What is Midheaven in a Birth Chart?

What is Midheaven in a Birth Chart? | California Psychics

Midheaven in Your Birth Chart Can Influence Your Career

The Midheaven or Medium Coeli, Latin for highest point, influences your career, reputation, and status. Basically, it is the face you want to project to the world, your public image. The Medium Coeli is one of the most important angles in your birth chart and can help to fine tune your understanding of how to make the most of your strengths. By determining your Midheaven you can re-energize yourself, especially if it feels like you are drifting and are unsure of what your purpose is.

You can find out your Midheaven by identifying the Zodiac sign that is on the tenth house cusp in your birth chart. The tenth house rules over career, public reputation, and drive. If you need your chart done, join our Karma Rewards program and get your birth chart as a free gift.

The Signs

 Knowing your Midheaven can give you guidance for what type of career you might want to pursue. Your talents and ambitions live in the tenth house and the Midheaven helps to highlight your potential for success.

Aries in Midheaven

You need to have excitement and challenges in your career; monotony would absolutely kill you. You do well in positions that allow you to express your opinions and be in control, as you have a natural sense of vision and determination. You need a career that will allow you growth, ample opportunities to lead, and even a chance to help the underdog. Self-employment is usually favored by this sign. This is also a sign that is prone to making a number of changes to their career path.

Aries Midheaven make wonderful detectives, firefighters, athletes, physiotherapists, journalists, surgeons, politicians, lawyers, and fitness instructors.

Taurus in Midheaven

You are calm and collected and you need a career that allows you to take your time and progress slowly. You are known to put your heart and soul into projects because you know that the payout will make it all worth it. You also need a sense of security and direction and have a talent for spotting excellent business opportunities that others may overlook. The most important thing to remember when choosing a career path for this sign is to make sure that you are passionate about what you are doing, as boredom can easily set in, leading to laziness.

Potential careers for Taurus Midheaven are doctors, project managers, herbalists, teachers, designers, and artists.

Gemini in Midheaven

With Midheaven in Gemini you are a devourer of information and freely share that information with others. You need freedom to express yourself, along with mental challenges and plenty of variety to truly feel happy. Think of yourself as a messenger, because not only do you share information, you open people up to seeing things from new perspectives.

Careers in the fields of performance, writing, teaching, advertising, public relations, sales, the arts, comedy, or marketing suit you best, and many find that they have multiple jobs at the same time.

Cancer in Midheaven

As a Cancer Midheaven you will most likely find yourself in the position of nurturing others quite frequently. This is because of your heightened sense of intuition and your ability to instinctively know what people need to feel better and to thrive. You are able to see people and situations more deeply than most individuals and can tune into people’s emotional moods very easily. You also have a tendency to find yourself in mentoring positions.

Pursue careers in education, medicine, social work, childcare, advocacy, marketing, or advertising.

Leo in Midheaven

You are a natural leader who needs to shine and be seen for who you really are. You tend to be courageous and go after your goals with unwavering gusto and determination! Leo in Midheaven tends to have a commanding and magnetic personality that draws people to them, and as such they tend to find themselves in the public eye quite often. There is also a warmth and genuineness found in those who have Leo in Midheaven.

Some careers to consider are motivational speaker actor, singer, spokesperson, business owner, journalist, and politician.

Virgo in Midheaven

You are going to need stability and practicality if you have your Midheaven in Virgo. Locating your inner calm and learning to focus your energy is equally important in achieving your goals. You have an amazing ability to see both fine details and the big picture and this ability will aid you well in any endeavor. You can be very hard on yourself however, and need to learn to cut yourself some slack every now and then.

Many Virgo Midheavens find themselves drawn to science, research, education, medicine, psychology, or communications.

Libra in Midheaven

When your Midheaven is in Libra you need balance and harmony in your professional life. You instinctively seek out justice, fairness, and equality and are not afraid to fight for it. Your focus is very much on how you can help others find the same harmony that you crave. You also have an uncanny ability for attracting fantastic opportunities.

Libra Midheavens excel as therapists, psychologists, lawyers, diplomats, judges, and even as musicians.

Scorpio in Midheaven

When your Midheaven is in Scorpio you are bound to be highly intuitive, with a strong need to delve into the shadows that most others dare not go. You are known for being a highly complex person who is both mysterious and methodical in how you approach people, careers, and challenges. You innately seek to uncover the truth no matter how difficult it may be.

Possible career choices for the Scorpio Midheavens can be found in criminal justice, psychology, divination, forensic science, detective work, and writing.

Sagittarius in Midheaven

When you have your MC in Sagittarius you are born with roaming feet! You have a drive to travel and experience the world and all the cultures that it has to offer. You tend to be a fast learner and may consider yourself to be an eternal student. That isn’t to say that you won’t have opportunities to teach everything that you have learned, it’s just that you will always be looking for new experiences to learn from.

A job that allows you to explore the world around you is definitely needed for the Sagittarius Midheaven. Pilot, flight attendant, hospitality, entertainment, media, travel agent, photographer, or spiritual vocations are best.

Capricorn in Midheaven

The tenth house is your home, so it comes as no surprise that you live to work and revel in the success that your hard work brings. You have quite the work ethic and your professional success is always at the forefront of your thoughts. You approach work with a very organized and straightforward plan, which allows you to be extremely efficient no matter what your career path. More than other signs, your career is very much tied up with your identity, and as such you devote a lot of time and care to it.

Although you will undoubtedly be successful no matter what you select as your career, Capricorn MC’s do especially well as CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, bankers, architects, building planners, and in public relations.

Aquarius in Midheaven

With Aquarius in Midheaven you need to be able to live your truth and be authentic in all that you do. You generally prefer a job where you can work fairly independently so that you have the space you need to stretch your wings. Many Aquarius MC’s switch careers midway through life to something that resonates with who they are at their core. You do best in an environment of individuals who are supportive and genuinely care about each other. You really just want to make the world a happier and better place!

Some careers to consider are teaching, humanitarian endeavors, environmental sciences, astrology, counselling, and medicine.

Pisces in Midheaven

When your Midheaven is in Pisces you need to have a career that allows you to follow your intuition, because it is usually right on the money! You tend to do better in a slow, laid back environment where you can let your imagination and intuition guide you at their own pace. Financial success isn’t as important to you as being passionate about what you are doing and achieving. A regular 9 to 5 corporate job would leave you feeling stressed out, so look for unconventional environments.

Career options for you can be found in the arts, music, film, healing modalities, therapy, nursing, veterinary medicine, design, and literature.

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