The Red and Green Flags for Each Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Compatibility and Warning Signs

All the zodiac loves love. Among the poets, it is said that love is a splendored thing — that all you need is love, and love is all you need. People are taught that love is patient, love is kind, and that love never fails. It is also said that love is a battlefield, and that it hurts. Shakespeare said, “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.”

It is also taught that love is never wasted. As Tennyson wrote: “’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

That said, it never hurts to have some protective pointers ahead of getting into a relationship so you can keep your heart as safe as possible. For some people, astrology and zodiac compatibility are a fun way to take a glimpse into how your dynamic with someone might play out moving forward. After all, given the courage, fortitude, and stout-heartedness it takes to let yourself fall in love, it’s sometimes nice to consider how your traits might interact beforehand, especially given the many different combinations of sun, moon, and rising signs in astrology.

As such, here are the red and green flags for each zodiac sign to help you evaluate your zodiac compatibility and choose your forever person wisely. Be sure to read through all three of your signs for a clearer picture!


Red Flags: You cannot abide those who are shiftless, lazy, apathetic, and can’t be bothered to try anything new. Are they a couch potato so inactive they’re starting to sprout? Do they ignore you? Are they openly flirtatious with everyone but you at a party? If so, it may be time to leave them alone, dear Aries.

Green Flags: Do they make you feel like you are the one person who matters most to them? Do they appreciate your awesome, heroic qualities, such as your courage and ability to rise up and meet almost any challenge? Are they happy to join you on your many exciting adventures? There may be a diamond ring in your future, fortunate Ram.


Red Flags: You can find it nerve-wracking when your partner constantly changes their mind, their routine, and even their furniture. If they’re mindless, shallow, and glib, that can make you feel put-off and irritated. When your partner can’t seem to let you relax and be yourself, then it may just be time for you to get up and leave, dear Taurus.

Green Flags: Do they delight in your stable, grounded, and serene personality? Do they love good food and comfort, just like you? Maybe they aim to create peace and harmony, even during the occasional disagreement, or perhaps they support how hard you work to bring home the bacon. If so, you may have long-term relationship material here, gentle Bull.


Red Flags: If they never show a drop of curiosity about that your interests, or if they always seem bored, distracted, and tired when you talk to them, that’s a bad sign. It also bodes poorly when they can never seem to settle on a single decision, and when they try to control your every move and get mad if you so much as say hello to another person. Possessive behavior is a big no, dear Gemini.

Green Flags: Do they love to learn? Do they always have a book or two around because they love to read, like you do? It’s a plus if they’re interested in science, and when their desire to expand their knowledge about the world and talk about it matches yours, that’s an excellent sign of compatibility. You may have found your match!


Red Flags: Are they unsympathetic to your wants and needs, or cold and unfeeling when you try to share your feelings with them? Maybe they’re perpetually broke and don’t even try to pay their fair share, or perhaps they’re irresponsible to the point of making you feel insecure and even unsafe. If so, it might be time to harden your shell and sidle away, dear Cancer.

Green Flags: Does your significant other give you a steady supply of warmth, attention, compassion, care, and love? Are they there when you need them? Do they treat you with patience, kindness, and affection? If they make you feel safe, sound, and secure, both financially and emotionally, then you may hear wedding bells in your future, tender Crab.


Red Flags: Do they pay attention to everyone but you? Are they often unresponsive to your calls, and do they leave your texts on “read” without answering in a timely manner? A bad fit for you will take, take, take, and take while rarely giving back and forever trying to lord it over you. Maybe they even treat you with outright disrespect. Dear Leo, you deserve so much better.

Green Flags: It’s a good sign if your partner treats you like the king or queen you know yourself to be. They may also respect your leadership qualities, and be generous with their time, money, and love. They should be as proud to be with you as you are with them. If all that is true, then they may indeed be worthy and deserving of you, proud Lion.


Red Flags: Are they careless with how they treat you? Do they refuse to clean up after themselves? If your partner is impatient and unkind, thoughtless and inconsiderate, or rude to service-workers, that’s a red flag. Stubbornness can also be a concern, especially if they’re willing to trash their own health to prove a point. Take them out to the curb, dear Virgo.

Green Flags: It’s always a good sign when your partner shows you empathy, kindness, and appreciation for all that you do. Keep an eye out to ensure that they also give back and genuinely listen to you when you talk. Are they consistently reassuring and supporting you? Then you may have found your forever person, gleeful Virgo.


Red Flags: Be careful with people who sing the me-me-me song of the narcissist, especially if they’re prone to criticizing, berating, blaming, or gaslighting you. Do they love to pick on you just to start a fight, even though they know you despise conflict? You don’t have to try to love the unlovable. The sooner you jettison them, the better, dear Libra.

Green Flags: You’re often moved by people who understand your need for true romance and go all out to show you that. You can also find it touching if they back you up when others try to pick an argument. Do they bring you flowers for no reason and fix that leaky faucet without needing to be asked? Then you’ve found your prince or princess, and it’s happily ever after for you both, lovely Child of Venus.


Red Flags: Maybe they stare at you with vacant eyes when you want to talk about something deep and meaningful, or maybe they’re unsupportive of your passions. It’s also a bad sign if they say mean things and then pretend they’re “just teasing” to get away with it. Are they flaky, unreliable, untrustworthy, cruel, or unkind? These are all big nopes for you. If you know someone like this, run.

Green Flags: Do they easily meld their heart and mind with yours? Are they kind, compassionate, and understanding? A good fit for you will be supportive of your passions, and they will be loyal, faithful, and true. Your ideal partner should have your back. If they stand by you no matter what, then sweet Scorpion Eagle, this could be someone you can happily marry.


Red Flags: Do they make you feel like they have a leash around your neck, constantly trying to tell you what to do and how to do it? Maybe they lie about nearly everything, or cringe every time you suggest an adventure into the great outdoors. Pack up your heart and go. You’ll find someone better in no time, Sagittarius.

Green Flags: When you are feeling wildly spontaneous and want to go exploring, they happily join you. Do they trust you enough to let you be free and independent without attaching themselves like velcro to your side? Maybe they enjoy discussing philosophy with you! These traits could signal that you’ve found your soulmate, Archer!


Red Flags: People who pretend to be nice but try to crush your dreams and goals at every turn are anathema to you. You recoil from pushy people who always want to be right. If they don’t respect the money and work necessary for success, you will soon lose respect for them. They haven’t got a chance with you, dear Capricorn.

Green Flags: Is your person of interest kind, gentle, caring, and a good listener? Do they avoid treating others with contempt and instead apply patience and maturity? When you feel discouraged, your partner should be your cheerleader. You also tend to mesh well with individuals who have a strong sense of dignity and sophistication. If you find someone with those traits, they may be a good match, you lucky Sea Goat!


Red Flags: If they are cruel to those experiencing unfortunate circumstances, human or animal, that is a huge turn-off for you. It’s also unappealing when someone is incapable of emotional intimacy and treats you with cold indifference. Is your partner always trying to one-up you, diminish you, and talk about themselves during conversation? Please ice them out of your life, dear Aquarius.

Green Flags: Do they love animals and try to do all they can to make the world a better place? You tend to get along well with people who keep their promises and who would rather talk things out than stir up a thunderstorm. They shouldn’t need to start a stormy conflict to electrify your mind, body, and soul. When you find that person, then the Universe may have blessed you with the One for you, warm-hearted Water Bearer.


Red Flags: Do they stomp with cleats all over your tender heart, laughing and making fun of your hopes and dreams? Maybe you have a sinking feeling that they’re just using you, and it feels like they’re draining you like a vampire. Things won’t work out with someone who takes your deep, abundant love while simultaneously closing you out of their heart. Banish them now, dear Pisces.

Green Flags: Do they believe in you and your visions of the future? Do you feel loved, and like you’re safe to be your most sensitive, vulnerable self with them? Maybe you feel like you can conquer the world and remain steadfast and true to yourself when they’re by your side. If so, the Heavens are smiling upon you, and you may have found your life mate, cherished Fish.

Zodiac Compatibility and Finding Love

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