Your LOVECAST™: Enlightening or Shocking Breakthroughs

Expect some enlightening (shocking?) emotional breakthroughs when Uranus turns retrograde on Thursday, until Thanksgiving. Over the weekend, romance gets a double dose of sensual sizzle, but mixed messages can derail love.

June 23 -29, 2008

Cancer: Feelings flow and your charisma soars on Monday, but communications may be stilted. Words and feelings collide on Tuesday. You’re psychic on Wednesday, so heed your intuition about your future path. Passion may feel abrasive on Thursday. Friends or a group activity can bring romance on Friday. Romance turns hot on Saturday, but passion evokes chaotic feelings on Sunday.

Leo: A subtle touch is needed in your relationship on Monday. A friend may throw you off track on Tuesday. Look for a surprising insight about intimacy on Wednesday. A past lover is on your mind on Thursday. An exotic locale or trip can heighten passion on Friday. Love needs an instinctual connection on Saturday. Seek clarity with your partner on Sunday.

Virgo: An issue about holding yourself back from receiving love may arise on Monday. Communications with your partner are chaotic on Tuesday. An insight about your relationship can clear the air on Wednesday. Sensitivity and pushiness collide in romance on Thursday. Passion percolates on Friday, so go for it! Your naughty side takes over on Saturday. Feelings are chaotic on Sunday.

Libra: Your energy may be low on Monday, so don’t push it. Communications are scrambled on Tuesday. Work may throw you a curveball on Wednesday, so stay alert. Romance is energizing (or irritating) on Thursday. Being direct will get you what (or who) you want on Friday! Intimacy is sweet and slow on Saturday but confusing and hectic on Sunday.

Scorpio: Love flows on Monday, but responsibilities may get in the way. Mixed-up communications upset love on Tuesday. A spontaneous sexy tryst revs you up on Wednesday! A co-worker may throw you off balance on Thursday. Passion skyrockets on Friday – if you avoid willfulness. Love and passion mix nicely on Saturday, but Sunday is emotionally messy.

Sagittarius: Love seems blocked or overly serious on Monday. Your partner may come unhinged on Tuesday, so be patient. An interaction with a family member may prove enlightening on Wednesday. Love needs sensitivity but also a direct approach on Thursday. A sexy encounter fires you up on Friday! The great outdoors revs up passion on Saturday. Watch willfulness on Sunday.

Capricorn: A serious discussion with your partner brings insights on Monday. An emotional reaction can derail talk on Tuesday. An ingenious idea comes to you on Wednesday. Romance is chaotic on Thursday, so stay centered. A twosome at home heats up the sheets on Friday. Your sensuality makes you a magnet for romance on Saturday! Mixed intentions upset love on Sunday.

Aquarius: Emotionalism runs high on Monday and Tuesday, when logic may be ineffective. Your charisma skyrockets on Wednesday! The urge to shock others into your way of thinking may overtake you on Thursday. Your instinctual side revs up lust on Friday. Get earthy to heighten passion on Saturday. Work off irritations outdoors on Sunday.

Pisces: Your creativity heightens romance on Monday, but your confidence may be low. Talk can derail your equilibrium on Tuesday, so don’t overact. Your ingenuity draws admirers on Wednesday. You may feel pushed into a decision about love (or something else) on Thursday. Be courageous in love on Friday. A serene locale makes love flow on Saturday. Avoid rash words on Sunday.

Aries: Relationships, especially at work, are challenging Monday, so be patient. Mixed messages abound on Tuesday. Use your intuition to accelerate romance on Wednesday. Love and lust collide on Thursday – sensitivity needed. Passion skyrockets on Friday! Love is earthy on Saturday, but your intentions may be misunderstood on Sunday, so seek clarity.

Taurus: A friend needs your insights on Monday. Avoid gossip on Tuesday. Romance can be found during a group activity or through a friend on Wednesday. Make sure your words reflect your feelings on Thursday. Passion simmers behind the scenes (or from a secret admirer) on Friday. Your sensuality comes out to play on Saturday, but you may feel pushed by someone on Sunday.

Gemini: A flirtation at work may have consequences on Monday. Watch what you say on Tuesday, when misunderstandings are likely. A brilliant career idea or project may take flight on Wednesday. A friend may get demanding on Thursday. Socializing brings a romantic opportunity on Friday. Love needs a down-to-earth approach on Saturday. Impulsiveness can derail romance on Sunday.

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