Venus Squares Neptune

When Venus and Neptune square – or are in opposition – the blinding excitement of your own mind can push away reality to such an extent that “living in your own world” is putting it mildly. Even if you’re usually skilled at seeing the truth, with this energy in play, you may miss a liar right in front of your face. You may tell yourself you’re crazy for being suspicious, but don’t be fooled.

The sweet planetary irony of this occurence makes you think that as you’re being duped, you’re sure you’ve found something special. Your emotions will run hot for the very person doing you wrong! As the old saying goes, sometimes the fool is a fool and sometimes the fool fools you!

What can you do? Start by taking this advise to help see through a lie. First, keep your wits about you, then use the three tips below to try and spot deception:

1. If someone in your life suddenly acts completely different, something is probably up. It’s the paradigm of the woman who knows her husband is cheating because he comes home with flowers. Remember, it’s not the behavior specifically, but the switch from one pattern to another which is the concern.

2. Is someone not looking you in the eye (and looking to the right) under direct questioning? Eyes to the right indicates high creative thinking. So, unless you’re asking about the novel they’re writing, the person is probably making up a less-than-truthful answer right in front of you. If you want to know who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, see whose eyes avert to the right, and you can probably spot the culprit.

3. If a person is playing with their hair, ankles, face or doing the ear-tug-crossing-the-legs dance, take note. Any one of these behaviors (and particularly a combination of them) are a give-away. When lying, the liar has a compulsive need to protect and hide his or her face. It can manifest as rubbing the chin, touching the earlobe and mouth or any other facial feature that could be a dead give-away. Nervous extremities like fidgeting or crossing and uncrossing of legs are the result of a desire to run away from the interrogator.

Though these are some clues, spending all your time looking for a lie isn’t much fun. The challenge (especially today) is less about noticing these behaviors and more about not deceiving yourself about what they mean. When Venus squares Neptune, the wife who finally gets her flowers is likely to think that her husband has at last came around!

Deceit is always present in our world, but at this time you are less likely to see it. So the best strategy is to withhold judgment until this energy changes. Simply take note of behaviors and then let it rest for now. Remember, as long as Venus squares Neptune, you are in no shape to know who’s the fool!

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