What Is the Significance of the Strawberry Moon?

A red-tinted moon rising in the night sky.

What Is the Strawberry Moon?

June’s Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the best of what early summer has to offer. Taking place in the same month as the summer solstice, which is associated with growth, the June Full Moon has been coined the “Strawberry Moon.” It celebrates everything juicy, fresh, tart, and sweet!

Maybe you’ll feel like a late-night picnic featuring a flamboyant strawberry dessert or visiting the beach with your favorite people. These ideas, among a few others, can help you get in touch with the stars and with your own spirituality this summer. Just be sure to include a beautiful strawberry or rose-scented candle in your ritual to remind yourself of this Full Moon’s power and influence.

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The Meaning of the Strawberry Moon

The essence of the Strawberry Moon is truly captured in its name. Many Native American tribes in the Northeastern United States called this moon the “Strawberry Moon” because of the succulent berries that typically came into season at this time. In much of the United States, strawberries (and other fruits) typically ripened in the late spring and early summer. Much like flowers, they became inextricably associated with these months, and their ephemeral nature is a reminder to enjoy yourself before the summer heat grows.

June’s Full Moon has also been known by other names. It is sometimes called the “Honey Moon,” partly because of June’s association with weddings. Other names include “Hot Moon,” an indigenous title that remarks upon the seasonal transition into summer, and “Rose Moon,” derived from European traditions and June’s floral blooms.

The Effects and Spiritual Meaning of the Strawberry Moon

Qualities such as tenacity, curiosity, pleasure, openness, and optimism typify the energies of June and the Full Strawberry Moon. This Full Moon, as well as the growing prevalence of berries during this period, are a sign to enjoy the lusciousness of the season.

Spiritually speaking, the Strawberry Moon offers opportunities for growth and personal alignment. In particular, this is a good time to clear and recharge your chakras. Focus on the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra. They can help you balance status and position with protection and nurturing, one of the key spiritual themes of the Full Strawberry Moon. 

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How To Use the Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Full Moon is the perfect time to align with your inner self and nature. Strawberries symbolize prosperity and love in many cultural traditions. By looking inward and getting in touch with your values, you can use the Full Strawberry Moon to jump-start your manifestation process.

To access this energy, consider spending some time in nature. Reflect on how you’d like to enjoy the summer ahead. Ask yourself what you have to do to find that happiness! Release anything you’d like to leave behind — whether it’s something you’re grateful for or something that interferes with your emotional growth and healing. Then, finally, welcome whatever is coming next and move forward with an open heart. It’s important to note that this process can be done anytime, but you may find it especially effective under the light of the Full Moon!

You can also try staying close to crystals and other spiritually charged items. For the Full Strawberry Moon, garnet, rose quartz, and pearl will be especially powerful. You can wear them, carry them in your pockets, or simply lay them in select parts of your home, where you can gaze at them while meditating.

Lastly, access the Strawberry Moon’s energy by springing into action and exploring your creative side. As you enter the brightest and warmest season of the year, know it’s time to tackle anything you’ve been avoiding. To do this more fully, consciously align with the summer energy as it comes into bloom. Outdoor activities, art, and dance can help get your vibrations in line!

The Strawberry Moon in 2024

The June 2024 Full Moon will take place on June 21 in the astrological sign of Capricorn — directly across from the sun, which will have just entered Cancer and announced the beginning of summer.

This Full Strawberry Moon will be particularly powerful, as it occurs extremely close to the summer solstice. The sun, ruler of the solar system; Mercury, the planet of thought and communication; and Venus, the planet of love, will all shine their light and contribute their energies to this Strawberry Moon. They will encourage you to lead, communicate, connect, collaborate, and act with love.

Learning How the Strawberry Moon Affects Your Chart

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