Your Saturn Return

If you are between the ages of 28 and 30 or 56 and 60, the planet Saturn returns to the spot it occupied when you were born. This time is known as your “Saturn Return” and the changes it brings can be both monumental and fundamental. In other words, cosmic taskmaster, Saturn, forces us to assess ourselves in the harsh light of day as it makes its way to the place of our birth. Sounds tough, but when this period is over, most of us find we are closer to our more authentic selves, and ready for the burgeoning new chapter.

Promoting growth
Despite its harsh reputation as bringer of all things bad, Saturn is really just the instigator of change. Unfortunately, change often brings with it unpleasant experiences, namely the frustration and pain which are known to accompany the period surrounding Saturn Return. In this case, we must recognize that these negative emotions aren’t our actual problems, but rather the symptoms of our problems, pointing what’s actually in need of changing. Like a sore throat preceding a cold or the flu, the upheaval that Saturn wreaks is there not to torture us, but to enlighten us. Whatever is actually causing our bad feelings must be dealt with to make room for a better, healthier self.

Letting go
To make the most of your Saturn Return, don’t wallow in the emotional insanity it often brings. Try to recognize the patterns and ways of being that are highlighted, so you can let them go. There’s no doubt that this can (and mostly likely will) be difficult since old habits die hard, and during this time, you’re bound to want to “hurry up and transition” already! But you won’t find this possible, until all the problems have been brought to light and sorted through. Remember, Saturn is the ruling planet of goals, and the main purpose of both, and if you’re lucky, all three. Your Saturn Return reveals what you truly want for the next phase of your life and to remove any impediments from getting it.

Taking responsibility
On that note, the most important, universal lesson of all Saturn Returns offers is the importance of taking responsibility for your own life. For the actions you have taken that have created your circumstances and your ability to change them going forward. Once you’ve faced the fire that this transition brings, you’ll likely find the stress lessens. Then you’ll realize that you feel much more capable than ever before and comfortable in your newly transformed skin.

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  2. Vaiana Costa

    I truly enjoyed this reading. Especially, being a Leo. When Saturn comes around; I’ve noticed people either resisting or going with the flow. However, my mind says yes and my heart says no? Very interesting. I am 44 and still growing and learning. Thanks Vai


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