The 8 Best Crystals for Job Interviews

8 Best Crystals for Job Interviews | California Psychics

When the Nerves Get to You

It’s true that job interviews can be stressful, so it’s good to arm yourself with crystals that will help you meet the challenge each time you run that particular gauntlet. While it can be a little scary and nerve-wracking, remember that job interviewers want more than anything to say “Yes!” to you, because they very much want you to be able to fill the position!

It can help to have crystals that support you to feel more grounded, capable, and confident as you go through your job interview process. They can do much to help you in the form of protective amulets or they can magnetize good fortune to you, such as a great job; as well as assist you in drawing in your guardian angels.

8 is a solid foundation number, and attaining a good job helps you create and keep the foundation of your life, so here are the 8 best crystals for successful job interviews.


Iolite is known as “the Viking’s Compass” for its ability to help the ancients cross wild, unpredictable seas, mountains, and plains to get to the land of their dreams. Aligned with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, this violet, grey, and sometimes colorless crystal will help you do the same as you forge your way into your new job and the life it represents. It is believed to amplify your psychic ability and sharpen your inner vision. It is inspiring, grounding, and balancing as it helps you succeed in your quest for a better life.


Known as “the Rescue Stone” and “the Stone of Compassion,” Rhodonite is connected to the Heart Chakra and comes in shades of rose pink, red, red-brown, and grey. It is used to keep one free of shock and panic and helps in avoiding emotional self-destruction and abuse. It increases self-love and forgiveness as it promotes calm self-confidence. It inspires compassionate links with other people, and this can be very helpful in job interviews.

Black Tourmaline

Staying grounded and well out of panic and anxiety when you badly want that job is crucial. Black Tourmaline to the rescue! It goes by many names, one of which is “The Shamanic Stone,” and it is attached to your Root/Base Chakra. This gleaming ebony crystal can help you plant yourself fearlessly and stay firmly connected to the Earth, and keep you cool, calm, and collected during each job interview. It’s also one of the great protective gemstones to ward off negativity, and will help keep you safe, steady, and feeling secure each time you go after your dreams. No matter what challenge you may face, you’ll know you’ve got this.


Called “the Stone of Transformation,” Malachite is one of the foundation healing stones. Its rich, lush, deep green is banded with even deeper green and sometimes black shades and is bonded to the Heart Chakra. (We are warned to only use polished stone versions of Malachite and to never place it in the mouth.) If you want to transform anything in your life, this is the crystal for you. It can transmute the negative to positive when it comes to emotions, health, finances, and it is very protective of you. It is a money-magnetizer and can help you in your job interview, especially when it comes to a nice salary.

Green Aventurine

Known as “the Stone of Opportunity,” this sparkly green crystal is attached to the Heart Chakra. Known as one of the luckiest crystals, it magnetizes positive healing to you as it aligns you with cosmic blessings and opportunities. It is powerful in manifesting prosperity and wealth and making things go your way as if by magic. It is believed to create wondrous good luck and good fortune and is one of the best crystals for job interviews.


Treasured for its ability to inspire joy, happiness, and creativity, Citrine also magnetizes light into your heart, mind, and soul. Called “the Merchant’s Stone,” it can help bolster your courage, confidence, and self-worth so you have success in your job interviews. Aligned with your Solar Plexus Chakra, this gemstone comes in bright shades of yellow, orange, and gold, and is like carrying a little piece of the warm sun with you.

Tiger’s Eye

You are going after a job you want, and you want the Eye of the Tiger to help you pounce on your new potential prosperity! Known as “the All-Seeing, All-Knowing Eye,” it is connected to your Solar Plexus Chakra. In some cultures, Tiger’s Eye is used to ward off the Evil Eye. Let this gold and brown gemstone infuse you with the bold courage, strength, and bravery you need to go after what you’ve got to have. You are very likely to get it.


This deep royal blue crystal interwoven with rivers of white is powerful in its ability to give you courage, wisdom, and strong self-confidence in job interviews. Known as “the Harmonizer Stone,” it brings balance, trust, and understanding in communication. Connected to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, it helps keep you steady and your thoughts clear and ordered as it amplifies your reasoning abilities. Sodalite will help you say what you want and need to say in just the right way to win that job.

Protection and Success

Feel free to choose one or all of these suggested crystals and if you wish, add in any crystal at all that feels good to you. You can keep them at home or carry little nuggets of gemstones with you in a little bag of your choosing, be it linen, felt, silk, velvet, etc. Choose any shape of crystal you like, such as hearts, little Buddha figures, or little round, polished stones. Most raw ones work just as well. Meditate on them to set them with your intentions, and they will go right to work to manifest your heart’s desires.

When you land the job you love, congratulations! But if it takes a few tries, know that some doors are closed so the perfect door can now open for you. On that note, anytime a door closes in any area of your life, send up a little prayer of thanks to the Powers That Be, because you’ve just been protected. You may not even fully know what you’ve been protected from, but trust that you were saved from it so you can continue more happily on your life’s blessed path and obtain what is truly right for you.

Now that you are all set with your Job Interview Crystals, go get ‘em, Tiger!

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