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Each Zodiac Sign’s Favorite Halloween Candy

Each Zodiac Sign's Favorite Halloween Candy | California Psychics

Trick or Treat? The Zodiac’s Favorite Sweets!

Do you enjoy candy on Halloween? If so, you are not alone, for just about everyone loves candy on the night the veil grows thin between the living and the dead. It can bring out the sweetness in folks, including most ghouls and goblins.

While different zodiac signs may vary somewhat in what their favorites are, this list will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of All Hallows’ Eve goodies to have on hand. But since this is about candy on the night of witches and warlocks, included here are some not-so-sweet reactions–some are even a bit scary, as befits this night of terror, that might be the result of showing up with the wrong candy. Just kidding. Maybe.

Be sure to read your sun, moon, and rising signs to get a good idea of what each zodiac sign’s favorite Halloween candy might be. You may wish to do this for your own protection, if you will, to help you ward off any, um, nightmarish incidents.


The Mars-born Rams run hot, hot, hot! It makes sense that their taste in candy does, too. They’ll squee when you put Red Hots, or any goody that is spicy, sweet, and has some heat, in their Halloween candy bags at Trick-or-Treat time. If you don’t, then jump out of the way, for they won’t hesitate to show their instant rage by ramming whatever, or whoever, happens to be nearby.


Peanut M&M’s is one of the Bull’s ride-or-die favorite candies. Taureans may be known for their sweet and placid nature but have their Peanut M&M’s on hand at Halloween or heads will roll. You would be wise to heed this warning. Nobody wants to make a Bull snort and paw and Heaven forbid, aim their horns and charge at the disappointing candy bowl, smashing it to smithereens! Hopefully that wouldn’t happen, but keeping the Bull happy and content is always a good idea.


Twix come in bars labeled Right and Left, and the Mercury-ruled love them, for it mirrors their Twins! This way there’s a piece of tasty, crunchy, chocolatey goodness for each of their sides. If you neglect to offer them their favorite Halloween candy, they’ll just laugh at you, and you will feel the horror of realizing you’re suddenly not one of the cool kids. They’ll then turn away and dance on to the nearest Samhain festival where they are sure to get what they came for.


Candy Corn is the Crab’s favorite candy, for they love traditional goodies. If you don’t bother to get them what you know they favor, you will encounter one of two reactions: They will snap at you with their claws in an awfully cranky way. (You won’t soon forget the pinch of the Crab.) Or they will show you how hurt they are. You might feel panicked when their eyes start welling up, their lip gently begins quivering, and they burst into tears. Avoid this dread by nurturing the moon-born with their preferred yummies.


The Big Cats are often the bravest of warriors who wouldn’t hesitate to leap into danger and save a life. This explains why Life Savers are a favorite treat, because it reminds others of the sun-ruled’s heroic tendencies, and they taste delicious, too. Forget this, and you’ll have the terrifying experience of seeing the Lion sharpening their large claws, baring their pointy fangs, and emitting fearsome growls while eyeing you as their “candy.”


Chocolate raisins for the Virgin please. The Mercury-ruled know they are both yummy and good for you, too. If you discount this, expect them to exact payment from you for your sin with a scary coolness. While known for their neatness, they just might slip into one of your clean rooms and make it look like a tornado hit it. That flat tire on your car that was perfectly fine before? Yep. Virgins can be vengeful.


Everything luxurious, delicious, sweet, and plentiful can be found in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. That’s why so many Venusian-born babies, both elder and younger, just love ‘em. If you deny them what they most love, they will have one of two responses: Charmingly argue you under the table–and to your surprise they might make you want to give in–or they may try to “nice” you away. That’s scarier than it might seem.


Want to wrap a Scorpion around your little finger? Give them chocolate. Hershey’s Kisses will do nicely. Just be sure not to tease. That’s the way to get the infamous Scorpio sting. A better way would be to find out what the rest of their favorite kinds of chocolate are; it’s a pretty sure thing they will have more than one preference. Give generously. Your thoughtful kindness will mean more to them than your tasty Halloween treats, and you might even get a kiss–and other sensual delights– in return!


It is known that the Archer is given to travel the earth far and wide. That’s why they favor Milky Way bars, for they wish to be travelers to the stars, too. No favorite candy for them? Beware. They might aim their (hopefully just verbal) arrows and shoot some blunt and unsavory remarks at you, or suddenly wander away and never come back.


100 Grand Bar is preferred by Capricorns far and wide. The Goat loves financial well-being and works hard to attain it. This particular candy always comforts them, for obvious reasons. Fecklessly forget to give them their chocolatey reward, and you will experience the horror of witnessing them glide into an eerie coolness as they begin methodically calculating the demise of your relationship.


The Water Bearer requests Three Musketeers. In the book of the same title, Alexandre Dumas wrote, “All for one and one for all,” and this sums up Aquarius in one pithy phrase. Ignore the sugar-based needs of the friendly Water Bearer and be ready to experience their infamous ability to turn to ice. They will promptly leave and go elsewhere to find someone who is a true friend. Please don’t test this, or you could end up minus a friend, and that is a trauma best not experienced.


Sugar Babies are indeed the favorites of Pisces. The Neptunian-born adore sweets, and you’ll delight all the Fishies with this delicious caramel candy. Overlook the preferences of these normally gentle souls, and you just might be shocked by a frightening storm of emotion from them, complete with lightning bolts, aimed at you. Save yourself from being drowned–or turned into an electri-fried crispy critter–and give these deep-water denizens what makes them bubble with happiness.

Stock Your Pantry This Halloween

If you plan to celebrate Halloween, you would be wise to carefully prepare by having favorite treats available for every member of the zodiac you might encounter. You want to survive the night of the living dead, right? Mua-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaa!

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