Your Halloween Horoscope

Halloween Brings Light to the Dark

On October 31, the veil between the living world and the spirit world will be lifted, so don your costumes and light your lanterns, because  Halloween is upon us.

Halloween, as it is celebrated in the U.S., stems from the ancient Celtic tradition of Samhain (summer’s end)—one of four yearly celebrations signaling the change of seasons. It’s a special time marking a mid-point in the year and also a time when the spirit world intermingles with the world of the living.

We wear costumes to disguise ourselves from bad spirits and carve and illuminate pumpkins to bring light to the dark. Candies and food are shared as well—places are set at the table in honor of souls passed, and candy is placed by doorways to appease the fairies.

On October 31, energetic Mars teams up with transformational Pluto—an optimal configuration for transforming ourselves by wearing disguises. So what will you wear on Halloween, and what does your Halloween horoscope say about you?

Let’s explore:


Hurry up and get your work done, and no working late. Be spontaneous and put on something that’ll get you noticed. Celebrate and mingle—Halloween only comes once a year.


Get comfy on the couch, watch scary movies with your eyes covered, and don’t forget to save some treats for the witches and goblins knocking at your door.

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You’ll want to have two costumes on hand so you can dress as you feel at the moment. Whether you’re an angel or devil, prisoner or police officer, it’ll spark lots of interesting conversation.


There’s no side-stepping your inner child on Halloween. Try on a different shell and join in the fun. See if anyone recognizes you.


Your Halloween horoscope says you’ll get business out of the way early, leaving plenty of time to proudly decorate your den and serve mysterious treats to visiting tricksters.


Halloween gives you good reason to forget about work and gather all the ghouls and goblins to celebrate. These are the moments that matter.


Your Halloween horoscope speaks of partnerships and home. Why not ask someone to be the other half of your two-person costume?

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Pluto urges you to get around the neighborhood and see it through the eyes of a child. Your reasons to work overtime will still be there the next day, but Halloween won’t.


Donned in a costume that makes a whimsical yet philosophical statement, you’re ready to taunt the spirits and go out to join the tricksters in search of treats.


For a traditional soul like you, this is a traditional holiday. You don’t mind dressing up as long as it has a practical application—perhaps James Bond with the latest iPhone (and other secret gadgets).


Days like this are made for you. Mars gets your creative juices flowing while Pluto helps you tap into your house of the subconscious.


Your Halloween horoscope features your house of talents and your house of friends. Looks like a good reason to dress up and party!

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9 thoughts on “Your Halloween Horoscope

  1. LJ

    Dear Theresa Bolton – I’m not sure about the future of you and Anthony Boone, but if you really want to know, I say call one of these gifted psychics – no bias or anything, but they really are the best of the best. Other than that, the only way to know for sure is let time do it’s magic – in other words, wait and see. Sorry I couldn’t help you with that personally. In the meantime, don’t wait around though, go out and live your life and have some fun – time goes quicker that way. All the best …

  2. LJ

    Dear Bella 007: That is so cool about your James Bond/Halloween idea and dare I say almost “eerie” that we had the same idea. You don’t have to celebrate Halloween to enjoy the spirit of good fun and fun ideas and that is a fun idea. Glad you liked it. Happy October 31st. 🙂

  3. LJ

    Dear Rita: Unless your favorite Psychic, Chris, reads the blog – it’s possible he/she didn’t see your messages. I’m sorry.

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  5. Rita Forbes

    This is my 3rd reply to Chris (Psychic). He obviously never got the first two…I am not in a financial position right now, to enjoy his psychic abilities…I appreciate his time and efforts…Thank you…

  6. Cheryl Ann Vollborn

    I truly would like to thank all of you for these insightful, informative blogs. Have a wonderful day with lots of hugs and smiles.

  7. Bella

    LOL so true about us CaPRICORNS lol & by the way I do love James Bond movies I watch retro specs A lot lol , so ironic / so true, funny even though i don’t celebrate Halloween but If I did I have always have said ” if I did I would go as a James Bond female leading side kick love interest … & yes I have often joked about it 2 … Lol lol so funny thank you Bella .. 🙂 🙂


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