Your Weekend Horoscope: Let Go of Pent-Up Emotions

Let Go of Pent-Up Emotions

Your Weekend Horoscope

Sunday’s last quarter moon in sensitive Cancer encourages you to let go of pent-up emotions, as well as your attachment to scenarios that may not have played out the way you wanted them to in recent weeks. Emotional release clears the way for a fresh beginning at the next New Moon.

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You feel comfortable talking about your feelings. Your loved ones need to feel like you trust them and that their input matters. Your openness in sharing information that you would normally keep to yourself goes a long way toward strengthening the bond between you and your mate or a family member.


Harmony between the Sun and Moon (representing your ego and your emotions) supports you in making a sound financial move on Friday. Just remember that retrograde Mercury could cause minor mishaps and delays. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to overcome any potential hurdles.


The Moon in your sign puts you at ease with your emotions, according to your Weekend Horoscope. It aligns with the Sun in your romance and creativity sector, inspiring you to express yourself in a playful way. Your lighthearted vibe makes you very appealing. Plan a fun date. If you’re single, this is a great time to meet someone new.


On Friday you crave a little peace and quiet. A cozy evening in with a movie and a home-cooked meal will refresh you. When the Moon enters your sign on Saturday, you will feel more like yourself. Tie up loose ends on a personal project so that you can be ready to start fresh at the New Moon.


You are totally jazzed to socialize at the start of the weekend, but by Saturday evening you might be ready to give it a rest. Get a little extra sleep and focus on quiet activities and tasks that will allow you to recharge. Make self-care a priority.


You feel pretty competent so you don’t mind being in the spotlight, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Apply your skills toward managing a complex money matter. Just remember that retrograde Mercury could still trip you up with minor hassles and delays. On Sunday, you will need to revise a plan that is no longer working.


Your restlessness can only be satisfied by doing something new. This is a great time to embark upon a spur-of-the-moment adventure. Enjoy your play time and then get set to make an important career decision on Sunday. You might need to drop a plan or project that isn’t working out.


Your vibe is emotionally intense and secretive and that is exactly how you like it. It sets the stage for intrigue between you and a love interest. By Saturday evening you will be ready to step away from personal concerns and ponder some of life’s bigger questions. However, the answers may not be forthcoming.


Your Weekend Horoscope says your emotions are deeply entwined with others and you are dependent upon them to get what you need. You find it easy to cooperate and to collaborate with others now, so matters should proceed smoothly. Take care of business before Sunday because that’s when the well is due to run dry.


It might be the weekend, but it won’t stop you from getting a job done. You feel pretty in sync with whatever you are working on now, so you don’t mind seeing things through to completion. A connection with a partner or colleague might need to be reevaluated on Sunday.


You might be into expressing yourself through a creative activity, an athletic pursuit, or an academic endeavor. Whatever activity will allow you to expand your boundaries and learn something new will be exciting. On Sunday, you might need to cut ties with a project that is proving to be a waste of your time.


Your weekend begins on a chill note with you kicking back at home or enjoying quiet time with family. By Saturday, you will crave a little more entertainment. Plan something fun with your mate or favorite date. If a romance has started to go south, you might decide to cut the ties on Sunday.

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  1. Ivy x5198

    Thank you, Krishni!! This is so crazy!! Just before I read this I JUST sat down to reorganize my goals. In fact, I just finished my new goal poster…Hey, you’re good. Thank you so much!! Namaste and hugs!!
    Ivy x5198


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