Understanding Your Personal Birth Chart

Understanding Your Personalized Birth Chart | California Psychics

Birth Charts and Your Future

As a psychic reader who is also an astrologer, I find that studying the birth chart can be a fascinating and helpful way to understand a client’s strengths and motivations, their gifts and their life challenges, and to learn many wonderful things about them in a short amount of time.

Our birth chart is based on the date, time, and place that we are born. An astrologer uses that information to create a chart that reflects the location of the planets. Today, most astrologers type this information into their computer and a birth chart is revealed within a matter of moments. But earlier astrologers, through the use of precise calculations and a book called an Ephemeris (a manual that tells an astrologer where particular planets were located in the sky on a given day and where they will be on a future date) would take hours to create a natal chart by hand. Thank goodness for technology!

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What Your Birth Chart Means

Whatever methods one uses, the birth chart is a powerful key for understanding who we are. The birth chart, or natal chart, reveals to us how we respond to the world and how the world responds to us. It is fascinating to consider, when you look at your completed birth chart, why were you born at a specific time and place and what these co-ordinates tell me, as an astrologer, about your lifepath, your lessons, and what you have come to teach others. Astrologers, like psychic readers, have unique ways to approach and interpret a chart. I like to see the chart almost as a recipe. What are your basic ingredients? Are you a Cancer, a Scorpio, or a Capricorn? Where is your Moon sign? In what house is your Sun? Of course, ultimately you are the chef that will take all these ingredients and decide what dish to make, but the chart reveals to me the food you are working with.

The Specifics of the Birth Chart

If you have no idea what a moon sign is or a house placement, no worries. While esoteric astrology can get very complicated, there are some basics that are very easy to understand. A natal chart is pictured as a circle; the circle is divided into slices, like a pie. Each “slice” is a different house. The houses are determined by the time when you were born. Every planet lives in a particular house.

We have a sign that corresponds to every planet. For example, usually when we tell someone, “I’m a Gemini” we are referring to our sun sign. This is the sign that the sun was in when we were born. The birth chart will reveal that while you have the sun in Gemini, at the exact same moment of your birth, the moon was in Pisces. We can also see that you have Mercury in Taurus, and Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aries, and it goes on from there.

The planets are the actors, and the signs are the roles they play. The houses are where the action takes place. If you have sun in Gemini in the second house, that tells me you are probably someone who is very social, perhaps a good speaker, and that you might even make money from speaking or writing one day (the second house is the house of finances.) Each house has a different focus and meaning. As you study your own chart, you will find that it is becomes easier to make these connections, almost like learning a new language.

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The Elements and Your Birth Chart

When we consider the astrological signs in our natal chart, we break them down into categories: the elements, which may be familiar to you, are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Sagittarius, for example, is a fire sign. Fire signs tend to be bold and outgoing, and Sagittarius is known for loving travel and exploring and learning about other cultures. Water is deep, empathic, and intuitive, Earth is stable and supportive, Air communicates and like to be social. We also consider whether a planet is fixed, cardinal, or mutable. Mutable signs -Sagittarius is one – tend to be more flexible, while a fixed sign like Taurus is a bit more rigid and steadfast. Cardinal signs mark the beginning of things. One is not better than the other; they are simply different approaches to life. We build our understanding of the chart the way we would create a story. I might look at your chart, and see that you are a Leo, a fixed Fire sign that is known for loving attention and being out in front, but I can also see, with the moon in Cancer that you are deeply intuitively and empathic.

What Your Birth Chart Says About You

You may be able to see now how the natal chart can be helpful the more we understand. When you know your birth chart, you can appreciate that while all your friends see you as a Leo, and expect you to be confident when dating, the moon placement reveals that you are much more vulnerable than everyone realizes. When I do a reading on you and your partner, I can see where your greatest compatibility lies, and the reasons why you sometimes irritate each other. Many a relationship has been saved by an astrologer with a strong understanding of the natal chart!

There are so many exciting aspects to a birth chart, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface here. But the main thing to remember is that the decision to study the natal chart is a great opportunity to gain insight into who you are, and the people around you. Once you’ve mastered your chart, you can then begin to look at other people’s charts – including the man or woman you’re going on a date with next Saturday. Are you compatible? There is only one way to find out. Take a look at their chart: that’s when the real adventure begins!

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