Your Money Horoscope for 2014

money horoscope 2014

Your 2014  Money Highlights and Lowlights

Finances are no trip to the hairdresser—although one of those visits could easily set you back a bit, and while there are twelve months to every year the best way to view your money horoscope for 2014 is within the tiny strands of highlights and lowlights that happen at certain times during the year—namely, Venus transits, Mercury transits and New Moons mostly and especially in your money house.

However, it’s always wise to have your personal chart done to find the best financial days not just for your Sun Sign, but for you individually because you and your chart are unique.

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Your career could have much to do with your money as well, but for now let’s just focus on finances and what the stars say about your Sun Sign (and Rising Sign) Money Horoscope for 2014:


From the January 1 New Moon in your career house as well as Venus who is also there until March 5, money can come through hard work. April 29 New Moon/Solar Eclipse could bring money your way and it could be a life-changing event. May 28 through June 23, Venus occupies your money house, and she always brings a gift. Mercury retrogrades in your house of shared finance between October 4 and 25 and it may seem to rock your boat, but the October 23 Solar Eclipse in the same house could turn things in your favor, just in time.


Aside from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign on April 28 which is a nice overall boost to your year ahead, the rest of the year focuses on Gemini, your second house of money. You have a New Moon in Gemini on May 28; more good luck. Venus graces your money house from June 23 through July 18 and on July 16, lucky, expansive and financially savvy Jupiter enters the same house to stay for 13 months; both expenses and income will see an increase. Watch the last week of June when the Mercury retrograde slips into your money house—lay low on finances that week.


Expansive Jupiter continues to occupy your money house through July 16 benefiting your money horoscope for 2014 even more strongly than in 2013. Two New Moons send you good financial vibes, May 28 and again on June 27. There’s a Mercury retrograde in your house of money turning into your Sun Sign between June 7 and July 1, clearly a time to be wary of making hasty financial decision. Mercury works in your favor from July 1 through July 30 as does Venus on July 18 through August 10 in money house. Slow and steady in 2014 Gemini.


Jupiter continues to be in your financial court all year, moving through your first and into your second house of money on July 16, remaining through 2014 and beyond. That makes this whole year your money year, and this summer is your time for a burst of money blessings. Mark the New Moons on June 26 and July 26 as five-star days. Also, Venus moves into your money house on August 11, leaving on September 9. Focus on creation and innovation and money will come.


Financially savvy and ultra-expansive Jupiter will enter your sign on July 16, and things start looking better than they have in a while. Meanwhile, on April 29 a solar eclipse could help you find money through work or a raise in income. Thank the New Moons of August 25 and September 23 who send good money wishes your way. And don’t forget the period of September 5 through the 29th, when Venus visits your money house. Your Money Horoscope for 2014 should give you a reason to smile.


Your down-to-earth emotions will tie heavily to money during the two lunar eclipses on April 15 and October 8. Luckily, you know how to stay level-headed. With that out of the way, the New Moons of August 25 and September 24 both bring opportunities to increase finances. From September 29 through October 23, you’ll again have the chance to increase income, but you’ll also have an urge to splurge—if you must spend, use paper not plastic.


October is your time of year, and it starts with Mercury’s retrograde in your money house on October 4 which will end in your Sun Sign on October 25. No worries though, Mercury the messenger has more to say for your finances from November 8 through the 26. There’s a financially lucky New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, your money house, on October 23, the same day that Venus and the Sun move into your money house, staying until November 16. You’re in good shape.


On October 23, bells will be ringing for you as the Sun and Venus come into your Sun Sign as well as a New Moon Solar Eclipse—Wow. Put a big smiley face on your calendar on that date. Eclipses are life-changing, and this is the best possible astrological day of your year. November 16 through December 10 is an excellent time for you and your bank account thanks to Venus in Sagittarius, especially when the November 22 New Moon also lands in your money house and makes a wide conjunction with Venus for double good luck.

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On January 1, there is a New Moon in Capricorn, your money house; a good way to celebrate the New Money Year. Joint finances continue to work in your favor and even more so from January 1 through July 16. Venus, having been retrograde, goes direct in your money house from January 31 through March 5 and again on December 10 through January 3 in 2015, making this year start and end on a good financial note. Happy New Year.


You get the financial blessings of two New Moons in January—the first on the 1st in your Sun Sign and the second in your second house of money on January 30—the opportunities abound for financial improvement. Also, on March 5 through April 5 Venus will be in Aquarius, your money house, followed by her visit to your joint finances house between August 11 and September 5. I know you like hearing this, Capricorn.


Mercury will retrograde in Pisces, your money house from February 6 through 12 (when it will continue its retrograde in your Sun Sign through the 28). Don’t sign any new financially-related contracts until just after the inspiring March 1 New Moon in your money house. Venus will grace your money house from April 5 through May 2, and she’ll help your joint finances area from September 5 through 29.

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Mercury will retrograde in your Sun Sign from February 6 through 12—but that’s okay—just be ready for a financial opportunity to take you by surprise on March 30 when the New Moon conjuncts the Sun and Uranus in your money house. Venus will bring her money blessings to you between May 2 and 28th and again in matters of loans and other joint finances from September 29 through October 23.

27 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for 2014

  1. rick whitten

    I am thinking of selling our house and down sidesing. there is a house that we are looking at but it will have to be a lot work done we don’t know how much yet. on till sunday would my house will sell’ rick

  2. Marian

    My date of birth is Feb 19 1959 1;05 am born in Montreal Quebec Canada.
    Can you tell me if there will be money forthcoming as there is money owed to me which
    has not been paid to me. I wonder if the money owed me will be paid?

  3. Betty Acunas

    Nice! We all know, money is one of the most important things in this world. Thank you for the guidance. Now I already know how to execute it. Thanks!

  4. marian

    I was born on feb 19 1959 at 1 .05 am I am suppose to be born between two signs the cusp.Please tell me what or if I will find suitable work or will I ever win the lottery

  5. Betty Acunas

    Great! Thank you so much for posting it. One of the needs of every human being is money. It’s a good thing that you gave a hint about money.

  6. Bella

    4 Betty that’s my grand ma’mas ‘ sir name & “” only FOR her “” it was her nick name FOR me “” Betty boo “” FYI who I do <3 (( as a cartoon character 2 lol )) however lol when ever I was being bad when I was little I can hear her voice now "" Betty boo " UR being a very bad little girl plz stop it , & lol how ironic is that lol … OMG you say only 5.87 $$ I've heard that story B4 FYI I hear ya that's an insult however – but like good grand ma'ma always said "" yes a penny saved IS a penny earned lol lol 😉 … Be blessed try 2 have a 🙂 new year … Psps AND if UR a believer = = = <3 FYI yes ma'ma you always DO have a higher power 2 turn 2 <3 = = = FYI UR never ever NEVER totally 100% alone either !!!! 😉

  7. Bella

    4 Marlene I’m sorry 4 UR medical issues I do hear ya I do know something about that mess lol lol … Here’s a couple if suggestions I don’t know where you live @ however = maybe you can file short term work men’s comp , or if UR already doing that process plz go ahead & file a continuance 4 additional $$$ , if it sounds like it’s gonna be longer with the full support if UR Drs re apply – OR with maybe a great lawyers help you might need 2 reconsider ALL UR options that are out there 4 if UR catching my drift … Be well be blessed & plz have a safe great 🙂 new year 2 you & 2 URS …. 🙂

  8. Bonnie

    Karma….my friends.. is neither bad or good, it doesn’t work that way… it is, (Just cause).. done to you …that of which you done unto others.
    Cause/effect… ie, do unto other’s as you would want done unto you.

  9. betty

    my mortgage company sent me a settlement check of 5.87 cents for an over charge of ten years ! when will I receive all the money owed to me ? thank you for helping me I have no one else to turn to =

  10. elaine

    I am capricorn will I be offered the job I just applied for? Which numbers should I play in lottery need money fast? Will my grandson get better and pass the ged test and get a job and lastly is the person I am currently involved with my soulmate and does he truly love and want to be with me only?

  11. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers Ext 5273

    Rebecca you can sign up on here to get your daily horoscope sent to you by email. Best of luck to all in 2014…make it count.

  12. marlene

    I am a taurus recouperating from a triple neck fusion. I have worked for the same company for 29 years. I just found out that my insurance copany that pays me 60% of my total earnings expires the first week of February. How can that be if my dr wants to see me 2 weeks later to see if it worked or not. Will I find another way to supplement my income?

  13. LJ

    Happy New Year Everyone! You know I always love reading your comments and I appreciate them so much.
    “Leah” is so right – and so was I when I mentioned in the article above that although your Sun Sign horoscope can be enlightening, it’s meant for everyone born under your Sun Sign. It’s a GPS – if you want direction, it’ll give you that, but if you want to know which route is right for you to choose, there’s nothing more telling than having your personal chart done. Go for it … you’ll be amazed.
    As I always say, “forewarned is forearmed” – know what lies ahead for you and only you.
    Thanks everyone – Cheers!

  14. Rose

    I am a Libra. 2013 should be a good year for me but I was fool by irresponsible investment offer from a man in huge amount. He promised to return the money and profit. Will he? Will this be a good year for me?


    I was born Dec. 31, 1955 and I am unemployed since June of last year. I want to know what will be my financial status for this week, this month and this year. I do have some online job but it is not enough for our daily needs and my monthly financial obligation. Can you predict what will be my horoscope with regards to my financial situation.

  16. Bella

    4 intuitive 101 ::: I listen 2 my angels 24-7 trust it’s hard 2 IGNORE them my refuse 2 let me lol lol .. FYI You would BE SO correct – right its “KARMA” – 101 , no matter how someone treats you always DO the correct – right thing BCZ if you do , yes “” K A R M is A “—— yes IT ” will get you back 10fold – plentiful amounts 2 lol & yes it will bite UR butt every single time 2 , BCZ so yes you do have 2 be very careful about how you do treat others IT will come back 2 you yes I do believe N “”KARMA”” “” I preach this sure go ahead screw my butt over lol sure go ahead – thank tiy much 2 lol 😉 , however – why BCZ “” justice delayed is never EVER as N not EVER allowed 2 be justice denied “” lol lol , a lot of folks do seem not 2 realize this until it’s way 2 late .. FYI yes it’s BY their own faults 2 = I can’t help them lol !!!! Maybe they should of thought – realize it b4 hand yes it would BCZ they might of save them selves a lot of hardships 2 !!! Lol lol plz have a blessed day – safe 🙂 2014 .. 😉

  17. intuitive101

    Yes, i feel that whatever circumstances that were out of our hands,however painful, we WILL see justice for those who believe in it. KARMA~It comes around sooner than you may think~in unsuspecting ways.
    We all have spirit guides. Talk to them. Demand their attention. You’ll know when they hear you. . . they tell you they are there in very subtle ways. Let them bring you peace and hope.

  18. Leah

    I don’t see how people with the same sign have the same horoscope. How can a Leo and a nother Leo have the same horoscopes just because they are same sign when there is different life styles and different people?

  19. Bella

    Hallelujah & thank you Jesus lol lol … You were right lol LJ I do like my Capricorn $$ forecast .. Humm joint finances huh maybe wedding bells after all huh ?? Lol wishful thinking huh !!! Lol 🙂 thank you happy new year 2 you LJ many blessing ho out 2 you – yours .. 🙂


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