Grounding Affirmations for Each Zodiac Sign

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Supporting the Different Signs

Everyone can use a little pick-me-up occasionally — a few words to support them as they focus on the positive things in life and help them get through the day. Affirmations are a fantastic way for people to provide themselves with those little boosts. However, different people and personality types may benefit from some empowering mantras more than others. Luckily, a person’s zodiac sign can provide a bit of insight into which grounding affirmations may be the most helpful to them.


“I honor my intuition.” The Aries-born are known for being fiery, but you can put that fieriness to good use by always trusting your intuition. And, if necessary, you should act upon it to defend yourself or others. Learn to listen to your inner voice.


“As I share myself with others, I am equally enriched.” Being an earth sign, Taurus has a reputation for being one of the most nurturing signs. Luckily, one of the greatest things about giving of yourself (when it’s done with healthy boundaries, of course) is that oftentimes, you find that you get just as much back in return. This can help charge your batteries when you’re low on energy.


“I won’t forget to live in the moment.” Geminis are either looking back at the past or planning ahead for the future. However, when you’re focused on that, you often forget the wonders that can be found in the here and now. Enjoy today as much as possible while it’s here.


“My emotions are an asset and make me stronger.” Cancerians sometimes feel like their emotions are getting the better of them, which can cause them to become overwhelmed. Remember, people need their emotions to properly navigate the world and connect with others. Feeling deeply is not necessarily a bad thing.


“I confidently radiate my inherent and true self.” One of the most common Leo attributes is that they are confident in who they are — their strengths, weaknesses, and the parts of them that are still in progress. Remember: being yourself is a gift not only to others, but also to yourself and your self-growth.


“I have full control of what goes into my body, mind, and heart.” Virgos can occasionally struggle with feeling like they have no say in what affects them spiritually, energetically, and physically. As such, they sometimes need the reminder that the power lies in their hands. Realizing that you do have control can give you the motivation you need to make the best choices for yourself.


“I choose to live a life of prosperity and peace.” This affirmation works beautifully with Libra’s need to have balance in life. Life can be chaotic, and sometimes it can seem like you’re doing nothing but pulling the short end of the stick. However, this affirmation can help you balance out your energy so that you can have a life filled with joy.


“I recognize and embrace my intuitive and psychic abilities.” Most people have some amount of psychic ability, but Scorpios seem to have it in spades! However, just because you have the talent doesn’t mean that you don’t need to acknowledge and work to hone it. You are passionate about everything. Start being passionate about this side of yourself too.


“I will allow old beliefs to fall away.” Sagittarians are more than a little bit traditionalist by nature, and it can be hard for them to release old beliefs, even if they’re no longer true. Remember, letting go of the things that no longer serve you will make room for the things that do.


“I bring value to the lives of others.” Capricorns are always focused on what they can attain, either for themselves or for others. Because of this, it can be easy for you to forget that you don’t have to bring tangible things into people’s lives for you to hold value. You are a gift unto yourself.


“Self-care is not selfish. By caring for myself, I can better help others.” Aquarians tend to put themselves in service to other people, which is a beautiful thing. However, this can leave you drained of physical and spiritual energy. Take time to recharge yourself so that you can continue to be a light for others.


“I am mindful in my interactions with others.” The deep-thinking Pisces-born can sometimes lose themselves while they reflect, even when interacting with other people. Strive to stay in the moment and remain present when speaking or dealing with others.

An Affirmation for Every Sign

“I fully accept the power, gifts, and potentials of my sign.” Never forget that you are a composite of several aspects. From your sun sign to your moon sign, from your ascending to your descending, it is this mixture that makes you a unique individual with gifts that no other person has. Embrace your abilities and step into your full potential.

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