Mercury and Jupiter

Discussions get a boost when the Sun conjuncts Mercury today. Plus, an uplifting Jupiter influence evokes feelings of expansion, joy and optimism. Spiritual discussions, cultural endeavors and learning ... read more

October Forecast

Love and lust are the focus now as multiple planets make their way through twosome-oriented Libra and sexy Scorpio. To start off, the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra favor cooperation, negotiation and ... read more

Mercury Trines Neptune

Brainy Mercury trines imaginative Neptune today. This influence can sharpen your intuition and connection to the universe, so pay attention to your gut feelings. It can also awaken your creativity, ... read more

Sun to Libra

Today the sun moves from virtuous (ahem) Virgo into balanced (ahem, again) Libra. Good-natured and adaptable by nature, people born under Libra rarely like to be alone... so much so that they always seem ... read more

Libra Profile

It's time for love! If you're suddenly in the mood for more romance in your life, it's because we're entering the time of Libra (September 22-October 21), when love is in the air. Ruled by Venus, the ... read more

Harvest Moon in Pisces

The Harvest (Full) Moon is all about gratitude. Traditionally, many cultures hold ceremonies that thank "the powers that be" for a successful harvest. What's more, the Moon is in Pisces today (until 2:39 ... read more
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