Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Zodiac Sign

Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

How Strong are You, Zodiac?

It’s always uplifting to realize just how strong you really are and to learn that you are even stronger than you know. In the movie “Rocky Balboa,” the one and only Sylvester Stallone said: “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

It’s never fun, however, to think about any weaknesses you might be challenged to overcome in this life. The good news is that overcoming weakness only makes you stronger than ever! We’ll be poking into some dark corners here, but not to worry. There’s no darkness that can’t be chased away with some light and care. But since we may know some people who have more than one of these dark places inside of them, to paraphrase the indomitable Bette Davis in, “All About Eve,” “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Here’s a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign. For a more complete picture, please read the sun, moon, and rising signs for yourself and anyone you want to learn more about.


Strengths: The Ram wears an invisible superhero insignia on their chest. They are brave, strong, and courageous, and can slay the most terrible monsters with their weapons of iron. If you are facing what seems to be an overwhelming battle, call on the God of War and peace shall soon reign.

Weaknesses: If the Mars-born give in to their dark side, they can be selfish, impatient, and argumentative. If they get really angry, they might lower their horned heads and charge at their perceived adversary. They can also be quite fearful of just about everything.


Strengths: The Bull has a big heart and can be deeply loving and caring. The Venus-ruled are steadfast, strong, and work hard to make good money and be good providers. They can be herculean in their ability to quietly endure just about anything life throws at them.

Weaknesses: The Bull can dig in and be impossibly stubborn, even if it hurts. They can refuse to make the tiniest change, no matter how positive the adjustment might be. If they get mad enough, they can aim those sharp horns at you, and well, you might want to scram if they do.


Strengths: The Twins have an innate ability to enlighten you with their depth and breadth of knowledge of almost everything. Their eyes often twinkle as they invite you to join in to talk, laugh, learn, and grow with them. They have a knack for understanding how to deal with life.

Weaknesses: Some Mercury-born don’t always seem able to discern truth from the fantastical and just go with whichever tale appeals to them. They can appear to have two faces or be of two minds, making it difficult for others to rely upon them.


Strengths: The tender Moon Child will nurture your broken heart until it is strong and whole again. They feel deeply and can be warmly empathic with others. Imaginative, sensitive, and perceptive, they make you feel like they understand you even without words because they do.

Weaknesses: Some of the more hard-shelled Crabs can be almost incurably moody, their feelings changing like the phases of the moon. They can be cranky, grouchy, bad-tempered, and they can use weaponized tears to guilt their targets.


Strengths: Big Cats can beam their sunlike love so warm and bright that you blossom like the lotus bursting from muddy waters. They love sharing their life-giving glow. The lovable Lion purrs with delight while giving generously with their huge hearts and are faithful and true in love.

Weaknesses: The Sun-ruled can behave in ways that are very good, or very, very bad. They can be deliberately cruel in word and deed and refuse to apologize later on. They can also be arrogant, vain, mean-spirited, controlling, and yeah, the bully Lion will bite. Hard.


Strengths: The gentle Virgin will give generously of their golden energy of life as they happily help people to be their best selves, cook healthy meals for their loved ones, and work incredibly hard to be of indispensable service to others.

Weaknesses: It’s true that if we’re hard on ourselves, we’re hard on others. It doesn’t serve the Mercury-ruled to give into being picky, petty, plagued by perfectionism, or relentless in their biting criticism, heedlessly uncaring about the pain they cause others or themselves.


Strengths: These charming Venusians were born to create beauty in all they see and touch and are often beautiful themselves. They strive to be fair and balanced in all things, and they will happily share their peaceful serenity with you.

Weaknesses: Many Venus-ruled can have real trouble with being indecisive. They can lose their inner balance and argue endlessly, their only goal to beat you down into the ground. If they can’t win through verbal means, they can resort to severely passive-aggressive actions.  


Strengths: Scorpions can love to the heights of Heaven and the depths of Hell and stand right there beside you no matter what life calls you to endure. The Mars/Pluto-ruled give their all to you. Tender and kind, they can be the most beautiful, loving, and sweet souls.

Weaknesses: It’s painful to witness a Scorpion who begins stinging themselves right to the edge of death, if not beyond. Obsessing is a form of relentless over-thinking and can make their hurtful thoughts spiral into the darkest abyss of agonizing pain.


Strengths: The Archer can make you laugh with their jovial nature and inspire you to reach for the highest within you. Their refreshing honesty is liberating, and they know how to cheer you upward and onward. They can restore your hope and faith, for they are genuinely optimistic.

Weaknesses: Some Jupiterians can insist on their freedom to the point of irresponsible cruelty. They can aim toxic arrows to be brutally blunt. They can selfishly take without giving and then just up and wander away, disappearing without so much as a “see ya!”


Strengths: The hard-working and ambitious Goat is like the busy bee that produces admirable amounts of wondrous golden goodness. They can be very loving and will gladly spend generously to give you the very best. They strive to make your dreams become reality.

Weaknesses: If they let their hearts go into deep freeze, some Saturnians can make Scrooge look generous. They can be downright sneaky. The less evolved can take a strange pride in using people just to see if they can get away with it.


Strengths: The Water-Bearer can be the best life-long friend you’ve ever had, and they’re faithful to the nth degree. Fearless in the face of the unknown, they’ll go anywhere and do anything to bring you all that is good in the Universe.

Weaknesses: The Uranus/Saturn-ruled can be careless, scattered, and stubborn. They can turn their cool, flowing, inner waters into ice so hard and cold they rival the arctic tundra. They can become completely emotionally detached, impersonal, and unfeeling.


Strengths: The Fish are the brave mystics among us, gifted with deep intuitive senses and able to love even the unlovable. With sweet sensitivity, they will shower you with the warmest, most caring, and open-hearted healing energies whenever they feel you need it.

Weaknesses: The dark side of Neptunians might show when they refuse to take a stand for anything, even themselves. Some might have a little trouble with telling the truth, naughtily behaving a bit like a slippery cosmic trickster.

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