A Mission Statement for Each Zodiac Sign

Mission Statement for Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Born with a Mission

Did you know you have a mission statement imprinted in your soul? Your statement has keywords to help you identify your values and help you understand why you have entered life under your sign. Your statement is a strong indicator of what your essence is and your soul’s purpose for being here.

It can be tremendously comforting to know what your purpose in life is. By allowing yourself to meditate upon what your soul already knows and is eager to reveal to you, you can feel an ever-greater sense of security and well-being in consciously recognizing and embracing what your soul’s mission is here on Earth.

To learn more about you and your loved ones and who you truly are at heart, what you value the most, and that which you genuinely need in your lives, please read your sun, moon, and rising signs. Here is a mission statement for each zodiac sign:


“I am the first and the best.”

Deep down, every Ram believes this about themselves. They simply have to win and will devote fiery energy toward this need. Because they aim to be the very first and the literal best in everything they do with great enthusiasm, it is a blessing to have these bold go-getters on your side, for nobody does it better than the Mars-born.


“I have it all.”

The reliable Bull believes they can have it all, and they will work very hard to be sure they do. They have a great need to feel stable and secure and are driven to have that which they can hold onto, including people, possessions, and a peaceful place. The Venus-ruled crave delicious food and many a Bull are fabulous chefs and connoisseurs of tasty goodness.


“I think I can, and I do.”

The Twins use their beautiful minds to touch everyone they meet and everything they do with their own special kind of brilliance. They learn quickly that they must be careful what they think about, talk about, and focus on because they tend to manifest their thoughts into physical reality. It’s a magical gift the Mercury-born can powerfully wield.


“I feel guided by my heart.”

Moon Children trust their tender, loving, and intuitive hearts to guide their every word and action. They have a deep appreciation for the security of family, and they’ll endeavor to create the feeling of family among those they love, whether or not they are related. The Crab adores nurturing and supporting others through empathic caring and good cooking.


“I will create what I need.”

The Sun-ruled Big Cats are determined to have whatever, or whoever, they need in their lives, and they will do ferocious amounts of work in striving to obtain what they want. They have the power to create what they’ve got to have, and essentially will it into being. They require generous amounts of loyalty and love and will faithfully give these things in return.


“I analyze my way to success.”

The Virgin is intent upon attaining perfection in all they do, and they use their fine, logical, and keenly analytical minds to get it. The Mercury-ruled will practice something not only until they get it right, but until they can’t get it wrong. Virgoans will nurture those they love and help all that is good and wholesome in life to grow healthy, tall, and strong.


“I balance everything.”

The Venus-born embody fairness, justice, harmony, and love in their lives and they need these qualities in others. When they encounter life’s chaos, they strive to create balance, for they are the peacemakers of the zodiac. The usually gentle Libran can argue hard for what, or in whom, they believe, but they can do so with lovely sweetness and charm.


“I desire to transform.”

The Scorpion’s innate desire to transform the negative into positive is profoundly deep. The Mars-Plutonian-ruled do this in ways that are passionate but sweet, fierce but gentle, and strong but kind. They use their psychic gifts of intuition and empathy to gain understanding while helping people along their way. They feel love in its most true, faithful, and loyal depths.


“I see and understand.”

The adventurous Archer sees and understands the need to live free and love with abandon. They thirst for knowledge, experience, and truth to fill their inner yearning to know more about life, love, and everything under the wide blue sky. Jupiterians generously share their wise insights with every person they meet who wants to be guided.


“I utilize everything in a practical way.”

The sure-footed and pragmatic Goat uses everything in their path to climb their way to success in life. The Saturnian-born know about the hard knocks of life and will work hard to rise up and overcome the roughest beginnings. They strive to step into their own authority as they create a solid structure of financial well-being to protect and support their loved ones.


“I know I am a visionary.”

The Water-Bearer envisions a better world for all, and they know how to inspire enlightenment in others to help attain it. The Uranian-Saturnian-ruled are humane philanthropists who feel genuine compassion for people and animals. These freedom-loving rebels have a genius for discovering electrifying new ideas that help everyone around them find their inner greatness.


“I believe in my dreams.”

The Fish carry the wisdom of the Universe in their souls and because they believe they can manifest their dreams into reality, they do. The Neptunian-ruled are mystical healers who deeply understand faith and transcendent thought. These spiritual artists use their many creative gifts to uplift everyone who is receptive to the realms of a Higher Love.

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