Your Weekend Horoscope: Long-Term Stability

Long-Term Stability

Your Weekend Horoscope

Retrograde Mercury, which has been causing delays, communication confusion, and minor mishaps since September 17, goes direct on October 9. Slowly but surely, forward motion will return to your day-to-day affairs. A steadying effect from Saturn could bring a slow start, but it also offers long-term stability with Mercury-ruled matters such as communication and commerce. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Mercury moving forward in your relationship zone means that you can stop spinning your wheels and finally get unstuck from a partnership problem that has been repeating itself in recent weeks. Establishing some new ground rules will help to move things forward and then you can put this issue to rest.


Romantic issues are best pushed to the back burner for now, as a clash between Venus and stern Saturn makes it hard to work things out. A stalled work matter will begin to show signs of improvement as Mercury goes direct. Someone with more experience can lend a helping hand.


Your ruler, Mercury, comes out of retrograde this weekend, allowing you to move things forward with a stalled romance. Even though you might be frustrated with taking things slowly, a more conservative approach can help you to establish a bond that is strong enough to go the distance.


Despite your enthusiasm to discuss an important domestic or personal matter, retrograde Mercury made it hard to bring things to a final conclusion. Now that the planet of communication is moving forward it will be easier to resolve things to your satisfaction. Implement a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix.


You aren’t usually tongue tied, but while Mercury was in retrograde you found it hard to get your point across. Pretty soon you will feel more fluent in both your written and verbal communication. Stalled writing projects, contracts, and negotiations will also get back on track in the weeks ahead.


Your ruler, Mercury, is coming out of retrograde and resuming forward motion in your financial zone, according to your Weekend Horoscope. This change of direction will allow you to get your financial affairs in order and begin to take steps in the direction of prosperity. A positive influence from Saturn encourages you to finalize a money matter pertaining to your home or family.


Mercury, retrograde in your sign since September 17, has been making you all kinds of crazy. Now that it is resuming forward motion, you will slowly get back into sync with what’s happening around you. You can begin by setting someone straight on a matter that has been weighing on your mind.


You have been more secretive and mysterious than usual under Mercury retrograde. With Mercury moving forward now, your paranoia will begin to settle down and you will feel safe shining a light on some of the skeletons in your closet. You enjoy intrigue, but you can use a respite from all the drama.


Retrograde Mercury might have reconnected you with an old pal or two. Now that the planet is moving forward you will soon find out who is really here to stay. In the days ahead, you can strengthen ties with one of your pals and work toward establishing a lasting bond.


In recent weeks, retrograde Mercury probably mucked up communication and negotiations between you, your boss and coworkers. Now that the planet is moving forward, you can pick up where you left off and begin to reassert your interests. Work on a long-term strategy rather a short-term goal.


Your Weekend Horoscope says that retrograde Mercury may have compelled you to review your knowledge on a certain topic. Now that the planet of learning is moving forward, you can begin to put this information to good use. Soon you can expand your wisdom on the topic at hand or begin to acquire new skills.


Matters pertaining to debts, taxes, or other people’s money might have stalled while Mercury was in retrograde. Now that the planet is moving forward you can begin to solicit the support you need. An influential person might be more amenable to helping you in the days ahead.

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