Neptune in Your Chart

Neptune is the god who ruled the oceans and its mysterious depths. It’s also responsible for our connection to mysticism, dreams, illusions and addictions. Like the oceans, this planet’s influence is hidden in its depths and is notable for its changeability.

The wild creativity and magnetism of this planet are unequaled. Not only is Neptune the ruler of music, but also the wild spirits of musicians, writers and artists, the seductive qualities of dreams and the dangerous comforts of illusions, denial and addiction. It is the planet for fanciful things, for flights of imagination from fantasy, to fiction and fashion.

As an outer planet. Neptune spends 14 years in each astrological sign, making it a sign shared by all people born in a generation. This means that they will all be caught in the same illusions, be fascinated by the same stories and co-create society together. However, since it’s also a transpersonal planet, it’s more useful to look at your natal chart to see how Neptune’s house placement influences you in particular.

Neptune through the Houses

Neptune in the First House
The first house has to do with issues of identity and personality, so a Neptune placement here will make you highly changeable and fascinated with spirituality and mysticism, until suddenly you’re not. You’ll often be dreamy, sensitive, creative and can sometimes be caught in a web of your own illusions.

Neptune in the Second House
A second house placement puts Neptune in the realm of your resources, personal and financial. Now this dreamy, creative planet can mean you have a wealth of talent but it can also mean you’re given to fantasizing about wealth rather than making practical moves to secure your finances.

Neptune in the Third House
Your third house is the house of communication issues, so a Neptune placement can mean lots of creativity and talent in all forms of communication. Your writing or music will be noted for it’s fantastic refinement, its originality and its moving subtlety but you may prefer baroque daydreams to finishing anything.

Neptune in the Fourth House
The fourth house is the house of home and family. With this placement you’ll be overly affected by your environment, and for you spiritual or mystical work will be centered out of the home. This may also be the seat of your self-deceptions and illusions too, so pay attention to the cautionary words of close friends when they’re pointing out something in this area of your life.

Neptune in the Fifth House
This is a wonderful placement, the planet of deep, mystical imagination in the Leo house of creativity, fun, and romance. Your creative and imaginative abilities are on fire here, as is your ability for creating compelling fiery drama. Yet, too much drama can be unhealthy for your romantic relationships. Be sure to express your great creativity positively and outwardly because repressing it can have serious, twisted consequences in your most important relationships.

Neptune in the Sixth House
Here’s a awkward fit, the house of duty, service and responsibility run by the god of mysticism and dreams. Positively expressed you use your creativity and sensitivity to work with people with health issues or addictions. Just be careful that Neptune’s tendency for self-deception doesn’t trip you up at work.

Neptune in the Seventh House
The seventh house is the area of significant relationships and partnerships. Neptune brings all the glamour of creativity, spirituality and imagination into this area of life making you very attractive and magnetic, but it may incline you to see what you want to see rather than to see the truth about important people in your life.

Neptune in the Eighth House
Sex, major transformations and death are the province of the eighth house. A wildly enjoyable place for Neptune to land, this offers you the gifts of deep intuition, stunning creativity and mystical perhaps even shamanistic abilities. Not to mention out of this world sensual creativity.

Neptune in the Ninth House
The ninth house is the area of education, philosophy and spirituality and religion. Neptune, the most mystical planet, lends all its depth, its powers and its mystical abilities to this placement. This will mean you’re naturally in tune with the teachings of the mysteries, the hermetic traditions and religious philosophy. Acquiring knowledge of all types will come easily to you, it may be harder to find practical application for all it.

Neptune in the Tenth House
This may be not be the easiest placement, Neptune’s dreamy creativity in the house of career, ambition and society, unless you use those considerable creative and idealistic talents in service of your ambitions. Since you may not be regarded as the most practical team member at work be careful to trust your intuition to choose allies who are sympathetic, practical and kind.

Neptune in the Eleventh House
The eleventh house is the area of goals, groups and friends. Here Neptune’s mystical power and dreamy illusions can make you an inspiringly idealistic member of a socially progressive group. Yet, negatively expressed you can have a pattern of over-idealizing friends, over-investing in those relationships and being consistently disappointed. Learning to put your idealism in more worth pursuits is your lesson here.

Neptune in the Twelfth House
Neptune naturally rules the twelfth house, so here it sits happily and comfortably at home. This gifts you with intuitive and psychic depths, devotion to mystical, spiritual and religious practices, and a wonderfully quiet creativity.

Using Neptune intelligently will give you the gifts of imagination and dreams, the depths of mysticism and creativity, and access to the collective consciousness that helps transform society towards its ideals.

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