What Each Sign Needs To Know During This Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Retrograde Is Around the Corner

Just the words “Mercury Retrograde” are enough to send many people into a panic. This year, we are blessed with four cycles to deal with. While one has already passed, the second retrograde of 2022 begins on May 10 and lasts until June 3, occurring in Gemini and Taurus.

What To Know for This Mercury Retrograde

Each sign will experience this Mercury Retrograde differently, but the major themes for this particular cycle are delays in money matters, revision of values, travel issues, and communication glitches.

Here is a breakdown of what each sign should know and be aware of this Mercury Retrograde.


This particular cycle will cause stress and strain on your familial relationships. Your words and actions will be checked and double-checked by others, so stick to the truth. Even small fibs could have huge negative impacts later on. Remember that your core values are your own, but they may not be everyone else’s cup of tea.


You might find yourself ruminating over past disagreements or misunderstandings so that you can clear up any lingering issues. Now is not the time to be bullheaded. Be willing to accept your part in the problem.


You could find yourself facing a social mess during this Mercury Retrograde, and you most likely will feel low. You may experience issues with your car or other forms of transportation, so get your car checked ahead of time, or plan to depart on your travels early to account for delays. This is also a good period to schedule some alone time so that you can recharge your batteries.


This Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to take care of all those projects around the house that have been left half finished. Although most astrologers warn against starting new projects during Mercury Retrograde, this is a perfect time to clear up loose ends and get things ready for a clean, less cumbersome start.


This Mercury Retrograde is not the time to enter into negotiations or plans, as they could easily be rescinded and cause more headaches than they’re worth. Focus on what is going on in the present moment so that you are ready to move forward when Mercury Retrograde ends.


Try focusing on using your intuition rather than your logical mind during this Mercury Retrograde cycle. Rational thinking will only trip you up, so looking at issues, situations, and problems with your intuitive mind will get you better results in the long run.


This Mercury Retrograde is a fantastic time to turn your energy and attention toward bettering yourself. Take an online class for fun or attend a seminar to help further your career. If you play your cards right, you will come out of this Mercury Retrograde stronger than when you went in.


You will need to focus your attention on your financial health for the next three weeks. Past obligations will be coming back around this Mercury Retrograde, and that may put a cramp in your usual style. Take a look at your situation so that you don’t have to repeat it in the future.


Now is not the time to take action. It is the time to deliberate and to determine what your next steps should be so you can put them into action in the future. This Mercury Retrograde, be ready to view situations with an eye for both the fine print and the big picture to ensure that you move in the right direction.


Secrets: this is the word that will reign during this Mercury Retrograde. It is time to face any confidential matters, half truths, and riddles that have been plaguing you so that you know where you stand with yourself and others in your life.


Keep an eye out and make sure you don’t develop a tendency to mistrust people without cause. This Mercury Retrograde will have you eyeing everyone very critically. If you are not careful, you could easily alienate the people who truly care for you.


It’s okay to feel a bit reclusive right now. Sometimes we need to retreat into our shells and curl up for a while. Just remember to come back out and reconnect with the world when you are ready to step back into the sunshine again.

Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

This particular Mercury Retrograde will set us up for a fantastic several months, so it is up to us to make the most of what is usually seen as a difficult time. There can be positives even when life is trying our patience — it’s all in how you look at things.

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