the situation.

Set your answers aside and sleep on them. When you awake you’ll know not only what to do, but how it’s likely to be received and perceived by others. This should give you the broad perspective necessary to make sure that communications and plans are successful, executed intelligently and with the best intentions for all affected.

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